Great Work, but Too Big, Wrong Placement - Pittsburgh, PA

I just got an addition to my arm on Jan 8 and...

I just got an addition to my arm on Jan 8 and trusted my tattoo artist since he's the professional. Well it turned out being too large and the placement is just not doing it for me.. I have a consultation on Jan 27 then go for the removal on feb 20 since the tattoo is so new. How many sessions do you all think I will need? I'm so depressed over this. I just want it gone. I have to keep it covered or I cry. I hope picosure will work for me. Keep me in your prayers!

1st treatment

I went Today for my consultation.. For my whole half sleeve it is going to be about $3,300. So I started today on one of my older tattoos since the newest one that I really wanted removed needs a few more weeks to heal completely. So the procedure itself wasn't bad... It took less than 10 minutes and everyone was really kind and made me as comfortable as I could be.. When the girl started it made me jump from the sound.. It sounds like a bug zapper and just felt like I was being flicked. Directly following it felt like a sunburn. They gave me an aftercare package and an ice block to keep on it on my 2 hr drive home. When I got home I peeked under the corner of the bandage and I couldn't believe my eyes. Whoa! Will post a pic tomorrow since I'm not allowed to remove the bandage til I shower in the morning!

1 day post tx

This is my older tattoo on my arm with the new one that I started on and then 1 day post first tx. I am hopeful, and pray that it will not take all 7 sessions!!

Pictures after first tx

Since they didn't attach to last post.. Here are pics

1st full tx 36 hrs post

I am absolutely speechless with the results after first full treatment on entire arm!

1st full tx for full arm

1st full tx half sleeve

Let's try uploading this again!
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