30 Years Old, 3 Kids, Breastfed 2, 5'5" 113 Ish Lbs

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My breast aren't saggy they just got smaller and...

My breast aren't saggy they just got smaller and smaller with each kid lol
I was once a full B now I'm barely an A. I used to be really confident in my body, I started working out again and Im in amazing shape but some curves you cant get from working out.
As of now I'm thinking the 385 cc Sientra Mod +

plan plan plan

Unfortunately my husband is out of town for work and won't be home for my surgery. So my cousin in taking me up for the surgery and I'm going to meal prep so my friend who will be helping me and the kids will have one less thing to worry about.

The doctor told me to go fill my meds asap bc some might have to be ordered. I got the xanax but the pharmacy is saying I might not get the demeral before the BA, calling the PS Monday.

So far I have bought extra pillows to be comforitable, zip up light hoodies (should be cold but who knows w this weather) comfy sweats and cocoa butter lotion.
I still need arnica tablets (recommended not required), dial and extra ice packs bc my kids steal mine all the time.

I keep looking at boobies of girls with a similar build thinking maybe I should to this or that. At first I originally wanted the 435 Mod+ but the more I thought about it and how its wider than my bwd and looking at pictures I took I decided to go down a size. It looked to wide for me! My gut was in knots and turned the whole way home after I picked the 435, since changing my mind to 385cc I feel way better and so much more confident in my decision!!


More pictures to give a better idea . First picture all me, second picture I have in the rice sizer things 375.

hello anxiety

The closer the time comes the more scared I'm getting. A lot of what its running through my mind. Thinking about going a size smaller to a 355. I don't want to look to top heavy . I have always wanted this since I knew I was never going to develope. Why am I panicking now?
My husband , sister and friends are very supportive. But they are so supportive of anything I do that if I mentioned how scared I was they would be like ok so dont do it. Lol


Time is moving so quick and yet so slow! I feel like I have a million thing to do before my ba. I'm deep cleaning the house tomorrow, the trick is keeping it clean with 3 kids! Going grocery shopping this weekend, meal prepping and working until the day before.

Arrangements for the kids and myself are made. I scheduled this so long ago and the day of surgery my son has playoffs and the following day my oldest has her first school dance ! Bet your sweet butt I'm going to his game and my friend is driving my daughter to the dance, the turd raided my closet for clothes. She is probably getting a few nice shirts when all is said and done.

I wish my husband didn't have to work out of state. But at the same time he won't have to see the swelling and my craziness , he gets to see the niceness by the time he gets home .

My mother in law and sister can stop with the boob jokes about being barbie or Dolly, any day now. I should have expected it but it still bothers me. My nerves and being scared already have me kinda spazzing and they aren't helping at all.

Sorry for rattling .

15 hrs

In 15ish hours I will be doing something I have looked into and wanted to do for years. I'm feeling a lot of things excited, nervous, nausea. lol The surgeons office called this morning, I was half asleep, think I caught the jist of the important stuff. But, surgery was changed from 7am to noon. NPO after midnight ;(

I still haven't settled on a size lol. 355 or 385, 355, 385 and repeat. its 30cc's yes and 4 cm difference in width. I don't want to look dumb or way to top heavy.

Tonight I will be cleaning the house, double checking everything, freaking out and packing a small take along bag. Might bring a light snack and an ensure plus bc I will be going 12 hrs without eating.

This is something I've always wanted. I don't know why I feel so scared.

Oh and did your doctor tell you to make sure you shave your arm pits with a fresh razor. Whats up with that? Duh I'm going to shave but I wonder why she had to tell me lol

I'm sure I'm not going to sleep great lol


Got my boobies yesterday! But what's better than boobies?? My husband drove 14 hrs to be here the night before and to take care of me afterwards. Crappy thing is that he's leaving 4:30am to drive 22 hrs away for work. Anyways surgery was scheduled at 12 but it didn't start until 2 . I woke up in recovery with the worst back pain ever! The surgeon and nurses complimented me on the size I picked and said they were glad I took so much time to decide.

The hour and a half drive home was rough. I came home and my husband and friend set me up a cozy spot on my recliner . I slept on and off yesterday . Right now I'm I horrible pain, the Demerol isn't helping at all. I'm currently laying down with ice pack across me.
Tonight has been the most painful for me.and my back still hurts! I can't wait to get a shower and get this bra and band off for awhile

No clue why the picture is sideways.

Day 3

Since my surgery was the 20th this is technically day 3 right? Anyways pain is minimal only have taken half a Demerol and 2 Tylenol today. Still having back spasms and the heating pad and muscle rub is helping a lot.

I got to take a shower today so it was the first time I got to see the new additions and I love them! I'm glad I didn't go and bigger or smaller! 385cc's were perfect!

Oh and the surgeon removed a skin cyst from my left nipple but he doesn't think it was a cyst he thinks it was a fibro something and sent it out for biopsy.

Ps when you take a selfie your boobs look a little crooked lol

Post op Appointment

Post op appointment was today. I drove myself, not the best idea but didn't have much choice. Doc said everything looks great I have to push the implants towards the center of my chest 3 times a day, do it twice hold for 10 seconds each. My right incision still hurts like hell. So that just feels lovely :(

My back is still spasming and the massage therapist at the office showed me how to ease the pain. It helped the first half hour home, the last hour sucked. So I'm taking a pain pill and napping.

To big or just right?

I keep looking at myself in the mirror trying to get used to the new me. Sometimes I think wow they are huge! Other times I'm like wow I look good!
I love the way I look in clothes , well the ones I've put on so far, it's not a huge noticeable difference. At least not to me.
I feel prettier and more confident. I can't help looking at my cleavage lol But I am glad it's getting cold so I can keep them covered more until I get used to them!


So last night I was laying in bed, unsnapped my bra to do my breast "massage" (not really a massage imo) and the bottom half of my boobs are pretty much numb. WTH I've read this is common and could last between a few months and a year. I hate it! I hope feeling is back ASAP !

Dear boobs

Dear boobs,
Your cooperation would be amazing right now. Righty has dropped a good bit and looks amazing while lefty still remains high and tight. There is a noticeable difference between the lower poles and upper poles but a not so noticeable difference in the drop. You two have healed well so far and don't hurt even when I accidentally to stupid things like carving pumpkins and catching a falling toddler. I treat you well by washing you gently, putting good lotion on you and massaging you as directed. Please shape up before my husband comes home.
Feeling beautiful but kinda crooked .

Ps the picture was taken Tuesday night 11.1.16
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