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Hi everyone! My name is Laura Mae and I'm a...

Hi everyone! My name is Laura Mae and I'm a cardiothoracic nurse (heart, lungs and chest surgeries). I've always struggled with my weight - only skinny when I was a little kid, always the "chubby but funny" friend. Managed to stay Ok until I hit 30, had a baby, hubby did a few tours in Iraq, lost my job, went to nursing school, got a divorce. Fast forward to now and I've gained a few pounds every year, with it always harder and harder to get off. I exercise and watch what I eat under normal conditions, but I'm a stress eater. I have a teenage daughter that I want to be a better health role model for.
Decided to have surgery for a few reasons:
* Diagnosed with hypertension, and know that diabetes is probably not far behind
* So discouraged with my weight
* Feel hypocritical telling patients to watch what they eat and exercise.
* Tired of being the fat friend.
I decided to have the sleeve because of my experience in caring for patients that had complications from other surgeries. Almost all were because the patients not follow the after surgery regime.
Surgery is scheduled for December 21. I have 2 more of my 6 monthly PCP visits. All my other preop appts are done except labs, EKG and final surgical appointment that will be done in November.
I've been drinking protein shakes as a meal replacement one to two meals daily and already lost 25 lbs.
Excited, scared, and determined to meet my goals!
Dr. Tunc Aksehirli

Love my surgeon and his staff. The nurse, tech, and dietician have been encouraging, helpful and understanding.

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