Breast Implant Removal.

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I'm 45, 125 lbs with an theletic build. I've had 5...

I'm 45, 125 lbs with an theletic build. I've had 5 BA surgeries since 1992. I've had 700-800 cc silicone implants over the muscle for more than 20 years. They have impacted my posture, causes significant neck and shoulder strain and have been the number one factor in shopping. Nothing has ever fit correctly. I'm over them - and have decided to have them removed October 19th. My surgeon suggested I will likely (at minimum) require a lift to remove excess tissue that won't retract, but we are electing to make that a separate surgery (2-3 months later) to mitigate the risks associated with limited blood flow in surrounding tissue. I can honestly say I am counting the days until I am free.


Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad you are pleased with your results My doctor recommended waiting a few months to do the lift to minimize the risk of nipple loss since the skin is thin. I'm totally okay with that. 20 days to go! I am ready!

Less than 3 weeks until explant

Ive spent a lot of time lately wondering what I would have done with all the money I spent on keeping these implants afloat. This will be my 6 the surgery - and last time I have to deal with implants. I've had capsular contractions fixed, saline deflations, scar tissue issues and now rippling from thinning skin. That's all secondary to autoimmune symptoms (arthritis, eczema, vertigo, foggy thinking, blurred vision etc) which may or may not be attributable to my age. I totally don't feel old enough for all of that, but maybe! I will be interested to see if when they are removed some or all of those symptoms improve. I also cannot wait to roll on the floor like a pencil, jump up and down, and shop for cute little things. I'm a small girl, but I've felt huge for a long time because the size of my breasts takes over my clothing.

5 days out

I'm just about all set. I'm not nervous, but my mind is anxious in an excited sort of way. I teach yoga so of course I let some of my regular ladies know why I'll be out next week. I told them that it's not like they wouldn't have noticed, and I didn't want them to feel awkward asking (or staring). ???? It's really been my yoga journey that led me to being so at peace with the decision to explant. No real confidence can be instilled by putting plastic inside you. It seems almost silly that at one point I believed it could. We live, we learn.
I'm excited about having less weight on my neck and my shoulders. I'm excited about hugging closer and going for runs with my daughter. This site is incredible! I'm excited and feeling empowered by all of you who've done this and are feeling super. Thank you for sharing your stories! 5 days to go - woo hoo!

Theyre out!

Just got home. I'm super duper nauseous and can't wait to get my pain script on board, but capsules and implants are out with no complications. Doctor said they look like dinner plates lol he will share the picture Monday when I go in for post op. Even though I don't feel great now I am super happy they're out! I feel teeny already. Thanks formally of your support ladies.

Day 1 post op

So I am up and about today. I'm trying to manage swelling with ice and ibuprofen. All in all the pain is pretty minimal considering the size of implants and capsules removed. My profile is so very different and I am quite excited about that! Still taking it easy. I don't go in for post on until Monday (4 days) so I'll be in this compression vest until then. Shoulders and neck are already thanking me for this!

5 days post explant

So, went in for my first preoperative visit today and had my bandages removed. Now I promised myself I wouldn't judge my outcome based on what I saw this early but I'm having a bit of a meltdown right now. My PS said he doesn't think I'll need a lift despite my 700 ccs sitting on this tiny body for so long he said I don't really have that much extra skin to remove, if any. That's the good news. The bad news is my breasts look like prunes so wrinkly, shrivelled blah! I got my shower which was wonderful, put on a fresh compression bra - which I have to wear at least another week and I vowed to not look again today. He promised me it will get better that things will improve dramatically and to give it 4 months. Now he's the pro and he's been honest and open to this point so I have to believe he knows what he is talking about. I'm just happy my husband is totally not a boob guy (lol).

On the bright side, I feel incredible. People are telling me I look like a 20 year old and I was being pursued by a cutie likely 20 years my junior in my first trip out to the grocery store. Of course my hubby came to scare him off - and it made me smile. No, his reaction made my week.

Alright I'm going to read and definitely not peek under my shirt.

My implants

No wonder I feel better right? I hear VS makes a bombshell bra that I can't wait to go find (biggest smile ever)

Bra shopping

Okay I'm a solid A cup. Ha. This is fun. Come on skin -keep shrinking up .

12 days post explant 700 ccs -with capsules

So I am still sore - but otherwise super comfortable with the implants out. My skin has retracted at a crazy rate to date and I'm optimistic things will continue to improve. I love my new sports bras and I love my new view of the floor (tee hee) and my new profile. Friends and family say I look younger and my husband says younger guys are checking me out. OMG do I adore him (even if he is telling me this to keep my spirits up). I'm still sleeping on my back even though I'm a side sleeper. I go for my second post op visit tomorrow. Maybe I'll be cleared to do some light exercise soon. My brain is ready that's for sure. Hoping my explanation sisters are all healing well too! Hugs

Morale is low today

Why is this such a rollercoaster for me? Some days I'm over joyed by how great I feel and then out of the blue - bam- terror strikes! I don't want to look like this! My 75 year old moms boob's look better. It's been two weeks and I haven't shown my husband. I may never - ugh. If I can't turn this around I'm getting implants again today is full of tears. Yes, what I had needed to go, but I'm thinking, and my doctor thinks too that there is something better for me in a new high profile 350-400cc implant. There's nothing I can do now except continue to hide and hope this funk passes. I swore I was done - but I work so hard to stay in shape and the 89 year old pancakes sitting on my chest are a total bummer today.

21 day update

Shrinking keeps happening (and I'm totally not complaining ). I bought these Lilly of France sleep bras that have super soft cups and teeny wee straps - I mean small (like the softest rubber bands I've ever felt) and it's like heaven to sleep -even on my stomach now. I'm starting to see the possibility too that all of this skin will shrink back down. It's 300% better than when I came out of surgery. Come on vitamin c and copious handfuls of lotion! :)

Really 21 days now

So apparently general anesthesia and pain meds have rendered me (a CPA) unable to count. It's been 3 weeks today. Still healing -sore- one side softer and healing more smoothly but we have shrinkage daily. Can I say my neck, shoulders and back have not been tense or sore since the day I explanted and it's fantastic. It's almost unfair that a lot of people got to feel this way every day for the 25 years I didn't. Ah well - makes it all the sweeter now. Right? Still the best decision ever - and I'm starting to plan my lift. I found a few doctors to consult with. For some reason my current PS seems to be really promoting putting implants back in. I've resolved that there has to be another way - it's just extra skin! I don't want big boobs.

5 week update

Today it's been 5 weeks and I wanted to post a few interesting observations. For as long as I remember I have always had the hardest time waking g in the morning. I mean - can't open eyes - feel like maybe I slept a few hours only - need to smell coffee before the feet hit the floor. Well, for the last 5 weeks I have been awake to watch the sunrise without an alarm or other provokation. When I wake I am rested, happy and ready to go. It is a huge - a very huge change. Let's see what else is happening? I got the OK to go back to my regular weight training routine and that felt good. I wasted no time in checking that box. I continue to get smaller - likely a double a cup now. I've gotten so bra snobby I only like the St-eve bras because they feel like they aren't there or maybe lime they're giving me a soft hug. The consistency of my tissue is firming. Skin is retracting but yes I still have extra skin. Could I live with it if I had to? Sure, but my PS said if I like this size (teeny beeny) and I have the extra skin in January or February - we can remove it with just a donut incision. I'm pretty much set I think! Hands down best decision ever so if anyone reading this is nervous about explanting maybe just maybe seeing my journey of going from DDD to double A and loving it will feel a little better. Confidence comes from within! Not from a bag or two of silicone! Love to all!

5 week pic

I'm not winning any perky breast contests yet, but the skin is shrinking back every day. My earlier pics reflected a lit of post op swelling. When that left the bottom of my breasts looked as if you'd taken off a large pair of pants and they turned into a puddle on the floor. No joke. This is where I am at 5 weeks. If this skin is still chilling by Valentine's - I'll have it removed. I love being small!

Feeling like a super hero

I'm almost 7 weeks out and I went to my first advanced level yoga class in a very long time last week. I was nervous for a number of reasons but it was awesome. Some observations - First I noticed that the skin where the upper portion of my implant sat is now reattached to my chest wall. Woop woop! Second - looking down in lost poses I have no implants rippling but I do have cute real little bumps! Third - even though I teach I have been off from KY personal practice for a year. This practice was easier and more enjoyable than any ever. I balanced easier. I twisted further. I was able to get into tricky poses that my former breasts would have never allowed. I honestly felt like I could work for cirque fu soleil instead of Ringling brothers (lol). Still waking before the sun feeling rested - friends telling me I look much younger. I am loving being free. Yes! Anyone reading - make no mistake - you'll never regret taking your implants out. The difference in the way I feel is simply remarkable.

Weight gain anyone? Cravings?

I have stayed within one or two pounds for most of my life, until now. I'm two months post explant and capsule removal and I've gained almost a pound a week since my surgery- mostly in the last month. I've also been craving things I never really aye like salmon, almonds and uve eaten a bag of oranges a week. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm guessing my body wants it for healing.

I've been at the gym every day - training even more than usual. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this (or if it's just me pigging out too much.)

3 months - still improving

Hi friends! It's been a while, so I thought I would post an update. I have been feeling fantastic. I have started running 3 - 5 times a week. My workouts are so much more productive without the implants and my energy level has been through the roof. As you can see my tiny little boobies are settling in. I still have a little too much skin for what is there, but I am willing to wait it out a year before iExplorer any type of skin removal or fat grafting. Best decision ever!

Strong -real- and hapoy!

109 days and feeling the best I ever have! I'm thankful for life after explant!

Fat fat is where its at

So here I am just shy of 5 months post explant - feeling marvellous - but looking -well- not as hot as I feel (at least in bright light). Well, let me qualify that, I'm okay with my left breast, but the right is missing a pretty big chunk of tissue (as big as you can get with an A cup). Both have too much skin for an A cup. I went to my first of 4 consults today with the hope that a doctor will be pleasantly optimistic and convincing that a fat transfer with or without lift will make me a perkier A cup. I don't care about scars. Just remove some skin and fill a dent or two. That's all. I don't ever want to be larger than an a cup - EVER. I have amassed an incredible collection of tiny stretchy bralettes, some with intricate weave patterns across the back. Some have shred marks. Some have pads. Others have lace. I love them all. It's a new obsession, one I'm happy to have.

I'm still very clear that I don't ever want implants again. I went to a consult today, and the doctor totally dismissed my enthusiastic plea to just tweak what's there! I want to stay small! He brought out implants and said - you'll love these. Um, no thanks. So I thought I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and RE- emphasize my position, maybe a little more clearly. I even brought before pictures from former clients. THIS IS WHAT I WANT. Okay, this implant is a great shape for you.... I am not a quitter. I continued to say well what about fat transfer? It won't work. It takes forever. It won't be even. Here - look at this implant..... (sigh)

I even said my hubby doesn't like implants and that there's a clearly improved response to my real breasts. You know, frame it from a man's perspective since he just hadn't been hearing it from mine and his response was (and you'll love this) - oh he will like them when it's done. Believe me I've had guys say they didn't want their girlfriends to get breast implants - then they do and they come and the guys thank me.

(Awkward silence). Box checked. NEXT!!

I'm hoping to find someone who doesn't just want to stuff more silicone on in me.


Ive picked a reconstruction doctor!

I went for a consultation today with a second doctor regarding the decision of what to do with the empty skin and holes in what I have left. I met a doctor who I wish I had seen first. Not that the PS who removed my implants was bad. Rather this doctor just showed me a lot more knowledge and precision with respect to mapping out my options and giving recommendations. He does fat grafting but we proposed a full lift with tissue removal on my larger side to create better symmetry - with fat transfer potentially later once the tissues have healed to promote greater retention and a more predictable outcome. I feel good about that and in this doctor. I'll be moving my experience to a new thread as this one is associated with a review for a doctor who won't be associated with that procedure.

I'm still undecided on a surgery date - but maybe toward the end of April.

I'm feeling positive ladies!

Breast lift review link
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Antimarino is approachable and and is very accessible before and after your procedure should questions or complications arise. The surgical facilities were clean and comfortable. He called me the night after my procedure to check that all was well. His staff is professional and pleasant. Likely a good pick if you want breast implants but was not agreeable to reconstructing my breasts after explant without the use of more implants.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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