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So, my 30th birthday is in a few weeks and I'm at...

So, my 30th birthday is in a few weeks and I'm at that point in my life where I feel it's time to finally make some changes. I've always been very self conscious of my nose. I can remember having such horrible days in school due to the other kids making fun of my nose. It's lasted up until this very day. I'm so tired of feeling this way and I'm ready to make a change! I'm not doing this for other people, I'm doing this for me. I'm always trying to conceal my nose, wear my hair so that it doesn't make it look bigger, avoiding pictures at all cost, etc. I'm just sick of doing that!

I'll post pics at a later time, but I have a large nose with a hump, large turbinates, hanging columella. I also have breathing issues - deviated septum & my left nostril completely collapses when I breathe in hard. I can't wait to be able to breathe!

I had my consultation on 4/2/13. I felt so comfortable with this doctor and the staff. I was there for nearly 2 hrs & they answered all of my questions. I'm scheduled for a septoplasty/rhinoplasty on May 13th. I'm so ready, but I'm so nervous! I'm worried about not looking like myself, the possibility of not liking my new nose, and recovery time. I'm also worried about how my 3 year old will react to this. I have a supportive family. My mom understands. She just wants me to feel as beautiful as she sees me. My boyfriend doesn't really understand why I want to do this, but knows I've wanted to do this and that it'll make me happy. I really haven't told anyone else. I actually told my work that I'll need to take of to fix "breathing issues", not a "nose job". I hate that word lol. I'm also kind of nervous about how my coworkers will take my new appearance when I go back to work.

I've been reading on this site for the past few days and finally decided to "bite the bullet" and post on here. Everyone seems so supportive and understanding. I thought I was alone with some of my feelings until I read on here. Hoping that my story helps another person like some of the posts I read helped me! Feel free to comment or post on here. I'm also curious how the other mommys on here have discussed this with they're children and how they've reacted to the recovery (not being able to have mommy up and active).

Side profile pic added ... *shriek* ... Can't...

Side profile pic added ... *shriek* ... Can't believe I'm posting this! I'll upload more "views" soon - it's been so busy lately

Realized that I haven't updated this in a while. ...

Realized that I haven't updated this in a while. I feel like I'm on here every day seeing everyone's stories/surgery/recovery, but for some reason haven't updated my own! 2 weeks until surgery day - ahh! I'm so ready for it to be here. I'm nervous, but very ready & excited. I've shopped & gotten pretty much most of my recovery supplies. I've started Vit C a few weeks ago & have stopped most meds on the 'do not take list'. I think I'm ready! My pre-op appointment is May 7th. I'll probably update more then. I'm also going to try to post some before pics.

Well, I had my pre-op appt today. We went over...

Well, I had my pre-op appt today. We went over what the PS plans to do, addressed some of my concerns & I got my prescriptions. Also scheduled my post op appt for 5/21. I'm going to have to have an open rhinoplasty because she feels she can address my issues better that way. I'm all for whatever gives me the best results. She's going to shave/drill down my huge hump, she has to add cartilage (from my septum) to my nostrils and add more length to my nose & bring the tip down (since I kind of have a short "piggy" type nose). She will also be refining the tip and joining the cartilage together (my tip is square w/ two bumps on the sides). She will also need to try to give me more definition/an indent in the top of my nose, between my eyes - if that makes any sense. I'll post pictures to show this. At the end of my appt, I asked if she's she will be able to achieve what we've discussed. She feels very confident which took some of my nerves away. I think she saw my concerns and she said don't worry, it's not as complicated of a procedure/your nose is a difficult case. That made me feel better because I feel like my nose would be super difficult to correct (you know, we're our own worse critics!). Anyhow, I'm super excited, but very nervous. I'm very ready though. I feel like I hate my nose more & more everyday amd I'm just ready to have a "cute" and feminine nose already! Again, I'm going to post new pics. I'll probably update this weekend.

Oh, by the way, I spoke with the hospital and they'll call Friday with my surgery time for Monday!

By the way- please excuse the "mug shot" type...

By the way- please excuse the "mug shot" type photos I posted. I look horrible, but you you get the idea of what my nose looks like.

Just got the call with the time of my surgery for...

Just got the call with the time of my surgery for Monday. It'll be at 2:30. I have to be there at 12:30. The time really sucks, but what are you going to do! I was hoping to go in early morning so I wouldn't have to think about it all morning. Plus I can't eat all day (or have my morning coffee!). I still have to pick up a few last minute supplies. Finished my last day of work. My mom is driving out tomorrow to help with my daughter for the week. We're going to try to stay busy this weekend to take my mind off how nervous I am. I'll update after surgery! Good luck to those going into surgery before/after me! And- Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mommies out there!

Scratch the recent post - they just called and the...

Scratch the recent post - they just called and the PS changed the surgery to 7am (have to be there at 5 a 5:30). Much better!

Well, I had surgery this morning! Things went...

Well, I had surgery this morning! Things went well. Was at hospital at 5:30am. We sat in the waiting room for maybe 20 mins & was called in to get vitals, changed, etc. Nurse took info, anesthesiologist came in & then PS. Wheeled into surgery close to 7am and woke up in recovery around 2:30! Surgery lasted from 7-12:30 & I was in recovery for 2 hrs. Long surgery! We just got home an hour or so ago, so I'm exhausted, but feeling well! I'll post some pics. Talk to you all soon - need to rest!

Day 6 post op

Hey everyone! Sorry that I haven't updates since surgery day, it's been busy. I've been feeling actually pretty well! I haven't had much pain, but still needed the pain meds. Mostly uncomfortable with being soooo congested. My bruising has gotten better, mostly turning yellow & the deep red bruises that were in the corner of my eyes are almost gone as well. Swelling has definitely gone down. The first couple days I looked like an avatar! I've been able to breathe here and there, but the congestion seems to end that quickly. Right now my biggest complaint is the tape. It just feels so tight & I can't wait to get it off! I had to take some Xanax to calm down some wouldn't keep thinking that I wanted to rip it off lol. I've been sleeping pretty well. The first night was the worst. I was up every few hrs with dry mouth, but biotene spray helped. Ive been sleeping through the night since. I have to say, sleeping upright on my back has been hard. I am normally a side sleeper. But, my wedge pillow and travel pillow have helped. I've been religiously taking vit c, arnica Montana (the pills and applying the cream), & bromelain. They seem to be helping. Not much else to report. I'll try and post some pics. My post op appt is Tuesday, and I'm hoping to get this tape off. I'm nervous about seeing the results. I hope I'm happy with them! I'll update then.

Day 8 post op - tape off!

Had my tape taken off today and had my first look of my nose. I love that theres no hump! It's a bit swollen, but not much. It seems to be a little crooked to one side (my left). I'm a bit worried. PS said it should be swelling, but I'm still worried. After saying swelling, she continued to talk about how asymmetric my facial features were. That kinda pissed me off. My nose wasn't crooked before surgery, so it shouldn't matter that my face is asymmetric. Hope it starts to straighten :(. I'll post some pics I took on the drive home from the PS office. Let me know what you guys think. Honest opinions please. Next appt in one month. Also, has anyone else's skin gotten really dry and peeling after cast removal? Mine is bad. Just curious what you all have done to correct that. Thanks in advance! :)

3 weeks post op

I've been very hesitant about updating my review because I'm so upset about my results, that I didn't want to go on here and sound like a complete lunatic lol. My nose is still crooked. I'll post pics to show. Seems like it hasn't changed at all, which is very discouraging, because I was hoping it was crooked due to swelling. My septum seems deviated. The incision seems to be healing awkwardly. I don't know. I keep going on here and seeing everyone's amazing results and feel so depressed, and to be honest, very jealous lol! I'm hoping all this is due to swelling, but I can't help but think I'm the one that got the "bad nose job". I keep doubting myself and thinking I should have done more research and not jumped into this decision. I don't know. Even if I did get the "bad nose job", I have to wait a year to do anything, so I'm just going to have to be patient either way...

Photos of the asymmetry

Adding new photos of my crooked nose - swings to the left. It seems like today some swelling went down on the right side of my nose. But now I'm feeling like its a huge dent and makes my nose look even more asymmetric. Hoping this is due to sweeping on my left side. Hoping and praying - but it feels like maybe the PS took out too much cartilage (somehow) on my right side.

Please forgive my appearance in these photos. I had just taken my makeup off (minus mascara).

Please let me know what you all think. Thank you in advance.

I have a post op appt coming up soon. Hopefully, I can get some answers....


*swelling, not "sweeping" - Damn autocorrect!! LOL. I wish we could edit our posts!
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