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I'm 45, 125 lbs with an theletic build. I've had 5...

I'm 45, 125 lbs with an theletic build. I've had 5 BA surgeries since 1992. I've had 700-800 cc silicone implants over the muscle for more than 20 years. They have impacted my posture, causes significant neck and shoulder strain and have been the number one factor in shopping. Nothing has ever fit correctly. I'm over them - and have decided to have them removed October 19th. My surgeon suggested I will likely (at minimum) require a lift to remove excess tissue that won't retract, but we are electing to make that a separate surgery (2-3 months later) to mitigate the risks associated with limited blood flow in surrounding tissue. I can honestly say I am counting the days until I am free.


Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad you are pleased with your results My doctor recommended waiting a few months to do the lift to minimize the risk of nipple loss since the skin is thin. I'm totally okay with that. 20 days to go! I am ready!

Less than 3 weeks until explant

Ive spent a lot of time lately wondering what I would have done with all the money I spent on keeping these implants afloat. This will be my 6 the surgery - and last time I have to deal with implants. I've had capsular contractions fixed, saline deflations, scar tissue issues and now rippling from thinning skin. That's all secondary to autoimmune symptoms (arthritis, eczema, vertigo, foggy thinking, blurred vision etc) which may or may not be attributable to my age. I totally don't feel old enough for all of that, but maybe! I will be interested to see if when they are removed some or all of those symptoms improve. I also cannot wait to roll on the floor like a pencil, jump up and down, and shop for cute little things. I'm a small girl, but I've felt huge for a long time because the size of my breasts takes over my clothing.

5 days out

I'm just about all set. I'm not nervous, but my mind is anxious in an excited sort of way. I teach yoga so of course I let some of my regular ladies know why I'll be out next week. I told them that it's not like they wouldn't have noticed, and I didn't want them to feel awkward asking (or staring). ???? It's really been my yoga journey that led me to being so at peace with the decision to explant. No real confidence can be instilled by putting plastic inside you. It seems almost silly that at one point I believed it could. We live, we learn.

I'm excited about having less weight on my neck and my shoulders. I'm excited about hugging closer and going for runs with my daughter. This site is incredible! I'm excited and feeling empowered by all of you who've done this and are feeling super. Thank you for sharing your stories! 5 days to go - woo hoo!

Theyre out!

Just got home. I'm super duper nauseous and can't wait to get my pain script on board, but capsules and implants are out with no complications. Doctor said they look like dinner plates lol he will share the picture Monday when I go in for post op. Even though I don't feel great now I am super happy they're out! I feel teeny already. Thanks formally of your support ladies.

Day 1 post op

So I am up and about today. I'm trying to manage swelling with ice and ibuprofen. All in all the pain is pretty minimal considering the size of implants and capsules removed. My profile is so very different and I am quite excited about that! Still taking it easy. I don't go in for post on until Monday (4 days) so I'll be in this compression vest until then. Shoulders and neck are already thanking me for this!

5 days post explant

So, went in for my first preoperative visit today and had my bandages removed. Now I promised myself I wouldn't judge my outcome based on what I saw this early but I'm having a bit of a meltdown right now. My PS said he doesn't think I'll need a lift despite my 700 ccs sitting on this tiny body for so long he said I don't really have that much extra skin to remove, if any. That's the good news. The bad news is my breasts look like prunes so wrinkly, shrivelled blah! I got my shower which was wonderful, put on a fresh compression bra - which I have to wear at least another week and I vowed to not look again today. He promised me it will get better that things will improve dramatically and to give it 4 months. Now he's the pro and he's been honest and open to this point so I have to believe he knows what he is talking about. I'm just happy my husband is totally not a boob guy (lol).

On the bright side, I feel incredible. People are telling me I look like a 20 year old and I was being pursued by a cutie likely 20 years my junior in my first trip out to the grocery store. Of course my hubby came to scare him off - and it made me smile. No, his reaction made my week.

Alright I'm going to read and definitely not peek under my shirt.

My implants

No wonder I feel better right? I hear VS makes a bombshell bra that I can't wait to go find (biggest smile ever)
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Antimarino gets my highest recommendation for breast surgery. He is honest, sets realistic expectations, and is one of the nicest and most caring doctors I've ever met. That's what sets him apart. You don't feel like you are a number. He treats you like a friend. The surgical facilities were top notch and comfortable. He called me the night after my procedure to check that all was well and to answer questions. His staff is professional and pleasant. Wonderful results!

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