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I have had deflated breasts since I rapidly lost...

I have had deflated breasts since I rapidly lost baby weight after 8th grade. I can't remember a time before my breasts were saggy. I've spent almost all of my twenties without the option to go braless or feel confident in a strapless dress. I could never go without a bra because I have no shape. I have panic about forgetting my bra because it would be so embarrassing to me.

A few more before photos...

I didn't initially want implants. Keeping my body organic was more of a priority. I was happy to have just a lift which would have left me with what I can only imagine would be the smallest Acups!!

After seeing my doctor I had a much different understanding if the situation. I Definitly need the implants in order to achieve the look that I long for. Not to say he pressured me by any means. I trus opinion and demeanor while he examened me makes me confident that they are needed. And of course it took me all of five minutes to get excited about havi this new chest. I can only hope for the best and be positive for now!! I'm excited to see my body frame in a way I have never seen it : )
Dr. Kenneth Shestak

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