Invisalign for Crowding and an Overjet - Pittsburgh, PA

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Hi! I'm 18 years old and have always been insecure...

Hi! I'm 18 years old and have always been insecure about my crowded teeth. I felt like that was the only thing people were looking at when they talked to me or when I smiled. I finally decided to go to an orthodontist for a free consultation.. I always thought my teeth were too bad for Invisalign but while I was there my orthodontist told me it would definitely be an option. After talking about it with my dad I decided to go forward with the treatment. So far I'm a little over a month in, I have 17 attachments and just started wearing rubber bands for a slight overjet. I have 44 trays for my upper teeth and 44 trays for my lower teeth. Everything has been going really well and I don't have any complaints as of right now. The only thing I'm uncertain about is that my orthodontist has been having me change my trays every week. I'm currently on tray 5, and right now I have through tray 14 before I go to my next appointment (in mid June). Is this normal?

Double Digits!

I just started wearing Tray 10 so I'm really excited!! It feels good to be in the double digits :-) and after this, on tray 11 I will be officially 1/4 of the way done. I wanted to update because I'm finally seeing down improvement! It's so hard to see it in myself since I'm looking in the mirror every single day.

So since I wrote, everything has been completely normal. The only thing I have to say that's weird is none of my trays have been bothering me. There is very very minor pain the first day I am in the new ones but it's so manageable. When I asked if it was normal to change trays every week, I got a response that said the number of trays could've possibly been doubled so the wear time for each was just cut and that sounds so plausible considering all my recent trays have been passive!

Also, I need to admit I've been getting soooooo lazy lately :-( I'm usually so good at eating and then doing my hygiene routine and popping the trays back in but for the past 2 weeks I've been slacking so much.. I'll eat and then tell myself "Okay 10 minutes to relax before brushing" and the next thing I know it'll be an hour later!! This is my pledge right now to get back on the 22 hrs/day track. (Hopefully). I've been really good with my rubber bands though. Surprisingly they don't matter to me at all anymore, I barely notice them. Although I did stop at my orthodontist to get another pack of rubber bands after I ran out, and when I was there I had to ask if it was normal to feel NOTHING from the bands. Because my jaw is never sore, I never feel tension of anything along those lines. I kind of felt like I needed a smaller, tighter elastic but my ortho said it was normal not to feel anything ? :-/ so I'm somewhat feeling like the bands aren't doing anything but I'm still wearing them religiously with the trays.

So yeah that's it!! My next appointment is June 15th where I'll be on Tray 14. I'll update if anything changes. Thanks for reading :-)

Appointment Update

Hello! So I went to my orthodontist appointment on June 15th. It was a really quick appointment, my orthodontist just checked how my trays were fitting on my teeth, answered all my questions, and gave me my next set of trays. I was on tray 14 when I went and they gave me through tray 24. My next appointment is on August 25th. I can't believe a month from now I'll be halfway through my treatment.... It's gone so fast and I'm really thankful for that! I haven't had any problems yet at all and I've had barely any pain or discomfort so hopefully the next half goes as fast as the first. Unfortunately at my appointment my orthodontist told me to watch the teeth next to my front teeth (the lateral incisors) really closely because they'll be the ones that will fight the movement the most, and with my last couple trays I've been wearing I can tell the teeth are already starting to fight. One of my lateral incisors is far back and out of alignment, and with my trays on there is a gap between where the tray ends and my gums. I'm nervous it's not going to keep up with the rest of my teeth but my orthodontist told me to use my chewies a lot on those teeth so I've been doing that. So that's it! I'll update again soon
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