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I have been to Coral Gable Cosmetic Center in...

I have been to Coral Gable Cosmetic Center in Miami FL for two different procedures, breast augmentation with saline, and breast lift ! And I love my results! My scars are minimal if not even noticeable and I am a tan skinned 36 yr.o ld woman. My Dr. Marcelo Ghersi, he did both of my procedures! I was told by many other dr. in there , they were unable to provided me with a big breast; however, when dr. Marcelo just look at me , he known exactly how far he can go. You have to take into consideration that not all expectations are realistic, I was hoping for my breast to be bigger, but I have to take into consideration that I didn't have that much fat, he was still able to give me a very big breast despite I'm very skiny. But I did cry after my procedure and it was a lot more mental pain than physical for me. Every person is different. I can Imagine a person who doesn't take care of them selves as much as the next person or doesn't take pain as well as the next person is going to have different experiences. I consider myself a very strong woman who can handle pain very well, " I can't imagine somebody who doesn't take pain very well going through with this!, because I feel like crap! " plastic surgery is a risky thing to get into, and every time you are taking a risk, and I thank God I am ok.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

to whom maybe reading this . Dr. Marcelo Ghersi it the best Pastic Surgery ever in the state of FL or the world. best breast lifter. the staff are very friendly specially Vivian. I will for sure go back for touch up jobs for years to come.

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