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5'5 and 3/4, 118-120 lbs, 385cc silicone unders...

5'5 and 3/4, 118-120 lbs, 385cc silicone unders (sientra I think) (but nervous I'm going too big). Currently 34 A, (victorias secret calls me AA or not even a size lol hate them but love them) not too much breast tissue to work with. (I might post pics later, right now I tried to take them and I just looked awkward)

I've been looking at this site for a year, reading testimonials, becoming creepily obsessed with boobs because I don't have them and have wanted them for so long lol. Wanting to contribute to here because it's been helpful, (but also confusing at times), so in case there's anyone like me maybe I can help them out too.

Just graduated so figure now is a good time while I have no kids, job commitments, and time to heal at home with help. My mom has done this 10 years ago as well, and my fam supports me. Her experience was different because she has saline and had kids before hers. I've only told a couple friends so far and my bf, they're excited for me and my bf was surprised since I am honestly the LAST person people would expect to be doing this. He said do what you want.

I am honestly really nervous about being too fake or busty looking but also don't want to regret going too small. I also like to run so am worried this will affect that in the future but I just want to not be flat chested anymore. Im nervous because I have a small width: 10.5, so have to do high profile because moderate plus will be too big as those kind are like 13 inches wide. I trust my P.S. but would prefer the natural slope / drop look over the high profile. its stressful.

1. reading this site almost daily, scanning for similar stats and questions, looking at before and after pics

2. youtube videos of experiences have helped ease my nerves. I do prefer to read about it but it helps to see the progression so I can remind myself that it takes time for the final results.
This girl is cute:

She has a playlist of her "boob job vlogs"

3. Read over all pre and post op instructions, today bought compression socks to help minimize risk of blood clots, pineapple and pineapple juice as bromelain is supposed to reduce bruising and swelling, two gel ice packs, gathered tylenol and some things for my recovery I'll be needing. Got a larger bra with an underwire that I have to take out that I have to wear once I take off my wraps etc. my mom thinks it looks small. but I was so self conscious carrying it through target to the check out I was like this bra is huge its a c I clearly do not have boobs this big. I was so stressed out. How ridiculous but thats how I feel.

4. Picking up meds that are available tomorrow, trying to order arnica tablets or gel as that was recommended for bruising and swelling too. Marked my calendar with what I have to do before and after. everything down to showering with antibacterial soap the day of.

5. stopped by birth control a week before

6. Mentally preparing for the pain/ discomfort with sleeping etc. debating where to set up my recovery spot. my bed is squishy so might do a recliner chair

7. Working out because i love to run and jump rope and will be sad I can't for a while (but of course I don't even do it as much as I should or used to but I know once I can't it will be all I want to do lol)

Sometimes I still feel like i'm talking myself into this. but its mostly because im nervous about the final results, which I won't even be able to see for months. I just want what I see in pictures, but choosing a size has been based off what I think sizers might end up looking like which isn't 100% accurate. I want plenty of time for the implants to settle before I see my friends but hate missing out.

I'll see how much I can keep updating this sometimes i get into things then kindof give up but I'll try if this is helpful.

I also need opinions on the sizing I know nobody can really say forrsure but ill make another condensed post for that.

wish pictures and me before, price update, concerns

I am not sure how this works yet, the review means its like a blog right? I wanted to add in some of my befores and my wish pics. It's kindof for me to like see where I am and where I end up later down the road. I also feel extremely putting myself out there but pics have been so helpful its just a body so whatever. I also like to rant my thoughts so if you enjoy reading them go for it and if not no problem. Comments are appreciated though too! (be warned if you type in nude breast augmentation into google there is some graphic porn ah, just dont.)

Today the surgery center called me with the time of my appt. which was 8:30am Monday! They called sooner than I expected, and went over the papers that I got from them before, even though ive read over them all about five times each already lol.
I ate lots of pineapple, ordered arnica montana and bromelain tablets from amazon, and found some straws that I am going to use while I recover to limit the use of my arms.

I got a countdown app in my phone to help me track the progress and so hopefully I will not stare at myself in the mirror every single day hoping they drop. So at like one month my phone will remind me its been a month so ill take a picture and then at three months ill take another picture and compare to show myself that there definitely is improvement happening. I also marked up my calendar with these dates. I know if I try to lose weight i'm the type of person that does like five sit ups and then looks in the mirror and gets frustrated when I am not more in shape already lolol. I also considered snapping a picture every day and then using that one app that does a fast collage type thing like flips through the pictures really fast so you can see the progress changing, like a time lapse or however people do that. It sounds cool but also like a lot of effort and almost creepy/ I don't want to blow up my phone with pics of my chest how awkward, but still a cool thought.

I looked up my implants online, 385cc silicone sientra brand, then fretted that my implants are textured and not smooth like I thought, as the website doesn't list my size with smooth, (I chose silicone as I want a more natural feel and textured are firmer) so I called the office and they confirmed that they are in fact smooth, so I'm not sure why the website didn't show it in their charts.

I think my main stress/ concern/ bump that I have to get over mentally is being confident in my final decision regarding size. My appt is literally in five days so I'm sticking with the 385cc HPs cuz cant go back now anyways lol. Just hoping to god by three months theyre decently in place and I don't look ridiculous cuz I have an event I'd like to look normal for lol. I also keep noticing that the wish pictures i like that are labeled every woman has had moderate plus. So like I am so nervous about the HPs looking too round/fake, but my P.S. says I cant handle a mod+ as theyre too wide. Also reminding myself by looking at others post op photos that my skin is going to look weirdly stretched/shiny and the boobs arent going to be shaped right. So i'm hoping I have no mental freak outs or regrets. I know it will be worth it in the end just have to be super patient.

Also! I wanted to keep track of how much this ends up costing me in the end. I have to get better at my finances. Besides the surgery bill, I am tracking the meds, the bras, supplements, compression socks, generic things I buy related to this to see how much of an investment this really is (minus like turnpike tolls and gas $ to appointments cuz who has time for that) and by golly this better be worth it.

1. end surgery sticker price- So far $6,600
+ Bromelain =$10.00, arnica montana= $6.99, two gel cold packs =$9.73, two bras from target that I can wear post op in place of bra they give me after surgery (doctors orders to get bra with underwire then take it out) $17.46, compression socks from walmart $19.97
2. =So far around $64.15 extra (not even counting pineapple juice and food I got like cherries and papaya for natural anti-inflamatory etc. blah)

If I forgot to say anything you're probably relieved cuz I talk a lot apparently.

Donezo today was the day I got my BA

Got my boobies. I feel great. Pain medicine is on point. Woke up from surgery giggling which is soo typical for me. Breathing kindof shallowly but can take deep breaths. Took less than an hour. I woke up and wanted to go back to sleep but also felt decent. Pain/ shakiness/ dizziness came in waves a few minutes after. I have to tell myself to relax I'm being very squirmy because I'm still a bit uncomfortable they said it's just anestesia (sp?) wearing off. Pec muscles tight I'm afraid to sit up straight but should

385cc on my body - I was SO worried. Almost chickened out because I found an insta of huge huge boobs and they all said what I got. I called my surgeon this morning at 6. Feel bad for doing that but he's cool. I talked to him before I went in I showed him the pics of what I didn't want and he consoled me it would be fine. I appreciate his patience with me. I'm probably the most indecisive person on planet I didn't get to see him to say thank you!! But I will in a month for my appt with him.

Wore a zip up jacket to surgery. Compression socks. a nausea patch, water bottle for after and stretchy yoga pants. Have a full front zip up dress but it's a teensy bit too tight.

Got to sneak a peek at my boobs when I looked down. Left is higher and bigger than right but it's just swelling. It better be just swelling ha! My boobs were actually very even beforehand. Expecting good even results in a few weeks

Ate a lil thing of applesauce to take the pain meds. Not hungry but gotta get something in me. Ice water feels sooo good to drink.

Currently chillin on a recliner and Can't wiat to see them! I'm honestly probably gonna give it a couple days cuz right now I'm in a good place my jacket is even covering them look similar.

I feel super good mentally rn like I'm happy i did it and didn't reschedule cuz I was on the brink of that at 6:00 am this morning. Really bad jitters and questioning my decision but now I don't after seeing them. And it's easier than I thought

My surgeon said no ice wah it's supposed to help with swelling but he said it could compromise tissue and be extra pressure I don't need But I don't have to expect to do any massages either

What were your surgery experiences like? On the way home I felt so normal it just felt like we were coming home from the grocery store lolol

385cc silicone under. Sientra high profile Im a bit over 5'5, and 34A

Also thanks for all your sharing stories and everything it's super helpful

Ps there's hair in my mouth I'm not allowed to make sudden movements or reaches. Have Dino arms forrsure. But of course I need my water but it's so close but yet so far Lol. My little dog wants me to hold her and play with her I'm so sad I can't and I'm not sure when I even can. I might be able to start feeling my incisions? Big fear for me was having Huge scars when you saw me but my guy said it'll be right in the crease hidden

Overall I'm happy I made the decision for me and went today gotta heal in time for a big event anyways (3 months away)

I'm generally conservatice in my clothing but sure can't wait to show these off lolol. I know when it gets down to it I'll be nervous cuz people will talk but they will anyways and I'll look hot wooo

Day 3 post op, diet, recovery, before and after

Surgery was Monday. Today I get to take off my surgical bra and shower, and finally get to fully see the newest additions. I leave the steri strips on for like a month or until they fall off so I won't be able to do any scar comparing until later. Still wearing compression socks for a week.

Extremely sore and limited movements still. Medication helps but I want to get through these next few days as quick as possible. I'm just binge watching new girl and trying to sleep. During the night I sleep off and on and occasionally jolt awake because I'm sitting propped up and my body doesn't think it's allowed to sleep like that. (Probably trained myself from when I've been exhausted in class lol) the muscle relaxer helps me relax a lot because I keep getting shaky. I've replaced the pain pill with Tylenol twice just so I'm not loading myself up on the super strong stuff. Im definitely sore just can't tell if it's like the stretched skin or combo of everything. I try to walk around every hour but It's hard for me to stand up straight and I'm worried if I don't start doing that I'll be stuck forever hahah. Deep breathing helps. I'm not supposed to ice them but yesterday I iced my rib cage cuz it hurt more than anything it may even be from the tightness of the bra or just from only using my abs to sit up. And I haven't done an an workout in a loonnnggg time. But I figured that would be fine to ice for a little underneath.

Been eating super healthy, plain Greek yogurt with cherries, papaya, bananas, and hard boiled eggs, avocado, corn, fish. Coconut water with pineapple, Just finding things that I can take with my medicines, I still haven't been super hungry but maybe it's because I'm eating smaller portions more often which is good for you too. Yogurt is a good probiotic to take with the antibiotic. I should probably try to eat more vegetables to get more fiber in me.

I also had a realization that I'm SO HAPPY that I'm not on my period till a few more weeks. I can't even imagine trying to deal with that on top of this I hope no one has to.

Thursday today's actually three full days post. Befores and afters

I got a but more range of motion today but still same pains: rib cage is swollen and hurts and skin feels tight. I'm in a very large bra as it's the only one that would clasp around my swollen body without being too tight. Can't straighten shoulders? Idk why.

I'm exhausted. Showering was good yesterday my mom mostly did it while I stood there scared to move lol. Showering felt so good.

One thing I didn't realize is really how much I wouldn't be able to do on my own. For example opening the fridge door or any door for that matter. Basically doing anything with my hands and arms. I want them to heal well so I try to limit movements but I also like to be independent so do things on my own if noones around then get chastised later lol.

The shape right now from the side is very dome-ish. I need it do drop and fluff so it doesn't look like I have two half disc things on my body. From the front it's stiff and pointy. I feel like they're a good size for me after all and wouldn't mind if they went down a bit more. I think the side view here makes them look small though too in person it looks bigger. Perkier maybe.

Still haven't gone to the bathroom I'm calling my doctor to see what I should do and to see if I can ice my ribs more yowie.

385cc HP sientra silicone under muscle, crease incisions, started 34A. Not measuring final bra size till way later.

Day 4 post. Pics

For day five I feel like I look pretty good. Still swollen and sore, posting pictures to show the swollen rib cage and stomach. Still can't fully straighten shoulders and back either. Skin feels very tight. Im wearing a normal bra wire taken out but it's tight when I sit around ribs where it's painful, but not doing anything but barely touching me when I stand so I'm not sure what to do. I feel like it's not enough support.

Week post but wondering if I like new look in clothes

I'm a week and a day post op. I feel great. Finally have a bra that fits, I got it from target it's super soft.

After my doctors appt, I bought some clothes because I have been cooped up on the couch and needed to do something. However when trying them on I felt like my new additions made me look top heavy in a lot of styles I would normally wear. I'm wondering if it's because the high profiles stick out more than I would like. I know I'm still swollen but it was a little discouraging. I am hoping they drop soon and the next time I try on clothes I won't look like I'm wearing bags instead of dresses. I thought they would help in clothes but it's making me feel bigger than I am and look bigger even in my waist. I am still wondering if there was a way I could have gone with moderate profiles and maybe less ccs but I'm still trying to be positive, I want to be but am worried after yesterday I won't be as happy. I like the look from the front but the side is very prominent. But still at a week I'm hoping they go down way more. I just want it to be easier to conceal later on when I go out and not massive like in your face wow she got a boob job. I'm not embarrassed just was hoping they would look more natural to begin with, and wasn't sold on the high profiles to start, and just hope it ends up working out, I want to like them.

Almost week 2

Starting to get a bit itchy near incisions. I'm doing a lot more, maybe too much sometimes, so keep reminding myself to slow down. The pain is gone except for when I use my pec muscles. So still can't prop myself up with my arms. I can a but but probably shouldn't.
Update: definitely didn't wear the socks for a week and didn't even use the arnica or bromelian except for a little. I went a little overboard preparing. I've just been watching tv and feel like I gained weight cuz I sat all day every day for a week besides walking around sometimes.

Also, weird- I feel like a few times if I moved my arms a certain way I heard the implants like there was air but I looked at posts on here and people said its nothing it'll go away.
By looking in the mirror I don't notice too much progress but posting updated pics to compare to my last.
I like clothes better when I don't wear a bra so far.
Can't think of anything else right now.

Wish healing process was shorter

This post is mostly just me wanting to complain, My back is starting to hate me. I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep like this for another two weeks. I'm also dreading if I would have to get a revision I don't want to deal with all of this all over again.

There's not much change so I'll post updated pictures when there is. I'm going on vacation next week so I hope I can be cleared for the pool but I might stay out just to be safe. I'm also wondering if I can put sunscreen on my scars because I want to put spf100 I don't want a chance of them being darkened. But if not I'll have to either keep a top on or stay mostly in the shade. I'm one to lay out for hours though so this will be difficult also. Anyone have any solutions of how to be in the sun without risking hurting my stretched skin/ scars? I feel like uv light still can go through fabric.

Anyone with high profiles?

I feel top heavy in clothes. I am only two weeks post but am wondering if when high profiles drop they are able to be flattened more, I feel like mine stick straight out. I'm not sure how to dress them without feeling wide and big up top especially in jackets. I am trying to dress professionally but just feel like clothes don't fit how I thought they would.

Almost 3 weeks

I think I'm over the initial apprehensions and I'm pretty happy with them and not worried anymore. I went out this weekend and showed them off a bit and felt super confident. Then I went shopping for new bras. They look really good. After going out, shopping and driving a lot I am a little sore. I have my three week check up tomorrow and will hopefully hear everything's all good.

I'm concerned because it looks like scabbing under my steri strips and I feel like it's natural for the body to do that but also now sure if it makes scars worse or whatnot

I am also going on vacation Friday so will hopefully be cleared to put sunscreen over them.

scars and 3 week after doctor visit update

Finally saw my scars today. They look better than I thought they would. And the boobs are great the slope is already looking better to me. After going out and driving a lot this weekend I was sore today! But Doctor cleared me for wearing normal bras with an underwire for support. Sports bras when I workout but not much other than that. No bra is okay when I sleep. And I can sleep on my sides now but no arms high and he said that's basically forever. I am still easing into things. Pics are first time seeing scars after doc took off steri strips. I put cocoa butter on them and am not sure what else to do. Silicone strips vs Mederma or something similar.

Bra size pre and post op

Trying on a few bras and I think I'm a 36D. I didn't technically measure with measuring tape or get sized or anything but it seems to have the fit I like. I used to be a 34A. It's a $3 bra from Walmart though, fruit of the loom. I'm not investing in cute ones yet until they finish taking shape. 3 weeks past though and my doctor said theyre at the size they'll probably be at. Eventually I'll go to Victoria's Secret to get sized and somewhere else if they do it. But trying them on this is the one I like best so far.

Now that the steri strips are gone and he has me in an underwire bra I put bandaids over the scabs that are left as I don't want them to be pulled off prematurely cuz of scarring.

Recovery and size re-update

I take back my last post! I have NO IDEA what size I am. 38B fit me, 36C and 36D. All different brands and styles. It took me forever to find the ones that fit but all those are the ones I ended up with?????

Anyways. I really feel that my recovery was quick and I already forget the pain I used to be in. I felt little jabs yesterday but nothing crazy, and still some leftover tenderness I feel in the rib area when I try to stretch but other than that I'm feeling like it's gonna be a coast to full recovery from here.
I just want them to feel natural already UGH. that's the most impatient I am about them I want them to stop being firm and be more squishy.

Month post quick update & scar pics

Went on a five mile hike the day of my month post anniversary. Felt good! I had been being careful but My friend pushed me in a pool and it hurt my right one a bit. Now I'm noticing it looks like the nipple is turning out to the side? I'm not sure if it was before or after that but it's making me nervous. The right one is more soft than the left. They look good in a bra and swimsuit. I wore sunscreen on the scars to keep them protected from the sun. Still getting my pec muscle strength back. I'm afraid to use them and afraid to run because it feels so weird!!!


i hope this goes away because i am a huge runner, specifically long distance. it feels so uncomfortable.

Final size after being officially sized

32 DD. woah. They look pretty big from a side profile. Still not as natural looking as I would like I don't hate them, it just could have been a little smaller to be a bit more natural. I guess I kindof wish I had asked at my consultation how big I could go with the moderate profiles. Still don't hate them though lol. It's just a lot of boob in some lower cut shirts I'd wear going out. Still fits my body though too so it's not aggressive and you can't even tell in some clothes I wear
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