49 Years Old, Saline Implants Under Muscle 12 Years, Silicone Above Muscle Last 3 Years, No Kids, Very Active - Pittsburgh, PA

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Getting back to me - my explant journey! Hey...

Getting back to me - my explant journey!

Hey ladies, thank you so much for all of the amazing personal stories of bravery and self-acceptance. I could not have come to this decision on my own. I have my explant scheduled for May 13th and although I am nervous, I really can not get in there soon enough. I am SO sick of these implants. I have uploaded some pre B.A. pics and my current implants (these are revised from 3 years ago after having saline under muscle for 12 years). I will add more info later.

Before and After pics

FInal pre-op consultation with PS

Hi ladies! Thank you so much for the support and comments. I am so grateful for this site and for all of you!

Well, I had my final pre-op meeting with my plastic surgeon this afternoon to review what will happen with the surgery, get meds (Valium, antibiotics, and Vicodan), and make payment ($1,050.00). I took in my pre-B.A. picture as shown above and she felt fairly confident that I would be close to that (albeit that picture was 20 years ago, so gravity be what it may! LOL). I am super excited. I was a little nervous, but I think I am so anxious to get back to me and get these out, that I am not even that nervous. I am sure that may change day of, but ready to get on with it.

Consequently, the PS is also the PS that put the silicone replacements in 2.5 years ago. She is amazing and I am very confident that she will do a great job. She will go in through the old scar (which is so faded you can hardly see it), take them out, possibly take a little of the capsule with the contracture if necessary and then she will stitch me back up with drains on each side to close the pocket. I asked her about internal stitches and she said the pocket will close up nicely on its own with the drains, and that internal stitching should never be done unless someone is standing because there can be puckering if they are laying flat when stitched and can asymmetrical as a result. Drains will be in from Friday to Monday or Tuesday (arggghhh!), but after that she said I can shower after 2 days, and do most things, but to stay away from Crossfit and Yoga for 3 weeks. I am sure the time I will spend away from the gym will allow me to get LOADS of stuff done with work and around the house, so I am embracing it instead of worrying. Besides, weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym! :)

Here are a few more photos of me pre-B.A. from 1998-99.

2 DAYS....VERY Excited, but a little nervous about the outcome!

I can't believe my explant date it is almost here! WOO HOO! I seriously can't wait until Friday night when this is all done and I am laying in my bed watching t.v.! lol Today was my last day at the gym for a month, cleaning my house tomorrow, changing sheets, got dog food, medication, etc. I am good to go! I thought I would post some last side view pictures of these silicone bags before they come out. Buh BYE! :)

DONE! Whew! Feeling EMPOWERED!

Well, I am 2 hours out of explant. I have to say the work up and anxiety I put myself through leading up to this was not worth it at ALL! Very smooth and quick procedure and pretty painless (except for the novacaine needle). I am back home and ready to take a nap. Everything looks okay except for the dents on the left breast, but I am hoping they fill in once the pocket closes up. I was not going to post any pictures today because I am looking PRETTY deflated, but whatever. Keeping my fingers crossed that they even out over the next few days/months. So happy to have this behind me and now I can move on to healing and living n implant free life! WOO HOO! Thank you so much for all the support here and all of you brave ladies sharing your stories and pictures. I will continue to update photos of my progress. XO

Day 1 - 24 Hours POST Op

Hey ladies! Not a huge difference visually today (the dent is really bothering me, but praying it settles out over time). All in all feel really good this am. Needed a few pain pills during night for burning at incision and drain sites, but no pain today and very little drainage. I'm so happy with my decision and think they will be nicer than I anticipated. Here are some photos 24hours out....

ONE WEEK UPDATE - Explant and Lymph system? Constantly urinating! LOL

I am almost a week out and was wondering how many of you that have had explants noticed in the first week an insane amount of time peeing! LOL I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the lymphatic system clearing out or something, but I am not even drinking that much fluid and am constantly going to the bathroom. I had local, so no IV drip, but feeling like I lost about 3 lbs of water weight in the last week....anyone else have this? Also, when do the concave hollows start to fill in?! :(

One more before and one week after...getting there! :)

OMG, those implants look ridiculous....

A few more before and after pics for those who haven't crossed over yet! LOL

If you're contemplating explanting - DO IT! You will be SO much happier. A few more photos for inspiration. I had implants for 16 years and am almost 49. No lift, and not too bad for a week out. One is a little bigger than the other, but whatever. :) They change every day.

3 Weeks Post Explant

Hello brave ladies! Just popping in for a 3 week update. I am feeling great and things continue to change. I am SO happy with my decision to explant. I wish I would've done this long ago. Boobies are still looking a little sad from some angles and I have VERY hard scar tissue the size of a tennis ball in my left breast (the one that had the capsular contracture). My PS said it may absorb, but it is too early to tell. Does anyone else have anything like this? It actually is almost a half cup size larger than the other because of this, and looks like I still have an implant in on that side...:( I have been massaging it very aggressively and am hopeful that it will absorb over time. The dent is still there also, but I think it will go away once the scar tissue is absorbed....Regardless, I am still happy! :)
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