31 Years Old, Mommy of 2, Ready for my Breast Augmentation - Pittsburgh, PA

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I am a mother of 2 boys, 3 1/2 years old and 15...

I am a mother of 2 boys, 3 1/2 years old and 15 months old. I gained 69 and 45 pounds. I started working out 2 weeks Postpartum and also breastfed almost a year with both. It took a good 4-5 months to really get back to my original weight, but my shape was never the same. My breasts were a full B prior and afterwards they just deflated to nothing. I am embarrased to take my bra off around my husband. I can't find a bra that fits right. An A cup bra rides up when I move my arms, my breast tissue doesn't fill out a B-cup bra, there's a big gap that you can see through my shirts. My stomack always looks bloated and no matter how hard my abs are underneath, I always have this pouch. So from the side I look flat as pancake with a belly like I'm 12 weeks pregnant. It bothers me because honestly I work so hard. I eat extremely healthy all the time, hardly ever splurge on junk, and I workout 5 days a week, alternating spinning class, running, pilates/yoga, P90X, T25, interval training with weights, you name it. So after reaching a point of flat out frustration that no matter how much I diet and exercise it's never going to change...I decided to see a doctor about a "Mommy Makeover". I read many mommy makeover reviews on here and became so excited and encouraged that I too could feel good about myself again. I set up and appointment with Dr Lazarro in Pittsburgh. He was very easy to talk to, spent a lot of time with me, and told me that my abdominal muscles were pulled apart and that's why my stomach pouched out. He also said my breast were in perfect position, just needed volume. So for a tummy tuck, muscle repair, breast aug, and inner thigh lipo...$18,000....what! Forget that. I went home crying and disappointed it wouldn't happen for me. But my husband who happens to be against this whole thing actually suggested to try again. So I went to see Dr Hurwitz. He was not a personable, but had very good reviews and has several locations, one in Beverly Hills as well as Pittsburgh. He also suggested tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo to inner thighs, and breast aug. His total was $12,100. Definately more do-able. The first doctor wanted to put me up in a hotel suite overnight with a private nurse, etc...whereas the 2nd would just be an outpatient procedure and he was giving me a discount for doing all the procedures together. I pretty much decided I was going to do it, but I had one more appt and thought I would go just to see one more opinion. So finally I saw Dr Wooten in Pittsburgh. She was extremely personable. Talked to me for a good 15 minutes before she had me disrobe or take pictures. I told her my concerns about my belly and how I feel like I look pregnant. How I am embarrased about my breasts and how I hate that my thighs rub together. When she took a look for herself, she said, "How old is your youngest?" i said "15 months". She proceeded to tell me that my stomach looked great, that from what I told her she envisioned this disaster of hanging skin, fat, etc... she said infact that I had great skin tone and texture, and strong muscles underneath, that in her opinion I should keep exercising and working at it. She said I wouldnt be able to pick up my youngest for at least 3 months and would not be able to go to work for about 3-4 weeks at least. She checked my muscles and showed me that my abdominal muscles were NOT pulled apart. We talked for a long time and decided that I would be very happy having my breasts done, and that once my breasts popped out I probably would not be so critical of my belly and that I could continue working out and working on it. I also decided against thigh lipo due to the fact that its so painful and you can have swelling for quite a while, and inner thighs are very tricky. i think it just scared me a little to much. So for $6900 I am getting a breast augmentation. silicone cohesive gel under the muscle. 325 and 350cc. I am hoping to be a full C. I tried the sizers and felt so much better about my body when I looked in the mirror. Hardly noticed my tummy, which I always notice right away. I did my bloodwork and signed the papers, payed for the procedure, now it's just a waiting game for 2 weeks. EEEEK. I am so excited. And my hubby is actually excited now too! I can't WAIT! I told my 2 sisters and a couple co-workers, but I don't think I'm telling my parents until after, they worry too much! Wish me luck!!

Some Before pics...

9 more days! Aaah! I'm so excited!!

Dr Wooten called to finalize details. Going with the Sientra textured cohesive gel implant. 325 on left and 350 on right. I was worried I might be disappointed they weren't big enough, but I said from the beginning I just wanted to look "normal" again and not like its apparent I have implants. So she suggested I stick with the 325 and 350. She said going up another. 25-50 cc would simply widen the breast at the bottom not really add projection. I feel good about it. I'm hoping to be a full c cup, but with everyone's reviews it seems like you never know what you'll end up with !? It's going to be hard not working out for a while, so I have made up meal plans week by week and I am vowing NOT to cheat, eating clean while I'm recovering. Intold my family and my parents. Surprisingly, they were supportive. Dr Wooten told me since they are textured they will "ride high" for a while. I am getting moderate profile, but with the combo of behind the muscle and textured they will take a while to drop. She also said vs. a smooth implant they will stay put when I lay flat on my back and not fall to the side and there is less of a chance of them rolling out towards the sides and less chance of capsular contractures. Need to find a few comfy bigger bras and I'm all set!

4 days away and i have a cold:(

I called my Doctor because I started getting sick two days ago. I have a lot of congestion and my head is killing me. i was getting worried that I might not be able to have surgery if I'm sick. She told me to keep drinking plenty of fluids, Vitamin C, Tylenol, Dayquil, Saline nasal spray, etc... So I slept with a humidifier and vapor-rub. I am drinking plenty of OJ and water, and I'm hoping it's nothing viral or a sinus infection. So far I don't have a temp. I am so excited for Wednesday I can't take it! Hubby decided to schedule Lasik Eye surgery for himself this Monday so I was kind of irritated since I have a lot to do before my procedure. But hopefully all goes well with that. At least he'll be able to enjoy my results with perfect vision!! :) :)

Tomorrow's the day

I got a few new bras, my groceries are stocked, babysitter lines up, and I got the call to be at the surgery center at 8am. I am so ready!! I still feel a little sick but no fever at all so Doctor said I should be fine. Took a few more depressing before pictures. Can't wait to see the after!

I did it!

Got to surgery center at 8am. Signed my consents. Met with Dr Wooten and also the anesthesiologist. Since i have a history of nausea i took a dose of Emedd (nausea mesicine used for chemo pt's). Then they put on a scopolamine patch. And during and after surgery they gave me Zofran IV. I remember walking into the surgical room, getting in the table, the nurses telling me how exciting it all is, and then I was out. Surgery was over by 10:30. I woke up immediately in pain. I got a couple small doses if Dilauded. then they had me get up and walk to a recliner. it really hurt like hell. a little nauseated and pale so they gave me one more liter of fluids before they said i could go. I was in recovery until about 12:30. The drive home sucked, every little turn and bump was nerve wracking. I came home and made Myself a home in my bed. Surrounded by pillows, remotes, water, bard bag, crackers, and my phone. It's been about 6 hrs at home and I've slept probably 4 of them off and on. Still groggy. Still sore. Trying to do my arm exercises. Haven't got a look at my boobs, but they look kinda smaller than I thought in the bra. Hopefully when I do see them in 2 days they will be awesome. I agave to admit I'm worried I didn't go big enough but we shall see. I say all in all everything went very smoothly. Hubby is pampering me and kids are behaving for him for the most part. I am a lucky woman. He had LASIK eye surgery 2 days ago and is doing great, even took me to Pittsburgh today with no trouble driving. I just love Dr. Wooten. She made me feel so confident and comfortable with her. She is so amazingly beautiful as well. I almost didn't recognize her in her scrubs. Staff was very caring at UPMC Passavant surgery center. So far no REAL complaints. I expected to be in pain and I am only prescribed Motrin.

Oh the pain....

Well I survived the night, but it wasn't easy. It's so hard to get in and out of bed. I have to stay either sitting up straight or barely reclined back. I'm pretty swollen and my boobs feel hard as a rock. Haven't even peaked yet, just trying to deal with slight movements and my arm exercises. I did make it to the kitchen for breakfast (hubby cooked and cleaned). Luckily he is taking very good care of me. Motrin every 6 hrs feels like a joke. But I guess it's better than vomiting from pain pills. I will post a picture when I unwrap this dressing and bra. Oh and I had the worst time yesterday and all night unable to pee. I had to sit there for 5 minutes to get any bit of a dribble out. starting to pick up a little more now. Belly is beyond bloated and also very hard to touch. Makes it hard to eat anything.

48 hours post-op

Been a rough 2 days. Only taking Motrin and a pill for decreasing swelling and bruising. My abdomen and flanks are so swollen and hard as a rock, very uncomfortable to eat or drink. I guess they say that the fluids are starting drain down to belly and also anesthesia and constipation contribute as well. Hopefully it goes away soon. I look pregnant! Got to take bra and dressings off. I wouldn't let hubby look until I did first. My initial reaction: omg! What did I do!? They are huge. I don't even feel like myself. The. Hubby looked and called them "super jugs" which didn't help the way I was feeling. But I know they are swollen and very high right now, so I know they will change. It's just a weird adjustment. Incisions seem fine, no bruising. It's getting easier to do arm lifts. Just need my belly to go down and to poop! Haha.

7 days post op.

Wish I would have went 50-75cc smaller. Hoping when they drop and soften I will be happier with them. I just feel like they are huge and make me too heavy. Wanted to be a small C or full B. I am more like a full C or a small D.

10 days post op

Getting around great. Still sleeping in the recliner and can't lift the boys, but able to do almost anything else around the house. Weather has been so nice I have lightly walked for an hour last 3 days. I needed to...I was going stir crazy and needed to get my GI Tract going!! Talk about bloating and constipation! Boobs look great, have all feeling back in them. They feel
Like mine now. I love how I look in my bras and without anything, but it's hard to see myself still in sweatshirts...I feel big. Incisions look great. Think swelling is gone. I'm loving my boobs more and more everyday!

So happy!!!!

Not quite 2 weeks yet and I love them more everyday!

3 weeks post op

Best decision I ever made...feeling better and looking better everyday. Have been walking and doing light Pilates. Went back to spinning class tonight and felt awesome but had to wear 2 bras and didn't do jumps or standing push-ups on bike. Feels good to be active again. Spent a lot of time out in the sun today and got real burnt but makes me so excited for summer and bikini tops!! Can finally get a running hug from my boys and I don't grimace in pain. They feel softer to me and I notice a nice drop in them.

What a difference a month makes!

I feel so great! I am back to doing T25, running, and spinning. I can lie on my sides in bed. I can move my arms around without any tightness, and I feel like my breasts are a part of "me" if that makes sense. If I wear a sports bra and a t-shirt you would never know I had implants. But I tried on one of my push up bras...oh my!....they look awesome. BEST DECISION I ever made and BEST MONEY I ever spent:)

3 months later at the beach

Still very happy. Not too big, not too small, just perfect! Don't need straps or push-ups for anything....these girls are perky and perfect:)

Almost 6 months later

Better every day. Still very happy I did it.

9 months later!!!

You would never know I got implants! I love them so much. I am never finding trouble filling out a bra. I look good whether I'm in a sports bra or push up bra. Feel softer to touch every day. Scars barely visible underneath. I am much more confident now.

Dr Anna Wooten is very personable. She spent a lot of time talking honestly with me. I felt like she wasn't pushing a procedure on me. She wanted to do what was right, but also make me happy.

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