46 Yr Old Mother of 2 Teen Girls, 275lbs. And Striving to Atleast Stay Steady! - Pittsburgh, PA

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Hello all! Well, I've been contemplating and...

Hello all! Well, I've been contemplating and beating myself up that I can't lose this weight on my own. I've been stalking this cite for a year now and I'm going for it. I'm tired of this unhealthy stuff! I am ex-Navy! I worked out with marines! Now I battle to stay at 275! My BMI is 45. I don't know what's happening and I swear I'm so depressed and I break out in tears cuz I'm so afraid imma look up one day and either they're going to have to have to cart me outa my bed or my knees are going to collapse! So i quit smoking via chantix last year(yay), started eating healthier, started doing my regular checkups.. Etc. But no weight lose to shout about and It's crazy cuz I've been struggling with my wieght my whole life and winning but now I am losing! My grandmother used to tell me about how if I didn't heed these lil advises she would give I would blow out of control becuz... Thats my family's way. Well I stopped listening and low and behold she was right.... (Who would a thunk it?! grandma)! So my pride is shot to hell! Lol! So now that I got my pride out the way I have begun the process. I went to a seminar on weight lose surgery, met a lot of people that appeared to be bigger than me (I carry this weight very well) and there stories were very scarey I don't want anymore weight issues than I have already...which are: High blood pressure, borderline diabetic, knees in constant pain, numbness on whatever side I sleep on breathing exra heavy, no energy.... Just overall sludging it along! And I eat healthy now! Nope can't have it! Imma save me! I will not fall victim to depression! I will not be to prideful to accept surgery! I will live to, not only see but, enjoy my first grandson that'll be here in August! He gonna need me and I've never had a boy! I don't want my children so worried about me. I have my initial appt June 16, 2016. So the journey begins!

3 months to go

So I had my endoscopy everything is fine. It's a go! All I need is blood work and psychology. I'm getting nervous and excited and I'm inpatient as hell! Lol, let's see ok picked out my favorite powder protein EAS 100% whey...omg it's bomb! And Adkins lite protein bars. Just not the chocolate chip (kinda nasty and fake). I've also gotten used to not eating after 6pm . That was a big one! So on to the exciting news! I had my Grandbaby! He soooooo so so so so soooooo adorable! I told ya'll he my reason, right?! So everyone meet Prince Ahmaad Bell.........(btw, I lost 6lbs! Not much but it feels good!)
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