Nipple Reduction - Pittsburgh, PA

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I decided to have my nipples reduced in projection...

I decided to have my nipples reduced in projection and width. They were enlarged due to having breastfed 2 babies prior. I just wanted them to look more like they did before, and to be able to go without a bra without my boobs looking like triangles because of them! Nipples also drooped a little. Procedure was about 1.5 hours under local anesthesia only. 2 hours after procedure, the numbing went away and stinging/pain began. It was mild to moderate. If I sit still-there is no pain. But any movement brings the pain/stinging back. Tips of nipples were cut off to reduce length, and tissue was also removed from inside nipple to reduce width, then all sewed back together with dissolvable sutures. So far, the pain is tolerable and they look relatively cute (for still being swollen and bloody). Will update again once swelling is down and post an after pic. Thanks for reading!

Day Two

Pain was pretty much gone. Breast and nipples are quite swollen.

One Week

Bruising has turned yellow. Nipples tingle and itch due to healing. Sometimes I feel a light "let down" type feeling--if you have ever breastfed, then you know what I mean. Dr told me on day 1 that they will be 1/3-1/2 half the size they were immediately after procedure, once all the swelling goes away. There's still a lot of swelling-so I don't know what my results really are yet. ????

2 Weeks

Tips are very sensitive-kind of a stinging pain when cloth rubs on them. Otherwise no issues. Stitches are still disolving. Most swelling is down, but there still is some.


I feel that I am mostly healed now. I have no 'good' sensations in nipples anymore-but they were barely existant before anyways. If they get bumped, they still hurt at times for a quick second. They are not as identical as I would like, so I will be discussing another surgery with my PS in August to make them match a little better. They look fine, but for my own comfort, I would like a touch up done. Thanks for reading!

6 mo update

I went for my 6 mo post-op and asked for my left nipple width to be made a little smaller so that it better matched the other side. This procedure included another 5 stitches, but the healing has been pretty easy so far. One more week and I'll be able to quit with the dressings and hopefully be normal again! They are still a little longer than I had hoped for-possibly a miscommunication with my surgeon? We did all surgeries in a non-standard way, as I wanted no visible scarring. This meant that the surgeon had to improvise during surgery, which may have limited the results I could get as well. My scars are white (all unnoticeable on the underside). Therefore, I didn't want to just "chop them" in half length-wise because I would then have a noticeable scar for the rest of my life. I still think the surgery is totally worth it though! I can go bra-less without being embarrassed that my nips look bigger than my boobs!

Updates pictures! About 9 months later

I went through the procedure back in March. Had one side reduced a little more a few months ago. Here are the final results. Thanks for following my progress!
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Great so far! Dr seemed to really care about making them the way I wanted. Staff was very pleasant. Office was comfortable and clean. I had local anesthesia only and drove myself to/from surgery. Surgery was roughly 1.5 hours long. Will update more later.

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