Scheduled my Consultation... Finally! - Pittsburgh, PA

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I have wanted breast augmentation surgery done...

I have wanted breast augmentation surgery done since I was a teenager. I was always fascinated my large breasts and and was quite envious of them! I am now 22 years old and am getting married July 2014 and feel that this is the perfect time for me to finally get them! (Plus I am getting married on the beach so many of my friends and family will be bumming it on the beach with my fiance and myself.) I have done much research for years and finally pinned down a surgeon that I am interested in consulting with. Picking a surgeon is so scary to me so I hope I get instant satisfaction at the consultation. Anyways.. I scheduled my consultation for January 27th. I already have started my list of questions. I look forward to reading more stories on this site as it is very helpful!

indecisive as ever!

Monday I went for my consultation all excited and left anxious and indecisive as ever! I think that reality set in that it is finally time to do this! My PS strongly suggested saline because i have a divit in my upper ribs on the right side (who knows why I grew that way) so since he can adjust saline in surgery he said that he strongly suggests it so they are symmetrical. That is fine with me I know they might feel a little firmer than silicone but they are safer if they rupture as far as I researched. I have my fiance on board now I just need to get my very old school mom on board (oh boy!) I think my biggest worry is having a complication shortly after having them done..... i would feel so guilty if this happend. I have been losing so much sleep over this all week I just want to make the right decision! Also I need to call the place where I ordered my wedding dress! I did order one size bigger because the sample may have been a little stretched out but I am worried that going from a B cup to a full D cup is going to not work with the size I ordered 8 months ago! Any opinions and happy thoughts would be appreciated =)
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