Wanted Help Loosing Abdominal and Flank Fat - Fayetteville, NC

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HydraSolve Lipoplasty: The Procedure took about 3...

HydraSolve Lipoplasty: The Procedure took about 3 hours. Dr. Stokes told me they removed almost 3 liters of fat from my abdomen and flanks. There was minor bruising. The first day was bed rest. The most irritating thing to me was and currently is the compression garment. It can't come off for the first three days but after 72 hours you can take it off for up to an hour to bath/shower. There were no drain plugs. The cannula holes were sutured and barely noticeable. I still have a large amount of swelling and tingling in my skin. Trying to scratch an itch is uncomfortable to my surprise. I was advised that after two weeks I would be able to drop down to wearing the compression garment only 12 hours a day. I'm not sure if there is any benefit to wearing the compression garment alittle longer. Dr. Stokes told me I'm still well within the window for sustained swelling but things should start to improve soon. The 27th of Oct will be my 2 week mark and I should see notable signs of improvement by then. If I recall correctly Dr. Stokes told me my optimal and final results should be apparent at the 6-8 month mark. So I figure and hope with better diet and abit more attention to cardio in the gym I should be pleased with the final results. I'll post progress pics as I can. The first pics are in the bathroom about an hour before surgery. The second set (noticeable bruising) are from the first time taking off the compression garment on Oct 16. The last group is from Oct 24. In "ALL" the pictures I'm "TOTALLY" relaxing. I'm not trying to suck anything in for the camera because that defeats the purpose of actual representation and progress. I'll try and post result pics every 2 weeks from here on out. If anybody had any questions I'll try and answer them as best I can.

One month mark

Wearing the compression garment is now an option (yay!) I still have marks or rather scars on my side from where the seams of the garment seem to have dug into my skin upon initial placement. I'm not too happy about that. Not sure if they will fade or disappear completely but it's a bummer for sure. I still have major sensitivity issues in the abdomen and flanks. Almost like pins and needles in your legs of you sit the wrong way and try and stand up and walk. Not sure how long that will last. Wearing a seat belt in the car or wearing a pants belt is a nightmare. The pictures with my arms down were semi sucking the gut in. From what I've read it's going to be another couple of months before any real results set in. Guess I'll have my one month follow up soon. I'll post my Q&A with the surgeon reference all my current issues when I get them.
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

Hello all. This is going to be a drawn out explanation or story as it were. I've wanted this procedure done for acouple of years and I had talked to many different doctors who recommended many options. Some the same and some different. This is the story of the one I choose to go with and why. It was a serious decision and it took a lot of time and confidence to finally due it and it is just as hard telling you the readers my story because it's personal and exposes vulnerability to my pride an ego which can be be two major downfalls of being a guy. I'm hoping the story will "ALL" the details will help someone else on their journey and choice for their final decision. I'm addding info and eventually pics as time permits so bare with me. I recently had this procedure done at Pinehurst Sugical Center in the Pinehurst NC. The Surgical Center is across from Moore Regional Hospital as well as many other health and specialty clinic cases for all aliments and ages. Just being in the area gives you the confidence of being in the Chapel Hill area (The Medical Authority of NC as I've heard it called.) The staff at the Centers reception desk were prompt, polite, and walked me through the buildings massive lobby to the reception area for Pinehurst Plastic Surgery. The receptionist at the front desk was cheerful and polite and I told her that I was there because I had an interest in pursuing medical assistance with and issue I couldn't seem to handle any longer on my own as I rubbed my belly. She politely smiled and said "Well hopefully we can help you with your problem." My family physician is in the same area of the Surgery Center so when I had discussed my interest in pursuing Liposuction he pointed me in the right direction and recommended a surgeon he knew who had an excellent reputation and an extensive history in plastic surgery aswell as an excellent bedside manor and willingness to answer all questions, point out all options and suggest the best procedure that would benefit me and not the one that would cost me the most money. His recommendation was Russell B. Stokes, MD. After about five minutes I was greeted by one of the RN's by the name of Tina who led me back to a very nice and comfortable consultantation room where we discussed my reason for being there, what procedure I was looking to have done and what my final expectations were. I told Tina that it seemed there was so many different types of Lipo procedures... Vaso,Smart,HiDef,Tumescent,Ultrasound,Laser etc etc and that other than supposedly getting rid of fat I had no real idea of what the differences were with any of them. Tina told me the types that were available at their location and told me that Dr. Stokes would review them with me. I filled out some intial paperwork and told her that I was interested in having work done to my abdomen and flanks. She took a few pictures for my file and I figured that would probably be it for this visit. She stepped out for about 2-3 minutes and returned with Dr. Stokes. I admit I wasn't expecting to meet him yet as I figured he would probably review my case file before scheduling a meeting but that wasn't the case. He introduced himself and said Tina had given him a brief overview but wanted to be there for my peace of mind in reference to all of my concerns and reservations a basic total ignorance as to what I was getting into. He explained all the different liposuction procedures that were currently being used in the field and not just the ones that himself and the other surgeons at Pinehurst Surgical were capable of performing. He asked me to stand up and remove my shirt. He did alittle pinching and poking and explained what he was doing and why. Things like how the fat cells are intermingled with muscles and blood vessels, what fatty deposits were viable for removal or reduction. He dumbed it down "Professionally" for my deer in the headlight blank stare. After about 10 minutes of discussion he said in his opinion Tumescent Lipo seemed like the best bet. Then he paused, and said "I think there might be something that would be even better for you called HydraSolve Lipoplasty." I said "Umm..... ok, what's that. (I'll spare you all the details bit feel free to look it up) He told me it's a procedure that puts less stress on the body (brusing/scarring) with good results and less discomfort during recovery times. I told him good results and less pain is a win win for me. So we opted for that procedure and set a date. The surgery went well. I had my sutures taken out a few days ago and will have my next follow up in about a month.

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