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I am 38 yrs old and a mother of a 14 yr old...

I am 38 yrs old and a mother of a 14 yr old daughter. I have not always had the best life. However, I still try to maintain a positive outlook and count my blessings daily. 3 1/2 yrs ago, I decided to divorce my high school sweetheart because he was having an affair for 7 1/2 yrs. It was such a difficult decision for me because I had invested 17 years of my life with this person. However, I decided that I could not deal with the betrayal and it was time to move on. I have found a loving man that I just got married to and I am graduating with my second master's in 3 weeks. I knew that I wanted a mommy makeover for many years. .

However, financially I could not afford it. I decided last year that if I continue to wait until I can afford it, I would never have it done. So I scheduled an appointment for a consultation and made a downpayment that same day. I am having a mastopexy performed with a quill suspension on my breasts with an abdominoplasty and liposuction on by sides and back.
My problem is I have 2 dilemmas. The first is that I am extremely afraid of pain. My daughter is a type 1 diabetic and when she was 1st diagnosed, the doctor had her practice inserting the needle into my arm. I thought that I was going to pass out! Lol! My second issue is that I have no support for this surgery. My current husband sees it as a waste of money. My daughter is going through her rebellious teens and I have a hard time eliciting her help now with me working and putting myself through grad school. I have exactly one week to heal before I have to resume my life. Very few people know that I am having this surgery. I have gone through a huge mix of emotions from having tears and being afraid to having tears from being so happy with my decision to have the procedure done. I have been on this site daily reading everyone's stories and updates. They are very encouraging and it has helped me tremendously. I have already purchased the Oleeva scar reduction silicone sheets, arnica montana pills, scar reduction cream, 2 compression bras-1 with a zipper in the front, and pre-op/post-op vitamins to promote healing. I will be buying the toilet riser and a few other necessities this week. My surgery is scheduled for May 20th...the countdown has begun! :) I will be posting my before pics in a day or 2. Good luck to all of you! I hope that you are happy with your results and heal quckly!

Just wanted to say that if you are using your...

Just wanted to say that if you are using your income tax return or getting a loan outside of your ps, ask about a cash payment discount. Because I gave cash (cashier's check), my ps knocked off $800. I didn't realize that until I saw someone else's blog. My sister and my husband did not think that $800 was a big deal. As for myself, I am ecstatic!!!!!

Ok. I am 17 days away and I am getting cold feet....

Ok. I am 17 days away and I am getting cold feet. I have been reading everyone's stories and looked at the pics and I am happy for all of you. However, it's just that the closer that I get to the date, the more afraid I get. I told my husband yesterday that if my money was returnable, I might of canceled the surgery. Lol. I know I won't back out but there is so much fear of the unknown. My husband's concern is the scarring but I am not worried so much about that as I am of the pain and having the drains. I am also worried about gaining weight back because I can't exercise for a while. I have finally entered the 130's again and it was a huge struggle. Anyway, you all look great and I am so glad that I found this site and can read your personal journeys. It has helped me tremendously!!! Thank you!!!

Less than a week to go... I went yesterday and...

Less than a week to go...
I went yesterday and had Dysport and Radiesse injected into my face. I figured that I am going to do my makeover in entirety and have one amazing summer. I am still worried about the complications that can ensue from the surgery and hope that nothing serious happens. I am not worried so much about the pain anymore as I a about waking up from the anesthesia and also worried about clotting, etc. My graduation is on Friday night. I have my waxing scheduled for Saturday and will probable get a pedicure as well. I have spent my entire life doing for everyone else and I feel that this is my moment in time to do just for me. However, my husband reminds me daily that he wishes that I would have held off on having it done for at least another year. My reply always is that if I didn't do it now, I may have never had it done. I am kind of excited but also there is some anxiety as well. I still do not want people to know. I feel like I have to justify why I am doing this. Anyway, I will be so relieved once this is done and the healing begins. :)

By the way, has anyone told their doctor about...

By the way, has anyone told their doctor about their expectations? I want my surgeon to be aggressive like the ps that I read about on rs in Texas and I was wondering if any of you really discussed with your ps about how much you expected to have rremoved.

4 days to go

The physician's assistant called and asked me to arrive at 7 am. I was so excited because I was suppose to be the second surgery on Monday and I am now the 1st. I won't be getting much sleep the night before anyway and I want my ps to be fresh and awake when he operates. :) I can not believe how the day is almost here. I am still having mixed emotions. I know it's worth it but I am not looking forward to the recovery part. You are all so brave and I appreciate reading your stories. I can't wait to join all of you on the flat side!

1 Day to Go.....

1 day to go and the house is nowhere near ready. I m also trying to figure out who is taking me and picking me up. It's such a long ordeal that I don't want someone waiting for the entire duration. However, I am trying to be optimistic and can't wait for this to be over with. I already mentioned to the physician's assistant about speaking with the ps 1 more time and go over exactly what we are doing. I haven't seen the ps since last November, I think. Anyway, if anyone wants to say a prayer for me, I would be truly appreciative! I just can't believe that this is it!!!

Post Op

I did discusss my expectations with my ps and he did not want to add implants in my breast. I told him to just remove the most skin possible from my middle and I would be a happy camper. I woke up in severe pain. 7.5 out of ten and I vomitted all over (sorry about the tmi). They were taken by surprise and were not prepared for it. The drive home was horrendous. My usband took the back roads to save tolls :( and it was bumpy. Then he stopped at Mc Donald's to get himself food and it was there that the pain became unbearable. I went into very bad hot sweats and convulsions and thought I was going to pass out. After I took the percocet, it became better. I was praying that I did not throw it up like I did the other one. When I was getting out of the car at home, my husband yanked on my shoulder and arm to get me up. He is suck a lucky man that I am not one to hit back. The pain was pretty bad. However, I am now resting comfortably in my bed and my beautiful daughter is taking care of her mommy. :) I told her that it is strange having someone take care of me for a change. This is a 1st for me. I am so use to taking caring of everyone around me. The pain is nw tolerable and I can't wait to see the results. My ps just called me to check up on me and tell me not to lose anymore weight. I can't keep that promise though. ;) My appointment is scheduled on Friday and there is hope that the 2 drains will be removed then. Good luck with everyone scheduled and happy healing!!!

Getting much better

I have moved from the bed to the recliner. It feels great getting out of bed. My appetite has dropped and I have no desire to eat. I am eating crackers and broth. Each day is better and better. I peeked at my tt scar and I could not help but smile. I think my surgeon did an excellent job. I am still groggy and falling asleep a lot. However, if I had to do it all over again, I would. This is definitely worth it. I have a little pouch where my scar is but I am so glad I did this and after all of these years, I am finally on the flat side!

What a difference a few days make!

My surgery was on Monday and on Friday, the drains came out! Holy moly, I was not prepared for that at all! I was late for my appt due to my sister being late to get me and her bad driving skills through Pittsburgh. (We were going the wrong way in a bus lane) So, I knew I wouldn't get a lot of time with my dr, but I was hoping the drains would come out because it's Memorial Day weekend and I didn't tell my family about my surgery. Dr. Hurwitz and I took a look at his amazing work and I was so excited! He is truly an artist!! I am in love with my breast and as for the tt, it was way beyond my expectations! The scar is low and extremely thin. I couldn't be more pleased with his work. Well, he decided to take out the drains. As I watched him begin, I asked is this going to hurt and he simply said yeah. He pulled out the 1st one and I really wished that I didn't have to repeat it once again. I told my sister that it was so difficult to not drop the f bomb. However, I believe I just exclaimed that it hurt. He did do it swiftly and before I knew it, I was dressed and scheduling my next appt. So, on tues, the belly button plug will be coming out. I looked at the belly button today and just shook my head thinking I don't know about this next appt. smh. I do have a lot of swelling today in my abdomen region. The breast area is just tender. As for the home life, my husband thought that since the drains were out, I was healed and ready to go. He wanted a full day at his friend's party on Sunday and a full day at kennywood on Monday. When I laughed and told him that it would be impossible and the most that I would attempt was 2 hrs on Sunday, he was upset with me. My thoughts on the matter are that it's my body and I paid for this all on my own. So I don't care if he's disappointed. I want the best results and am trying to not have any major problems. I think that we do our roles as moms and wives so well that men think we are super women and can do anything & everything. He asked me today why am I so emotional all of a sudden. I laughed. Clueless.
I did stop the percocets. For some unknown reason, I have been waking up the past 3 nights in the middle of dreams with intense migraines. I don't know if it's from the pain pills or the Dysport. I switched to ibuprofen to try to figure it out. I never had such massive headaches like this before.
I will be posting pics in the next few days.
Happy healing everyone!!!

My mind wants to go out for a run....

My mind wants to go out for a run on this beautiful day. However, my body is staying in this recliner all day recuperating from yesterday. I am really paying for it today! I want to put my earbuds in and just go unwind more than anything...even a walk with my dog sounds so enticing. I have little patience when it comes to myself. Recovery takes too long.

Second Appt

I drove my car today. I was hesitant at first. I did take my sister to my appt just in case. I have been given the green light to work and have sex. ;) I am allowed to begin walking for exercise next week. I cannot wait! I am still going to rest in the evenings when I get home. I hate being so bloated though. I cannot fit into any of my clothes. I have to wear jogging pants. My dr said it will still be a few more weeks for a good bit of water retention to subside.
As for the belly button, stitches were removed today. It was a weird feeling. It didn't hurt, there was just pressure. But my abdomen still feels and looks foreign to me.

Day 9 Post Op

The binder made indentations into my skin that you can see. The scar above my belly button was from having my gallbladder removed years ago. This is the first day that reduced swelling was noticeable. My breasts haven't dropped to where they need to be yet. So I will wait a couple days and post a pic of them.

1st great sleep!

Last night was my first really good sleep in a long time. I had anxiety over the surgery initially and had difficulty sleeping through the night after the surgery. I woke up feeling so rested today. I am amazed at the progress of recovery that I can feel each day! Now if only to get rid of this swelling.... :) I hope everyone is having a good recovery! I really love reading the updates. They help so much!

Just had to try on my bikini

A little more swollen then before. I did overdo it yesterday and its that time... But I am still happy with my mm!

Pulled something in shoulder :(

So I was lying in bed and wanted to make the binder tighter. I reached over to my right side to pull the binder to the left and I heard an awful crunch. The area right above the left breast was sore and the breast was really lower than the right one. So I called my ps and he asked me to come in. He said everything looked ok but now I had one breast really higher. He put a sling on top of the other breast. I couldn't help but smile at having a sling. But, oh well. The good news is that he told me that my bb will become an innie. So grateful about that one. I didn't know how I was going to explain to my mom at he beach how my bb was sticking out. I just don't want everyone knowing that I did this and she would tell everyone. I don't want the negativity.
My chief complaint is how people just assume since it has been 2 wks that I am completely healed. I have been kicked in the shoulder, elbowed in the breast, and hit in the lipo sections of my lower back. Yes, my family is rough and I am pissed. Furthermore, my husband is upset with me because laundry is piled up and feels that I should be in the full swing of things by now. He has made comments for a week and saying stupid remarks like I sure look like I'm healed. Sorry to vent. Just frustrated because I always do for others no matter what I had going on and now when it was my turn needing help, there wasn't much. The positive apect is that I just am grateful that I had this done for me. I never thought I would have my youthful body back. Happy healing everyone!!!

1st day of exercise

I finally decided today to go and take a walk. I walked slow and kept my heart rate down. It did feel so weird. I have been walking around so it's not that. But for some reason, there was a weird sensation in my belly as I was walking for exercise. I was glad to burn some calories since I have been eating things that aren't the healthiest ;) but the downside is that I am now really swollen. Oh well, what can i do? Happy healing to everyone!

Just a quick update

Just wanted to give a quick update. I did go to Ga to visit family last week. The swelling was intense. I also ate really, really good and was worrried about weight gain, but got on the scale today after much procrastinating and it wasn't that bad. I have been reducing my calorie intake the past few days. I want to lose ten pounds before the beach at the end of July. I have only exercised 2 times so far. I will be beginning to do that more regularly in the next couple of days. It is strange, but I am so afraid to do too much. My mind wants to run, but I have this fear of even walking. This is the 1st time in my life that I felt this way. Even after my back gave out, I couldn't get outside and exercise soon enough.
I am still happy with my results. I do wish that my tt scar was lower, but my ps removed all of my stretch marks so I can't complain. I took advil only 1 time on vacation. I do have times when my breast have shooting pain, but its tolerable. My belly still feels foreign and numb. The scars have gone through periods of being so itchy and I am trying hard not to scratch. I will post pics next week. Happy healing to everyone who has already had a mm done and prayers to those whose surgeries are coming up!

1 Month Update - No Regrets

I just wanted to add some 1 month pics. I actually thought that I was only 3 weeks post op and was surprised to realize that it has been 4 weeks. Time sure does fly. My right breast still needs to fall into place a little more. My areolas are not perfectly round, but I am optimistic that the appearance will improve with time. They still look so much better to me than how they were prior. On my tt scar, you can see that it has a 'ledge' appearance but I am guessing that it is normal. The scar is still high but to me it is way better than what I was dealing with the way my belly looked like before the surgery. I am still tight and have to bend over at times, especially after sitting for a while and at night. I really like how tight everything looks. I am getting really bloated in the evenings and feel fat. Lol. However, when I wake up and look in the mirror every morning, there is a huge difference. The only thing that I am truly concerned with is the bb. It is still out and not sinking in. I really want an innie since this is what I had all my life. All in all, I have to honestly say that I am so lucky to have had the mm. I am very happy with my results. If you compare the before and after pics, the transformation is least it is to me. I have absolutely no regrets and feel that the money for the surgery is worth it. I feel rejuvenated and young again. I have been fortunate to be healing well without complications. I would honestly do it all over again without thinking twice.

3 month update

Sorry this has taken so long! I had my Ipad stolen at a hotel in Philadelphia that I was staying at after I took my daughter to her dr. appt. The bad news was that it was sold to Best Buy and all of my pics were erased. The awesome news is that the police got it back for me.

Anyway on with the review.....I have been lax in exercise because I have been busy. I am taking more grad classes to be certified in Special Ed and I went on vacation with my family to Myrtle Beach. Let me tell you...for the 1st time in years and years, I felt so super sexy!!! I wore two bikinis while I was there and I could not believe how awesome I felt thanks to my amazing surgeon. My daughter took 1 look at me and told me to put my clothes back on. My mom's mouth dropped and she asked me what I was doing so she could do it. I had a chuckle because I still wear my binder at night and my mom saw it. She told me sister that I was wearing one of those abdominal belts to tighten my belly and that they should both get one. LOL!! (My sister knows the truth but she is the only family member that I told on my side) I posted a pic of me and my daughter on fb and my other sister started texting the sister who knew and wanted to know how the heck I looked so good. I have never felt so great about myself. My self esteem has sky rocketed. My breasts remind me of how they looked at my daughter's age. I just love them! My tt scar is low and is lightening up without me really doing anything to it right now. I am just in awe of the results of the mommy makeover and have said again and again that it was the best decision that I made regarding myself in a long time. I have no regrets and encourage everyone who wants to do it to go through with it. My next ps appt is Sept 12 and I can't wait to show Dr. Hurwitz how everything has turned out. Over the past few months since the update, I have continued with my vitamins and only exercised here and there. I ran twice since the surgery. After running, my stomach felt like it was vibrating. It was so strange. But nothing hurt. I haven't really had any complications. The only negativity I have experienced is from my daughter being upset that I spent that much on myself and yelled at me in front of her friends that we were taking to the beach....which made me so angry and from my husband who still wishes that I would have waited a year or two. Smh. I just do not care. I did this for me! No regrets whatsoever! If only they knew I am contemplating on liposuction on my behind!! I am going to inquire about having it done. I feel that it is the only thing left that I would love to fix. I should have had it done when I had the mm performed.

Now for those of you who are seeing swelling.....I still do have swelling. At times it can be pretty bad. My stomach is nice and tight (which I am really appreciative of) but with the swellling, it can get uncomfortable. I am so small in the am but at night I have gained an extra 2 inches around my stomach. Therefore, I put the binder on and take bromelain with quercitin. A week ago, I complained to my husband about the swelling that was getting worse and he said...didn't you say something about lymph nodes and sleeping on your back? It got me thinking. So, I am now back to sleeping on my back and I feel that it helps. I am going to start putting kelo cote on my scars and I will keep you posted on how they are doing. I'll try to post an update in two weeks after my appt with my ps. Happy healing to everyone that has had surgery and good luck to those waiting! I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!

Quick Update

I had my ps appt today and we compared the before and after pics. I had to laugh because my ps said he would never believe that it was the same person except he recognized the ribs. I can't believe it either. I just can't get over the transformation. I get tears thinking about the old me. I told my ps that he made my body even better than what it looked like before my daughter. I never had a truly flat stomach before. He looked at the breasts and there was a slight opening in the right breast along the scar line but he said it is ok and will heal without any issues. He also said that the tt scar will really fade away to almost nothing. I am just grateful that I was able to have this done for me. I count my blessings daily.
As of right now, I exercise a couple times a week. I probably run 9 miles/week which is really bad for me. I still swell alot. I took a couple pics tonight and am uploading them to show my swelling that I get without a cg every day. There are days that have been even worse than that. But, I do wear the binder every night and the swelling subsides. I also still have numbness in the abdomen region and I still get aches in the flank area that was liposuctioned. However, with that being said, I have absolutely no regrets and would do it all over again. I couldn't thank my ps enough today. Good luck to all of you with upcoming surgeries!

Just a fast update...

I will post more later and will give pics. However, I just wanted to give an update. I have had tremendous swelling lately. If I eat Chinese...forget it! I look pregnant for the rest of the day. I find myself hungry with the cold weather and need to find something to curb my appetite. I had some issues with my body not liking the internal stitches and my ps fixed the openings for me. He has been so great and I am extremely lucky to have him as my dr. I just had an appt with him and told him that I wish that I could lipo my butt and thighs because I feel that both are huge, I was so worried to tell him that. Idk why, but I was. He took a couple of pics and called me that night saying that he understood what I was saying and wanted to fix it for me. My surgery date is Dec 9. I am only taking off 2 days from work. If I need another for some reason, I will take it. He assured me that it will turn out great and I am so excited. I'm worried about the pain but I don't want to think about that right now. My daughter thinks I'm crazy but I told her just wait until she is my age and when that time comes, I will support her. As for the husband....I have given up on him. I think it might be time to move on. So sad because I put my whole heart into this relationship. I hope you are all doing great! Happy healing!
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Hurwitz through researching plastic surgeons in the area. With his credentials and wonderful staff, it was a truly easy decision to make. Dr. Hurwitz even has satelllite offices in Beverly Hills and in Brazil. He is ranked in the top 1% of plastic surgeon physicians throughout the country. I have had fillers injected into my face for the past couple years at this facility before deciding that I was ready to have the mommy makeover. I never considered anyone else to do the procedure. I knew that I wanted only the absolute best working on me. After personally viewing Dr. Hurwitz' work on my own body, I can honestly say that this individual is a gifted artist. His skills are incredible. He has made my body beautiful once again. I will always be grateful to Dr. Hurwitz and I recommend him to anyone that I hear is looking for a plastic surgeon.

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