Left side lift and BA. 300cc natrelle silicone split muscle. 5'4" 140lbs mom of 1 - Pittsburgh, PA

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Hi ladies! I've been trolling for some time now....

Hi ladies! I've been trolling for some time now. My consultation is tomorrow and I am scheduling for September. I'm 33. Mom of 1. Been wanting this since puberty. Before pics and wish boobs posted. I'm 5,4" 145lbs. 34b (sloppy b) hoping for D. I workout 6 days a week. 350ish overs is what I'm thinking. I really want them closer together, perky and even. I hate that big space between them and how one is bigger and lower. I was told I needed a lift on that side at a previous consultation somewhere else. Whatever she says is best to get the results I want I will do it. I'm only thinking overs because of the recovery time and because I am a lifter so I get nervous about not being able to workout and about that muscle deformity some people get with unders. I'm usually weighing around 135lbs and lean but I have some extra fat on me now about 10lbs from birth control and then being a slacker but it should be gone by the time I go for surgery. I will have boobs before I turn 34!!!

Surgery paid for and scheduled!

Went to my consultation. My asymmetry is really bad. I can't get overs. The way my chest wall is and the way my right breast sits narrow would cause the implant to show through. I do need a lift in that left side because there is a 2 centimeter difference in my nipples. The doctor wasn't sure that I would be able to hold more than 300 so that's what we are going with. She's doing the split muscle. Inframmary on right breast, lollipop for lift on left. These pics are 275 sizers. The tattoo side is natural. The non tattoo side is high profile. I'm going with the natural sitting. Silicone. I have to take a break from supplements and no more chest lifting. She called me muscular! Yay! Best compliment.

Counting down. Some before pics.

Oh I cannot stop thinking about my surgery. I have literally been obsessing on this site and about boobs constantly, every spare moment. I've even convinced my boyfriend finally of how bad my current boobs are. He was like have they gotten worse over the last three years or are you just talking about them so much that now I'm noticing?? Ha! I don't know the answer but either way they gotta go. I'm nervous too about the lift and the scars and the pain and the anesthesia. But I'm excited. It seriously can't get here soon enough.

More pics from my consultation. My best friend of 20 years always by my side! Supplements I usually take.

Definitely going to miss taking my supplements in the weeks before and after surgery! These are two of my staples that I will need to stop because of vitamin E and omegas. Waaaaahhhh! Here's me in the lovely half gown also.

Exactly two months until surgery

This dress I am wearing today is so hollow on top. Today is July 28th. Exactly 2 months until surgery!! It cannot get here soon enough. I've been looking at lifts and implants done and trying to prepare myself for the way it looks right after. I've also been having boob anxiety dreams. My family is really supportive but my boyfriend told me his mom is disappointed and she didn't realize I was the vain type. I told him I hope he stuck up for me and to stop telling my business. Seriously none of my people are judgmental. I can't sand that. Someone always has something to say whether you're rich, poor, fat, skinny, fit, wear makeup, don't wear makeup, single, married. Ugh live and let live!!!!

I made it!! Boobie day!

Hi ladies! I made it to the other side!! I'm feeling ok! A little pain but not unbeatable. I'm taking ibuprofen and flexiril and I had the experol shot. Lift side has more pain. I drank coffee, ate dinner, drinking plenty of water and relaxing.

First shower

I'm feeling good. Very little pain. I'm moving around well.

20 days post op

I had a lift on my left breast the tattoo side. Now that nipple looks higher than the other side! PS said right breast should round out and drop down and lift/left side swelling should go down so they will even out. Im hoping they fluff up. I feel like that right side is small. Im cleared to start cardio Wednesday. I haven't gained any weight. Incisions look great. I'm using bio oil and coco butter oil on them daily. Still in my compression bra until PS tells me otherwise.

Blisters from the steri tape.

I had a reaction to the steri tape. Blisters all over. At least boobs were numb. Once I got the tape off they cleared up just fine. Incisions from post op til 20 days post op.

30 days with boobs!!

Just went for a jog, showered, rubbed bio oil and coco butter oil on my girls. I swear I feel like they dropped while running lol. They look different to me. Incisions looking good. Nips not puffy.

6.5 weeks post op.

I was cleared to lift and get fitted for a bra. I measured at 34D!! I'm so happy! I did arms and legs this week. I lost 8lbs during my time off from working out. I kept up with nutrition and supplements and did cardio a few times. So glad to be able to lift again! I love my weights. I'm ecstatic to be a D!! I bought a bunch of bras today. So much fun!


Scars. finally back to lifting and seeing progress. One little scab on the side I had the lollipop lift. They feel soft and natural. Sensation in nips is not back to normal yet. I'm happy overall!

6 months post op

Everything is great! I'm cleared to do chest workouts again. Putting mederma, coco butter oil, and bio oil on my scars. Just ordered a new one to try as well.

9 months post op

Everything looks great and I am happy! Sometimes wish they were a little bigger but if I lose 5-8lbs that I'm working on, they will look bigger. Also, surgeon said she couldn't fit any bigger. Nipple sensation is still not 100%. I'm hoping that will come all the way back. Also, I'm engaged!!
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