31yo, 5'6, 130lbs, 415/450cc hp silicone Inspira

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I am expecting to have my breasts filled out, and...

I am expecting to have my breasts filled out, and to reverse the deflation that happened with nursing 6 children. I tore my labia minora when I had my first baby, he was over 10lbs. The stitches came out too soon, and I healed in pieces.

I am getting either 371 or 397cc, silicone, under the muscle, incision in my breast crease. I am hoping for a 36C or D. I'm so excited for surgery on July 25th!!

32 Years Old, Breastfed, 5ft 6in, 134lbs, 400cc Silicone Unders

I almost had my breasts done two years ago when I had lipo and labiaplasty, but felt like it would have been too much to recover from at once. So, I am getting my breasts done now! :) 

I was a barely 34A before kids, and all that inflation and deflation because of nursing just took its toll on my breasts. They are uneven, deflated, and my nipples are folded over.

I met with Dr Koch because a friend of mine went to him for her BA, and they looked gorgeous. He was very warm and welcoming, easy to talk to, and his staff is really nice. He uses 3D imaging, and I loved that I could see the projected results.

We decided on 400cc on my left, and 440cc on my right to even them out. I'm getting silicone, Style 120, textured, high profile, round.

I wanted gummy bear implants, but decided the regular silicone would be better since I had no projection at the top of my breasts at all.

I paid everything in full, and I go in for surgery in two weeks. I couldn't be more excited, or more at peace about my decision.

Last week I had a few questions, so I called the office, and Nicole was so helpful. She really put my mind at ease, and was so easy to talk to.

1 day post op

Boobies have arrived!!!! Had surgery yesterday morning at 6am, so technically today is post op day 1. Experiencing a ton of pressure and pain, but more so in my upper chest, near my arms.

We want with 415cc inspira srf in the left and 450cc inspira srf in the right. Dr Koch was so friendly as always, and my nurse staff was great. The only exception was this one rude nurse after the surgery. I had a hard one waking up from anesthesia, and she seemed really annoyed with me. Other than her little attitude problem, everything went off perfectly.

I didn't throw up after surgery, but I did some dry heaving. I was happy to get home and get into bed! I'm sleeping propped up on a foam wedge, with a body pillow on one side, and a regular pillow on the other side. It seems to be working out great.

The pain and pressure is way more than I thought it would, but I've been taking hydrocodone every four hours, and I'm hoping I have enough to last until the pain goes away.

My husband is doing everything for me, even holding a water bottle is too heavy right now. I can't open pill bottles, and it's hard to pull my panties up and down to use the bathroom.

I've been taking Miralax in grape juice to counteract the constipation often caused by natcotics. It's working good so far, I was able to go a little #2 today.
I've been using frozen peas on my chest, and that really does help.

Btw, bloating is no joke! That really does happen!

I'm happy I did this, and I'm confidant each day will keep getting easier!

Post op day 2

Last night I was in a tremendous amount of pain, where my arms met my chest, especially on the left. I took two hydrocodone and that did the trick, whereas I had o lay been taking one at a time before.

This morning I was excited to get up and shower, but when I did, I was shaky, I threw up, started sweating, and broke out in cold sweats. I felt awful. My husband was right there to help me in and out of the shower, and I ended up only washing my armpits and chest area. I couldn't wait to get my bra back on and into bed again!

I had been so excited to take my bra off and look at my breasts, but when I did, I just felt so nervous! I suddenly became aware of the extra weight on the front of me, and I felt much more secure in my bra.

Turns out I didn't take any pictures, got my bra back on, and climbed back into the safety comfort of my bed.

We called Dr Koch and after apologizing for bothering him on a holiday, told him what happened. He suggested that it was simply the effects of the narcotics, and that I taper off as soon as I could. What a relief! He wasn't upset we had called him, and was really helpful. I swear, that man is always in a good mood. He's like your favorite uncle or something :)

It's about 3:00pm now, and I just took off my bra while lying in bed to get some pictures. They appear squareish still, but that's to be expected. My right still looks somewhat different than my left (I had major asymmetry before surgery), but I bet that will change as my implants drop and fluff. To be honest, I went into this with realistic expectations. My goal was to fill out the deflated space in my breasts from nursing so many children. We put in two different size implants to help with the asymmetry, and I trust Dr Koch's judgement.

I love looking down and seeing my breasts project out further than my ribs, which was not the case before surgery. I hear a lot about boob greed, but I know I won't have that.

I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity to restore fullness in my breasts, to feel and look like a woman again. I'm not the kind of woman to take this for granted, or feel dissapointed that they aren't big enough. I feel very comfortable with the size choice Dr Koch and I agreed on, and I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished project.

I have so much joy over this surgery. I feel like I'm reclaiming my womanhood. I spent almost a decade having children (6 children ages ranging from 3 to 10), and now I'm doing something for myself. I couldn't be happier!!

Day 2 pictures

Post op day 3

Last night around 2am, I grabbed ahold of a pillow and pulled it up closer to my body. At that same moment I felt a "pop" and a pain in my right side. It's still sore this morning, and I'm kicking myself for not being more careful.

Aside from that, my chest isn't as tight today, and it's easier to breathe. This morning I was able to pull my shoulders back a bit more too. All in all, things are slowly improving each day, and the pain is much much less. I put on a v neck t shirt from Victorias Secret today, first time wearing a regular shirt... my boobs look HUGE. lol

10 days post op

3 weeks post op

11 months post op

I love them, plain and simple. I haven't regretted them at any point, and I am so happy with the size, feel and look!!
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