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I'm in the process of getting multiple tattoos...

I'm in the process of getting multiple tattoos removed by a Picosure laser. The tattoos are on my forearms, wrist, and one of my fingers.

After only one treatment so far, I'm very optimistic about the procedure; though, it hasn't been without it's downsides. I have extremely sensitive skin (which is one of the reasons I want to remove my tattoos - they flare up and get itchy at random times, even though they're years old). So, I'm not sure if my experience post-treatment is normal, or due to my sensitive skin.

I'll try to keep this review updated between treatments, because I relied on the honest reviews of other Picosure patients before making the decision to have my tattoos removed.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of all of the tattoos pre-treatment. I have some pictures of some of the tattoos from immediately after getting them, but obviously they faded and didn't stay as dark once they healed.

Pictures from 2 weeks after 1st treatment

Pictures from 2 weeks after 1st treatment.

My skin felt fine until the 2 week mark - then it became incredibly itchy, keeping me up during the night and making my days miserable. The itchiness started with hives, which I tried to take pictures of. After dousing my arms in tea tree oil, the hives went away after a couple of days, but the itchiness was still there. For about a week, all of my tattoos were very raised and felt like brands.

Pictures from 4 weeks after 1st treatment

Pictures from 4 weeks after 1st treatment.

Only took pictures of areas that have faded significantly. The darker tattoos haven't faded much, and the ink has a blown-out look making the lines look thicker than they were pre-treatment. But I'm not worried since I think the laser probably broke up the ink and it just hasn't moved yet.

My skin is still itchy at times, but I've been sticking to a complicated and time consuming regimen of moisturizers that seems to be helping a lot. First, I use raw shea butter lotion mixed with lavender and lemon essential oils. Once that's absorbed, I massage coconut oil into my skin for as long as I can. After that, I put a layer of Aquaphor over the tattoos and wear a long sleeve shirt. For some reason, my tattoos are much itchier when I don't have long sleeves covering them. Another thing that helps soothe the itch right after a shower is rubbing an ice cube over the tattoos.

This experience has made me feel super bad for people with chronic skin conditions like eczema. I can't image having to deal with itchy, painful skin all the time. Very thankful that this is temporary (and technically self-inflicted).

Photos from 6 weeks after 1st tx

Adding some photos now that my skin has healed completely and it's been 6 weeks since my first treatment. (The weird bruised/hickey looking red marks are from cupping, not from the laser treatment.)

Photos from 6 weeks after 1st tx

The photos didn't upload with my last post....here they are

Photos from 7 weeks after1st treatment

Photos from 7 weeks after 1st treatment; day before 2nd treatment

Photos from 15 minutes after 2nd treatment

Photos from 15 minutes after 2nd treatment attached.

I went to a new place for my 2nd treatment because the first place I went to was going to make me wait 8 weeks or more between every treatment, and because I saw little to no effect from the first treatment on two of the tattoos...so I figured it couldn't hurt to try a new place that will let me get treatments every 4-6 weeks if I want. I'm an extremely impatient person, and I realized that waiting 8 weeks between every treatment was just not going to work for me.

So far I'm really happy with the new place. The technician didn't put any ointment or ice packs on my skin after the treatment, and told me that I should only ice it if I really feel like I need to, because the ice restricts blood flow. I was skeptical about this at first, but it's now two days later and I haven't felt the need to ice the treated areas at all. Actually, the swelling wasn't nearly as bad this time, either. I've just been applying Aquaphor to the treated areas whenever my skin feels tight or dry.

A few weeks ago, I started taking multivitamins, immune system supplements, milk thistle, neem, and fish oil every day, and I'm hoping that it will help at least a little bit with the healing process...just have to wait and see though! Last time, I felt like my arms were out of commission for a whole week because they were so sore and swollen. This time, after less than 48 hours later, my arms feel fine and the swelling is almost gone.

I'll try to post pictures every 2 weeks like I did with the last treatment. :)

Pics from 4 weeks after 2tx

Posting photos from 4 weeks after 2tx (the day before 3rd treatment)

Photos from 20 minutes after 3rd treatment

Photos from 20 minutes after 3rd treatment attached.

The technician estimated that it will take about 5 more treatments to remove the tattoos (besides the sun tattoo - she thinks that will take about 3 more treatments to remove).

Photos from 1 day after 3rd treatment

Photos from 1 day after 3rd treatment attached.

Some small blisters, but otherwise healing nicely.

Update after 4th treatment

Photos - left side is 7 weeks after 1st tx, right side is 7 weeks after 4th tx. It's been about 5 months since I started laser treatments.
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