"Getting Rid of my Muffin Top" - Pittsburgh, PA

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I had debated on doing this for one year. I had...

I had debated on doing this for one year. I had consulted other doctors. One suggested a mini tummy tuck at $3500 and another suggested liposuction at $8000. I didn't want the down time of either surgery so I decided to do the Coolsculpting. I have 3 small children and really didn't have the time to recover so I thought that Coolsculpting sounded like the perfect procedure to get rid of my extra belly fat, and do it easily. No surgery, anesthesia or recovery time sounded like the perfect option.
Unfortunately, I have to say, that is not the case. I had Coolsculpting done 10 days ago and I wish I had never done it. Right now I pray that the pain and skin discomfort will stop. The procedure itself was a breeze. A little uncomfortable pressure but tolerable. The next few days I was sore and swollen, but still no big deal. The 6th day the itching and skin sensations started. I haven't slept through the night for 4 nights! The only thing that helps is icing the area down. When I do manage to get some sleep it is usually with an ice pack laying on my stomach. I can't even stand the sheet hitting my skin.
At this point I just hope I go back to normal and this pain stops.

Photos after the procedure

Slept through the night!

I slept through the night and got a good night's sleep. My skin sensitivity seems to be down this morning. Swelling also decreased. Hopefully that was the worst and it's all good from here on out!

2 weeks post procedure

No pain! Almost feel normal except stomach is still sore and slightly numb. I will post photos again in 4 weeks.

2 week

3 weeks

Feel great, still a little numb. I feel as if I don't have as large a roll over the top of my pants when I sit down. I have not changed my eating and have not started exercising. I have not gained or lost weight.

4 weeks

Skin/area feels almost normal now.

8 weeks!

I feel the Cool sculpting was very effective for me. It really smoothed out my tummy roll and made my muffin top less when I sit down (less of a roll over my jeans). However, I have a hernia now. I had an umbilical hernia 2 years ago that was repaired. I have an appointment tomorrow with a surgeon to consider a hernia repair and tummy tuck.

8 weeks

Drea at Acqua Blu Medical Spa

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