31 Yrs Old, No Children, Implants Removed After 9 Years - Pittsburgh, PA

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Hi! Well I am excited to report that after 9 yrs I...

Hi! Well I am excited to report that after 9 yrs I am finally removing my silicone under the muscle implants. I first had implants put in during my last year of college, I chose saline implants through the underarm area that took me from about a 34 b to a 34 c bra size. I was very happy with them until around 5 yrs later when I lost around 15 lbs due to exercising and changes in my diet. It almost appeared that I didn't have implants at all and the ridges of the implants were showing through my skin giving almost a double chin effect:) so I ended up getting even larger implants taking me to a full 34 d bra size. This time I chose silicone as I was informed that it was less likely to produce the double chin effect. Also I was unable to talk the ps into going through under the arm as he insisted he needed to insert under the breast for the best placement. I was happy at first with my large implants but after a year or two the old ridge appeared again, no amount of massaging seemed to help. I also disliked the under breast scars. Now I am just over them and find myself trying to hide them under voluminous tshirts, etc and envying petite girls with skimpy shirts who look perfectly comfortable and cute. I just want to be natural again and I hope it isn't too late and my natural breast tissue hasn't been destroyed by these plastic balloons... My surgery is tomorrow, the plan is to remove the implants through my underarm and then perform a lift (around nipple only). I hope this will be enough. I am excited to be soft and natural and small again but I don't think I'll be able to deal with results that are significantly uneven or misshapen. I'm taking strength and courage from all the lovely ladies on this here who have gone before me. Wish me luck!!

They're out! Feeling fine

Well it's all done, they're out and I feel fine. So far the only thing that hurts is my throat from the breathing tube. I'm all wrapped up and just resting up at home now. Dr. Clavijo felt at this time I didn't need the periareolar lift so just implant out. He removed them under the breast using my original implant scars so hopefully that all heals up nicely. I feel so much lighter! Posted a pic of my mummy torso above. Thanks to all you for posting such nice comments and for sharing your stories, I'll keep you all updated !

Day three - so far so good

Hi, nothing much has changed. I'm not in any pain, mostly my incisions are just itchy. My post op is next Thursday, that's when I'll actually get to see the girls. I snuck a little peek from the top but can't see much yet. Any minor discomfort I've had has been controlled with just ibuprofen and Tylenol so that's a plus. Waiting is the hardest part!

Post op tomorrow and finally free of this bandage!

Hi! Just a quick update... I'm feeling fine, the only trouble I've had is some acid reflux due to the antibiotic I'm taking, but that's better than an infection so I'll take it. My post op is tomorrow so I'll finally get a peek at the girls. Since it's still early and they've been crushed down by the bandage all week I'm not expecting great results at first. Post op instructions indicated I need to give it time to allow the skin to retract before judging. No pain around my incisions though and I'm feeling mostly back to normal! Note I want to take a moment to praise Dr. Clavijo, I was going to get the periareolar lift along with my explant however he decided in my case it was best to wait and see the final result. I really think this shows that he cares and wants to make the right decision since without the lift the procedure cost is drastically reduced. That's all for now, take care.

Bandage off! Big reveal ????

Hi, so had my post op today.. We removed my good friend the ace bandage at last! Doc says all is healing well and on track, I'm free to wear a sports bra at this point and also can take full showers (thank god). The girls aren't quite as perky as I remember, however, I can't really complain since the shape is normal and they feel amazing!!!! Very very soft and lots of movement. I posted some pics so you all could see the results. Note that Dr. Clavijo used a 'pie crust' technique on my incisions which should allow the final scar to lay flat and be less noticeable. I'm excited to see how it turns out since I think they're looking pretty good already. Also note, the original doctor who put in my implants placed my incisions a bit higher than the breast fold, he did this to conceal the scar while wearing a bra or swimsuit. Since the implants were huge (500 cc), my breast fold at the time was lower. So when removing the implants my new fold is actually right where the incisions are as the pic shows. I tell you all this as a word of caution for those considering large implants. If you ever decide to remove them and the scar was inside the breast fold, the resulting scar without the implant could actually be below the breasts and thus, quite visible. That's it for now, good luck to all of you considering this procedure! I have no regrets so far!

Forgot something...

Just wanted to point out that the purplish color in the pics is not bruising but just some markings from surgery that didn't wash off yet.

15 day update

Hello! Doing well after about 2 weeks. I'm now permitted to wear an underwire bra with bandages to cushion if the wire bothers my incisions. I feel back to normal though it's still too early for strenuous exercise. Just started massaging my incisions yesterday as this will help flatten out the incision scars. Still no regrets!

Question for real selfers...

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During my pre-op consultation Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez was exceptionally kind and personable. He spent an hour and a half discussing the procedure in depth with me and never made me feel rushed or uncomfortable in any way. He informed me of both the potential positives of the procedure as well as the risks without sugar coating anything. This has been hands down the most pleasant and informative experience I have ever had with ANY doctor. Before my surgery began Dr. Clavijo and his staff were incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Dr. Clavijo very carefully marked out the areas on my chest where he would operate. I had to comment to him on how when I was marked prior to getting implants in, the surgeon at the time literally just slapped sharpie all over the front of my body. He then gave me his personal cell phone number so that I could contact him directly should I have any issues after surgery (also did not happen in my previous surgical experience). Before I went under anesthesia they brought my husband back, which was also very nice and wasn't allowed in my prior surgery experiences. I even received a call from Dr. Clavijo himself the afternoon after my surgery! Dr. Clavijo and I agreed prior to surgery that he would either remove the implants and perform a periareolar (around the nipple only) lift, or he would just simply remove the implants depending on how the results looked. He could have very easily just decided to perform the lift since I, being under, wouldn't have known the results anyway. He decided my results were fine and it was best for me to wait it out and see how I liked them before spending money on a lift and adding unnecessary scars. After the procedure he informed me of this and during my post-op appointment he promptly brought me a check paying me back for the lift that was not performed. It was clear that he cared more about my being happy with the result than he cared about making money. Dr. Clavijo will most definitely be my first choice for any procedures that I may decide to get in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon who is honest, extremely capable and who actually cares about his patients.

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