Very Pleased with Fraxel Restore + Home Microneedling for Acne Scars - Pittsburgh, PA

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I wrote a review for sciton profractional earlier...

I wrote a review for sciton profractional earlier this year, after I had completed 5 treatments. And I did see results with the sciton --- but I've since done 4 fraxel restore treatments combined with some home microneedling (1.5 mm), and I think my results have been even more significant. Unclear whether it's the needling or the laser (or the cumulative effect of the sciton, fraxel and microneedling)--- but point is, I feel better about my scars and plan to keep going with the treatments. Attached are some photos, and while I know my scars are still pretty noticeable, I do see real improvement. And that means feeling slightly less self-conscious about my appearance, which makes the high cost of the combined treatments worth it. I know it's impossible to have truly smooth skin again, but I guess I'd like to encourage people who struggle with the awfulness of acne scars to give lasers a try. You genuinely can see improvement if you keep at it. Oh, and also fraxel restore just leaves me pink and puffy, but with makeup am generally able to feel comfortable going back to work the next day... whereas sciton profractional required a full week of downtime/staying out of public. That, and the fact that I think my results since I started fraxel have been more noticeable, means I would endorse fraxel over sciton.

Another photo after 4 fraxel treatments

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