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After years a of diet fades and hard work outs,...

After years a of diet fades and hard work outs, even starving myself for months. I could not get rid of that much weight. I had so many problem areas. I needed the extra push. My abs were the worse. So big, and I had big shoulders on top of that, with very fat arms. After 4yrs of contemplating. I finally decided to go for lipo. I'm very nervous about such procedures, I can not endure or stand to get my blood taken. But my doctor, Dr. Raymond Capone JR, his office and staff were so amazing! Very professional, attentive, helpful, meticulous and give amazing patient /doctor attention. The cost I have above is JUST THE LIPO cost. I just had this done on Tuesday. since yesterday, I can drive. Two days later, I no longer needed pain pills. I am bruised, but it looks worse then it feels. Sorry for the blurriness in the photos. the mirror I used had been in my storage room for years. I didn't dust it off. I will get much better photos from the office. The toughest part, was pulling off the dressings - shave! remember to shave your arms! or where ever you plan to get work done!

Day 6 post op - will post more photos in a few days.

day 6 post op, I drove around getting a few things for the house. I woke up, not so sore, but a little tender around flanks and sides of my abs. Arms feel just fine. Weighed myself, I'm 180. I forgot to mention. I am 5'3 @ 190lbs. This is the biggest I have EVER been. I wear size 10 in clothes and has to be L for my tops. One week, I'm down 10lbs. Visually I can see some kind of results. I am still swollen. The decline in weight - is a positive indicator! I just bought additional compression garments for arms. I will also be doing inner and outer thighs. Depending how the abs look, could do them again around March2015. To do this, a solid full week off is very ideal. It's better not to push yourself right back to work, you could jeopardize GOOD results. I see parts of my stomach, still bruised. Some parts are turning yellow - which means I'm healing. Still very happy I did this, I wish I would of done this sooner!! Can't wait to be beach ready for 2015. Maybe I could actually wear a bikini!!!

Check - up on my 6th day post op (08/17 was 5th day post-op)

Sorry for the last entry. Should indicted - 08/17 was my 5th day post op. Went to see my P.S. Said I'm doing very well in recovery. I love my P.S! He's so intuitive, attentive , and does not rush you as a patient when you want to talk to him. He's wonderful! I had a message on my 3rd day post-op. With all the tenderness. One would think, how in the "bleep!" can anyone touch me there. By the M.T. was very experience and handled everything wonderfully! I see a difference - especially today. My compression garment is not as snug as it was a few days ago, I think I may have to get a smaller size - already! I came up with a theory - Fat is attracted to fat. I was a heavy protein consumer. After the surgery, I can't even stand the smell of many types of protein. I finally had one hard boiled egg today, with a 1/2 slice of toast and blanched cauliflower for breakfast. Oh, and the 2 cups of coffee 1 sugar packet each cup. My sister brought me a pizza (super spoiler) yesterday. I took a teaspoon of a bite and was finished. Maybe I'm still in recovery. Yet I certainly do not crave the foods I use to.

Over all - I am very happy with these results - thus far. I'm already planning for my thighs and possibly my abs to be done. Depending what my abs look like once the swelling goes down.

Day 8 post op

The photos I am sharing were taken very late last night, more so 12:30am on day 8. It's amazing how a few hours of sleep, something changes. Abs look a little flatter this morning! I feel great! had a bit of a scare cause I thought I had loose skin hanging from my arms which made them almost look like bat wings. I forgot, I'm only on my day 8 post op. Later on that night, I was looking at my arms again, it's not what I thought it was. my flanks look amazing! barley a roll, tiny little crease. But nothing to go batty over. my abs are getting flatter everyday, the swelling is going down. Bruising is still there. My sides are more tender then the center. My incisions do not look so bad. very small. I started calculating my calories, trying to keep them below 2,000. I can't go back to the gym for another week. I can not wait! I have so much pent up energy! I measure my waist line, and I dropped 1/2 a inch. in one week! measured my arms, also 1/2 inch!

11 Post Op

Had another massage yesterday - to move the fluid around. My, P.S has thought of EVERYTHING! I feel absolutely wonderful! I'm so happy I did this. My only complaint - I wish I would do this during winter. Wearing these compression garments under your clothes in 80 degrees and humid is a real bear! To me, besides coming home on the first day and the ride home. Were the two toughest situations to handle during this whole process. I've been cheating at night,taking my arm compression garment off. OHHH, it feels so good. anyone know what arm shaper is good to buy? I see compression garments by standard sports labels. But that's all. I have not been back to the gym, just trying to keep the calorie intake low for now. When I can switch to shaper garments, I'll go to the gym. I don't want to walk in there, with these garments on my arms. It's already a little odd when I'm out at the store, I feel eyes on me . :)

2 weeks post op!

Less bruising in mostly all areas. Only lower abs still very small bruising. Just wanted to update. Took photos with a dusty mirror and not very good lighting. My apologies! Have my 3 week post op appointment next week! Feel so great! So very happy with the results!

24days post op! @176lbs!

I've been eating less and working out more! Three weeks, I'm down 14lbs! So excited!!!! Can't wait to do my thighs. After two months , depending on what my abs look like, I may do them again!

24days post op photos

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26 post op - My favorite dress

a year ago. I bought this dress to attend my cousins funeral. I loved the way it looked on the rack, and I loved it even more when I wore it. However, I knew I didn't have the body. My stomach was very large, much like the first photo before my lipo procedure. Today is my 26th day post op. I'm hopeful , and was hoping I look better , now, in this dress. I think i need to lose another 15 pounds. It's still too soon. I've been eating less, taking long walks. trying to stay active. I'm going to wear my shaper compression garment and my other compression garment given to me right after surgery. The one garment is getting more loose. I like the support, it extends to my upper abdomen. any suggestions for good shaper compression garments for abs?

26 day post op - correction.


37days Post-op -

Lost 1.5 inches off the waist, 2 inches off hips. and down another 6 pds! YIPPIE!!!!!! Today I weigh in at 169pds. My goal is 160 by October 8th! I've been eating less. Not so much forcing myself to eat less, just not very hungry. SOOOO HAPPY about todays measurements! YAY!!!! Now I'm thinking, I want implants. My breast look - um TOO NATURAL! LOL .... I'd like them perkier and bigger! :) How's everyone's Thursday!? I'm so excited it's the weekend. I actually feel like going out! Instead of hiding! :)

161 lbs baby!!! 55days Post Op

Two month check up today! Got a copy of pre-op and post op photos! The lighting is hard to tell, I think it looks like I dropped 29lbs. 29lbs!!! woo hooo!!! I'm soo happy! I'm also happy I found RealSelf community to share my story and share my recovery. I am doing my thighs and second treatment of my abs in March/April 2015! I feel so good at this point! After the second treatment. I'm thinking I want to get implants!!! Loving life baby!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!!!!

P.S shy of 1 pd

My goal was to be 160 today. Shy of 1 lb . darn!

65 days post op -

I can fit a size 5/6 comfortably! AMEN! Just posting photos! Hope everyone else is doing well in the community !

7 days count down , LIPO part 2

Getting Lipo part 2 in 7 days. Still not satisfied with my thighs. Didn't gain weight. Plateaued . Here's to dropped down to my ideal weight ! - 25 pounds. Wish me luck. Still feel nervous, even though this is round 2.

Part 2 Lipo, Thighs and upper abs

Doing inner thighs and upper abs. Photos take 7 days before.

Part 2 lipo, Thighs and upper abs.

Photos taken 3 days post op. Before and after shower. WOW, it feels good ! Goal is to reach 145lbs. Currently at 167lbs. I know, gained 6 pounds :( . Have to work out harder this time around. Pain was not as bad and bruises were relatively mild. I didn't need norco by day 2. But before the shower. I took one norco. Just stiff now.

Part 2, Day 7 post op

Day 7 post op. Much like the arms. The thighs will not show immediate results. I think for my body type. There isn't such a thing as the hour glass figure. But I do see my waist cut in more then last time. This darn marker. I think I used 1/2 a bar of soap and it's still stuck on me. Any suggestions? Will post more photos next time.

Dr. Capone is very attentive, meticulous, through, responsive, PROFESSIONAL! I am SO happy I chose him ! I was on the search for other surgeons, I personally consulted with 4 others in the area. I have to say, he has the MOST experience, and he truly strives for perfection! I am a real chicken with it comes to needles, but his staff, his nurse, everyone made me comfortable. All I remember was, I was laying on the table, the anesthesiologist asked me, let me know when you feel something. I responded "ok", and then I woke up in compression garments. Dr. Capone saw I was groggy and waking up, tells me, "You're in recovery." I plan on another procedure for my thighs, and no hesitation, I will be going to see Dr. Capone. I have already personally referred my cousin and my sister to Dr. Capone.

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