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I scheduled my ba for Oct 30th. I have to pay...

I scheduled my ba for Oct 30th. I have to pay balance on Wed of this week. I'm very nervous and second guessing every thought. I have asymmetry and have always wanted to get it fixed. I feel awful naked and bras can be difficult. I have chosen dr Johns in Monroeville PA, after two other consults. He recommended going saline 350/325 under muscle. I think my biggest concern (besides everything that can go wrong medically, which is big for me) is the time off work. The surgery is scheduled for Wed, and I'm planning on working the next Monday. I have desk job, although steps are involved and I don't want anyone to know. I work alone for the most part, except when my boss is there and that's not very often. What's everyone's opinion on this? I have to trust my surgeon on the size, because I'm just not sure anymore. Lol. The way my bras fit, pics with clothes on with my current bra and the pics with implants in with clothes on really isn't a difference, so I may regret not going bigger, my importance is "evening out" rather than size. He feels certain with saline he can make "almost perfect". I don't think I can expect much more than that. Anyone have issues with asymmetry? Will post pics maybe today/tomorrow. FYI - most of my payment is refundable - hahaha, yeah that worried. O ya, what did everyone's prescriptions cost? Roughly.

Getting Closer

So I am still very nervous, although the bf helped this weekend. He is very supportive in whatever I want to do. He says hes not letting me back out now, after the years it took me to get this far. My big concern is going to big, and when I showed him the approximate size, he agreed that I shouldn't go bigger. He knows I don't want noticeably big. Hes taking off work while I am off, and even said hed go bra shopping with me. What a guy! (Im sure theres a plus in it for him. lol) Anyway Im bored at work and thought Id look at boobs. hahaha. I will try to post pics tonight as I do want opinions on the asymmetry. Currenty I am 140 lbs (trying to loose bout 10, but that's pushing it) Will loosing 10 more after surgery, change them awhole lot? Im 5'7". Is not letting myself think about the surgery to much a sign I don't really want it? It seems it took a lot more for me to schedule the surgery, then ALOT of anxiety was immediately gone.

Before pics.

I'm trying to post some before shots on here, lord you guys must be photographers. I was doing them alone, and I wouldn't have thought a pic was so hard to take. Anyway, here they are.... I'm looking for people's opinion on the asymmetry. Do you think this is able to get balanced with saline implants? Thinking 300-350 range.


Is there anyone that has had saline for alittle while. Im wandering what they are like, say after a year. Im concerned about feeling like I have balloons under my shirt. I do a lot of yard work, and worried I may do something to rupture one. Can anyone settle my nerves?

Back out??

Today I am focusing on all the things that can go wrong. This was NOT my goal today. Thursday is the last day I can cancel and get most of my money back. I don't know if this much hesitation is trying to tell me to back out. Im not afraid of the surgery itself, its more the complications that can occur after CC, Leak, Bleeding, etc. And then looking "too big". If anyone has anything that helped them, it would be appreciated right now. Also, counting the people you know with this surgery, how many had complications after? Sorry...but thanks.

Staying busy

I've decided that this site isn't helping me right now - I keep looking at all the negative views and focusing on them. I woke up, feeling much better. After the surgery I will post some pics. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Almost there!!

Well taking some time away was what I needed!! Now I'm simply to busy to look at the "bad" pics. Lol. My surgery is Wednesday, so still have few things to get done. Got the basics for when I'm home, but hint I'm waiting splurging!! Has anyone been advised to eat pineapple for swelling?

It's here!

Well, tomorrow am, gotta leave at 6am, to be there by 9, surgery at 10:30. I finally had help getting some before pics, so I'm posting. Wish me luck!!!

I'm done!!!

Well i did it!!, so far I love them. Please pray for no complications!! I will post pics soon. I've only looked at them once, they are beautiful!!. Boyfriend is being very strict on rules (keeping bra on). I wouldn'thave wanted to go thru with anyone. Else. By the way - surgery was an hour late, nurses and doctors were so nice. The pain is almost nonexistent, even heavy ness isn't there, guess I'm assuming I'm pretty looped w the medications! I had a 2.5 hr ride home.

2:47 am, can't sleep!!

Here's the after shots, just got home from surgery. My bf is being strict with leaving the bra on.

All good so far

So far, I'm doing really well. Actually shocked so well. I forgot to say, but I got saline 330/350 unders.

What a good guy!

I just wanted to say, how great my boyfriend is. He's made supper, made a chart for meds, woke up in middle of night to make sure I got meds. I'm lucky, now I'm lucky with boobs, lol.

Shower time!!

That feels better! Got a shower, sorta did hair, what a difference! I'm posting some pics from today, I'm trying not to worry bout them yet, just seems huge.


Well it's now 3 days after surgery. I feel fine with the exception of burning and pulling, but overall so much better than I'd thought I'd be. I've been sleeping in a recliner so my ass hurts worse tho. Haha. If it wasn't for this surgerical bra I'd be so much better. Gotta keep it on until Wed. It's so tight, and sure these burning feelings are normal but can anyone confirm?

Saturday pm

Well the burning got worse today and I continued to take pain meds, which wasn't my plan. I'm concerned how hard my implants are, like a rock. By looking at my pics, what size do they look like the d&f to?


Well I'm in a good mood. Took shower and put on sports bra - wow the relief. I'm not even in pain now. I think all the hard seams were the pain. I feel like I can at least attempt work tomorrow. I posted a few pics which I like them a lot better with clothes on right now. Posted the sports bra and old swim suit that never fit.

Before pics?

Does anyone know the profile on here that showed the after in surgical bra, and then again weeks later in the same bra?


Back to work today,wish me luck!!

Work today

I made it through work today. It probably woulda been better if I didn't spend the last 5 days being pampered and napping whenever I wished. Was rough but I made it, I'm sure it'll be a long week. I called the drs office today hoping I could ditch the surgical bra, and after all weekend, almost in tears at times, the nurse says, everyone complains about them, they re so cheap, please use your own. ugh!!! I can't believe it's only 730 and I'm dead tired!!


Ok, so woke up today feeling great, everything was alittle less swollen and felt a lot better. After a few hours at work they swelled right back up, even worse than "normal". Theres no additional pain, which makes me happy. Do you think I should be concerned?

Swollen is the new "ME"

So I will just get used to be swollen. If you cant beat them, join them I guess. Heading to my moms after work for supper. This will be the first time she will have seen me since the surgery. I can already feel the "eyes". Lol.


Yes I took the dog for a walk today. He's been more miserable than me being all couped up! I was very careful and put the leash around my waist so he couldn't pull my arm with the leash. He acted like he knew exactly what was going on and was soooo good! Made the day great!

One week pics.

Forgot meds!

Good news - I must have felt so good, I forgot meds. Bad news - I forgot meds. Lol. Just alittle sore, when I realized I didn't take Tylenol or muscle relaxers since yesterday. I did take muscle relaxers around noon today. It wasn't so bad. Had appt w nurse today, all is well. I'm allowed to sleep in bed now, but honestly I think I'm sticking to recliner, I think I'm afraid of rolling on them. I'm not a graceful sleeper. Haha. I'm allowed to wear any bra without a wire, although she Said not to buy expensive ones for awhile yet.


Well wknd is almost over - I'm so bored!!! Sucks when you cant do things you normally do. Thankfully I'm healing well.


Ok so I'm biting at the bit to get my body in better shape since I'm beginning to love the boobs. Does anyone have any suggestions about exersizeve that I can do during my recovery?

12 days post op

So I'm alittle concerned, they seem to be getting harder. Early last week I could've swore they were turning soft. Now they are rock hard again. Is this normal in the process?

2-1/2 weeks PO

Well it's been 2-1/2 weeks, since ba. Feeling pretty much normal. Blessed no complications as of yet. So far my feelings have bounced back and forth and back again. I'm anxious to see final result, but we all no how that goes. Posting pics from today.


I'm looking for some of your experiences with ba. I'm 5-1/2 weeks out, they do not stay soft and it's like I can feel the implants move when I bend over or move in certain positions. If My chest muscles flex that feels weird too. I'm just wandering if this is normal, and if it will go away? I will try to add pics later, but need help with them.
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