385/425 Silicone Texture and Inner/outer Thigh Lipo - Pittsburgh, PA

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Only on day 4.. Had a rough past few days. Was...

Only on day 4.. Had a rough past few days. Was allergic to oxicoden so I just took Tylenol. Having lipo and the BA at the same time was financially smart but not being able to use the top half or the bottom half of your body wasn't fun. My breasts don't seem as big as I thought they would be.. But I guess I will wait and see!

Day 5

Inner and outer thighs super sore, between breasts and under arms still sore. Can't really feel the stitches much. Am pretty stiff and really swollen! I walk like an old man. Starting last night I was finally able to lay on my side. Keep having a low grade fever- 99.2... Have my first follow up appointment tomorrow! Can't wait!

Day 6 pics

Went to first follow up appointment

Doctor took out the small one stitched up areas on my legs from the lipo (didn't hurt) and then he took the tape off of under my breasts. Said the stitches looked good and then tried to take them out by pulling it. I actually screamed in pain. It felt like a strong burning and I begged him to stop. He did and then tried the other breast and same thing. Since there is no rush I'm going to wait until after a shower and twist the string and attempt to pull it then.

One week has passed!

Ankles are still swollen and I attempted to take my stitches out.. Just a blue string that the doc attempted the day before and I screamed cause it hurt. Was told it's normally easy.. Not sure why mine was so tight. I took a warm shower and then put pressure on the cut and slowly pulled out the stretch with tweezers! Worked much better! Boobs are looking pretty good! I'm still super sore though with inner and outer thighs and under arms! Still can't lift my arms to enough to shave (not a pretty sight) lol

9 days in.. Still the same

Hi All.. So I'm still extremely sore and need to take pain killers before I stand out of bed. The pain in mostly under my breasts now and my inner and outer thighs. My arms still cannot go straight up and my thighs are feeling tighter than even before. All swelling on my ankles and feet went away, no fever now either. I just walk like I've been riding a horse for days. My mom can't stop laughing at me! Also I've gained like 13 lbs. Hope it's still water weight!!!

Here's pics of thighs day 10

11th day- finally not dying for meds

Today was the first day that I am just "sore". I had been walking like a cowboy and today is the first day where I'm feeling normal again. Think getting both surgeries together was a lot on my body. I don't think my last pics uploaded so here they all are

Took off compression stockings/ no pain meds

So surprisingly I don't really need pain medicine.. It's more just uncomportable feelings in my breasts and thighs.. Not too much pain. I took off my compression stockings to hand wash them and instead have on yoga capris that are actually pretty tight so they feel like they are still holding me in. It's weird to say but today is the first time I'm excited about my breasts. I got a large sports bra instead of the XL and it being snug makes me feel a bit better. XL is looser on the stitching areas but don't do a good job at holding my chest.

2 weeks post op

Yesterday I didn't need meds but today I do! My left breast feels a lot of discomfort and looks like it dropped ( looks bigger than left). They look fairly uneven but I guess this is normal for only 2 weeks post op. Legs are ok... Not hurting so bad but inner thigh is still touching!! Praying that it's still swelling!

16rh day

Boobs hurt underneath.. Very weird.. May be due to dropping? Also driving and hitting bumps in the road kills!! I have to hold my boobs! Legs are still sore but not that bad.. More concerned with the results.. I don't see much difference :(

18 days left boob still hurting

I feel like my left breast has fluid in it! It hurts so bad and is much different from my other breast. I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow so I'll let you know what happens. After research I think it's a Seroma.. I'm nervous they might have to drain it :(

No Seroma?

So the doc said that he doesn't think it's a Seroma (said he hadn't seen one from a BA in over 6 years). Was kinda disappointed because I want the pain to go away. Told me to just take Advil

Day 22

Thighs are only slightly sore and bruises are really fading.. Inner thighs are still tight. Right breast is my best friend, only because left breast is so annoying. I've wrapped myself tight with a 6 inch wrap for the past 3 days. It helped... Just took it off today and the soreness isn't as bad. The nipple is sore and all under it is sore. Can't wait to feel normal again.

Week 4

Bruises as gone on thighs but get super stiff when I sit for a long period of time. Right breast is fine.. Left breast is still sore south of the nipple.. Hurts when I hit a bump while driving or if I walk a lot. When I move a lot it still sounds like there's water in it!

First swimsuit top!

Ended up being a large in swimsuit tops.. Don't feel much of a difference in my thighs (not pictured)

Inner thighs one month after smart lipo

Over a month update

So thighs still touch but gets less and less every day, still gets store if I sit for a long period of time. Breasts are feeling better, left breast still he slight soreness when I hit a bump while driving and also feels more fluidy.. Very weird

Over a month update

So thighs still touch but gets less and less every day, still gets sore if I sit for a long period of time. Breasts are feeling better, left breast still slight soreness when I hit a bump while driving and also feels more fluidy.. Very weird

2 months post op

Breast look great!!! Legs are thinner in the front of thighs but legs still rub a lot :(

Got a retouch done

So it's been 9 months since my inner thigh lipo and though I feel less full in the front on my legs, my thighs still rub in the back. My Doc just performed a touch up and performed lipo while awake and it was super painful- I would not recommend it! I'm pretty sore and it's day 6. Everything is swollen and I'm anxious to see the results- here is a pic (sorry about the cellulite lol)

2.5weeks after touch up

So so happy- thighs aren't touching!!!! And I'm sure I'm still swollen! So excited
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

Super nice, very informative! He recommended that I went bigger than 425 cc and I said no way.. Now I wish I would have!! He was right! Also I begged him for a inner thigh gap because I hate that mine rub together. He guaranteed it. I look like I still have one currently but I think it's cause I'm still swollen! Hopefully!!!

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