My SmileDirectClub Journey - Pittsburgh, PA

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I found out about SDC and was so excited at how...

I found out about SDC and was so excited at how affordable it is. Read that there are some communication issues but that's okay since the price is right :) Paid $59 for starter kit on Groupon on May 2, they received my photos on May 3 and sent me a confirmation email.. They sent me my impressions kit & received it back on May 13. At that time they emailed me stating it would take 4 business days until I heard back whether or not impressions were good. Still haven't heard anything :(

Status updated

Received an email today that my impressions were accepted & my treatment plan should be sent via email shortly!:)

Still waiting..

Still haven't received an email yet with my treatment plan. So I just Called customer service who answered quickly & politey and stated she would find the answers and email me back...

Starter Trays

I received my starter trays today!!:) tried them on and then don't fit perfectly. They aren't tight enough. But when I bite down with them in, I can feel them. It just Makes me nervous that the rest of my trays won't fit properly either! Anyone have any advice?

Starter tray..

Here's a better picture of starter trays...

I might pass....

So I had my starter trays in yesterday for most of the day. They don't fit perfectly and marked up the inside of my mouth. The back bottom right side isn't flush with my teeth, and cut the back side of my tongue. Ouch!!! I woke up in the middle of the night, half asleep, and took them out. I didn't put them back in at all today. I think I might pass on SmileDirectClub. I'm afraid "you get what you pay for" and I don't want all the negative side effects of having cheap retainers!

Not for me

Forgot to post- a few weeks ago I received my treatment plan which looked great from the front view, but when I turned the 3D image, I would have 2 gaps; both sides of my 4 front teeth. I'd rather not spend $1500 for more gaps!

Going for it ????

Forgot to update- decided about 5 days ago to order my aligners!!! I've been wearing my starter trays since and they are even a little tight which makes me excited to see what the rest of them do!

Tomorrow tomorrow ????

My aligners should be here tomorrow!!!

They are here :)

They finally showed up! I'm so excited to start! I opened my box and there was another retainer holder, another whitening kit, chewers, and 3/6 aligners! Not sure why I didn't get all 6 since I paid in full but I'll make sure to ask. After brushing, flossing, and whitening my teeth, I threw my first set in!!! They are tiiiiiiiight. A good tight. I was concerned at the material of my starter trays since they were a little on the thin side, but these are way more durable! I popped 2 ibuprofen because I can guarantee I'll need it today! I'll also need to keep chewy on my chewers to push these down further.


Sorry, I said 3/6, my plan is 12 aligners.

2nd Tray

Switched to my 2nd trays yesterday, boy are they tight! But in a good way. The way I know they are working but I don't need ibuprofen :)

I also received aligners 4,5,6 last week!

Started Tray 3

Forgot to post sooner, but started Tray 3/12 on Friday! They are so tight when I first change them but after a few days, they aren't so bad, and about a week later they actually feel loose! Figured I'd add a photo to compare before and present!:) not too much visible change but I can feel that my jaw alignment is changing! (I can also tell when I floss that they are moving)
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