27 Year Old, 5'4" 130lbs Once Big and Beautiful Have Now Gone South! Pittsburgh, PA

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After weight fluctuations my once nice breast have...

After weight fluctuations my once nice breast have become saggy and deflated. Looking to get some lift and volume from 350cc high profile silicone under the muscle implants.

I met with three doctors for consultations, (two were referrals from friends) in my search for the right surgeon. Two of the three surgeons advised that I could get close enough to the results I wanted with just an augmentation and no lift. I ultimately chose Dr. Antimarino (not a referral from friends) because I felt he listened to me the best, made suggestions based on experience and realistic goals, and went above and beyond to get all my questions answered. When discussing the need for a lift he advised that he felt I was too young to have such extensive scarring and felt it was inappropriate as I had mild pitosis and he was confident the implants I selected would yield the results I wanted. He also pointed out that we can go back and do the lift if I'm unhappy, and at some point in the future I will need maintenance and could always include a lift at that time.

While trying on sizers and selecting implants I chose the 350cc high profile implant. I also tried on the moderate profile but felt that the look it gave me made me look heavy and had what I call "grandma boobs." I preferred the high profile implants because I felt it looked more appropriate and less like a uniboob.
Since selecting sizers I scheduled an additional appointment to go over my selection with my husband as I was experiencing anxiety about selecting an implant that was TOO BIG, my husband however was of the mindset that bigger is better and I ended up realing him back in! :)
As I've been OBSESSIVELY going over picture after picture and reviews on this site I'm now having thoughts about if I selected an implant big enough! It's all enough to make you crazy!!

I am currently 11 days from surgery and all over the place, I'm looking forward to my pre op appointment for some reassurance and to review everything in detail one last time!

One Week Away!!

Hard to say how I'm feeling with surgery just one week away, it almost isn't real yet. I got a call from the nurse about a week ago with general prep information including when to fast, taking out my piercings, and taking Zantac the night before and morning of. She also inquired if I was prone to motion sickness, I am so she advised that they would be putting a patch behind my ear to help with nausea. Other than those directions I'm pretty much in the dark about everything else, I suppose the office will be giving me a call this week since surgery is Friday morning!

I've done my prep work stocking up on magazines, movies, and letting my DVR fill. I've purchased a few front closure sports bras, ice packs, and have a pile of pillows ready to prop me up.

My husband didn't feel like he would be able to take care of me post op (so much for in sickness and in health) so my mother in law is coming to stay with us. Let me just start by saying love them both but I'm quite independent and like to be left alone when sick or otherwise. I'm hoping the recovery is easy, and feel confident that my body generally heals well.
As far as how I'm feeling, I wish I was feeling excited but I'm nervous that I wont like my results. I see reviews posting pictures of their "wish boobs" but I havn't done that because I think all of those pictures are beautiful and I just don't know how realistic I would be being if I thought that would be my outcome.
I am feeling more confident in my size selection I just keep reminding myself that this wasn't about having BIG boobs, there is no need for boob greed.

It's Today!!

I am just waiting waiting waiting to leave for surgery...I'm hungry and desperately need lotion!! It's winter for heavens sake, my skin is sandpaper!

I haven't started feeling nervous or excited yet which I think is really weird it's like it isn't real. I generally am not a nervous person I think my husband is more nervous than I am!!!

It's Done!!

I never ended up getting nervous, the staff was so nice! I arrived slightly early so they took me up to get prepped take a urine sample, do some paperwork, then just before getting my IV in the doctor came and marked me up. He thought my left breast would need a slighty larger implant and asked my feelings on a 375 or 400cc on that side, I told him to do whatever he needed to!! I was shocked to hear that though because in my consult they seemed pretty symmetrical.

Going into the operating room was relaxing and all the nurses just work all around you to set you up, put oxygen on and then good night you're out!
Before leaving my husband and mother in law in the lobby the nurse said it would take about 45min for the procedure and another 45min in recovery.
I arrived at the facility at 10:30 and didn't leave until around 2:30!! I just wanted to sleep I guess :)

Upon waking up I remember being in a lot of pain and freezing cold! They always ask on a scale of 1-10, how much? This was a 9! I just kept saying "ouch it hurtsss" The nurses gave me pain medicine and a blanket that gets pumped with warm air (that thing was amazing) I closed my eyes and slept again. The nurse came back later when I woke up again and I was talking to the nurse about it and she said typically people won't remember waking up, lucky me!

I was still in a lot of pain (level 7 or 8) so I got another dose of pain meds...and slept some more! The third time I woke up I was STILL in some pain (level 5 now) so I got an entire bottle of pain meds in my Iv that put me right to sleep!

Don't know a time frame on any of this but you can see why my recovery room experience wasn't just taking 45min! I was surprised by the pain as I typically have a high tolerance. After waking the second time prior to the whole bottle of meds I was shivering a lot and it was hurting my chest, they said that was the anesthesia leaving my body...yuck.

The nurse gave me a peak down my surgical bra and said "they are big" lol I will be wearing this until my post op visit on Thursday which seems a month away. When I got up got dressed and ready to go I got really dizzy and nauseous so the nurse gave me something, and I was back to sleep!! Finally they got me up and out of there, I just wanted to get home and sleep and EAT!!

Basically just slept yesterday and stayed on top of my pills bc I didn't want to find myself hurting before taking a pain pill. I am sore still today, feels like I worked out WAY too hard. I didn't have any problems sleping on my back last night which was great, I'm a stomach sleeper
I still have a hard time sitting up and can tell when I'm over doing it. I will continue to update, hope this helps someone!

Exactly one week

It has been exactly one week since my BA, and I love my results. But let me just say, OUCH I really did not expect this much pain!! I don't know how people on this site are snapping pictures after surgery and the next day, I hurt so bad just to be out of a compression bra is torture!

Loving my results

Still healing and starting to feel normal again! Hallelujah! Loving my results waiting to see the "drop and fluff"

2nd Post Op

Today is my second post op visit with my PS and I'm desperately hoping for the green light to head back to the gym!! I've gained WAY too much weight since the start of this process! I don't have a whole lot of changes by way of dropping any more than last week but the super glue holding my incisions together has begun to peel off like big scabs it's kinda gross. My scars are still a little tender, pink and raised but I do understand that all will go away in time. Looking forward to hearing my doctor's assessment of my healing and results. Looking forward to today, cross your finger for going back to the gym!!
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