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I have been a frequent visitor to Real Self for a...

I have been a frequent visitor to Real Self for a few years now. I am so grateful I came across this website. I've learned so much and have really enjoyed following everyone's stories :)

I have dreamt of getting a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember! I am so ready to trade my boob envy, for a pair of my own ;)

I am 5'7, weigh 131lbs, and currently wear a size 34A-B bra. I would loooove to be a nice full D-cup.

I just had my 3rd consult on Wednesday with Dr. Zoellner in Pinehurst, NC. The second I walked in I felt extremely comfortable. The whole staff is wonderful, but the patient coordinator Gretchen, was just fabulous!! Dr. Z was great too! I felt no nervousness with him, like I had felt in the previous consultations. He was very personable and actually had a sense of humor. He answered ALL of my questions, and filled me in on all the good and bad.

The consult was $100, but if I schedule with in 6 months that will go towards the cost of the surgery. I have decided on saline implants. I did like the feel of the silicone tester more, but I want to go with the safest route possible. We haven't talked about CC's, we'll go through that at my next appt. I was soo obsessed with CC's before my visit, but after viewing all the before and after photos, I have tried to push it to the back of my mind. A lot of the photos I really liked, the patient had much less cc's then I would've guessed or vise versa.

My surgery cost is $4,700 -discounted $300 since I'm paying cash. I haven't actually set my date yet. I'm planning for the second week in May. My husband is in the Army and we were waiting to hear back if he would be able to take a day off. He just told me a couple hours ago he could as long as he gives plenty of notice and an exact date. So I will call Monday and schedule!! I am soooooo excited to finally be moving forward!!

Before pics and wish pics to come :)

Surgery is booked!

1 step closer!

My surgery date is set for Thursday May, 15th at 7:30 am :) I had to pay $470 (10% of the total cost) to hold the date. I will pay the remaining balance- $4138 at my pre-op May 8th. It feels so amazing to be able to pay in cash and all on my own!

As soon as I hung up the phone with the patient coordinator, butterflies immediately set in! I have never had surgery before. Not even my wisdom teeth. I just cant believe I only have a month and a half left with my little boobies!

I've started putting together a list of items I need to get before the surgery. If you all have any input on that I would greatly appreciate it!

I snapped a couple super quick before photos. I'll add more as time goes on :)

Dream boobs

A few dream pics I found on google.

It still doesnt feel real

I was super excited the day I booked my surgery, but since then I haven't really felt like its really going to happen. I'm having a little anxiety about my blood work results. I'm sure everything will come back normal, I am just terrified SOMETHING is going to get in the way of the surgery.

I forgot to mention my surgeon does IV sedation. I would much prefer that over general, but I am still a little nervous after some of the stories I have read. I DO NOT want to be alert or awake in the slightest for the procedure. The patient coordinator had also mentioned something about a catheter? I find that a little strange for such a short surgery. There is also a chance I could be on my period the week of the operation, so lots to stress about :P

I haven't told many people that I am getting the surgery. Just my mom, sisters, one friend, and obviously my husband. I think I'll just surprise everyone with an epic selfie on Instagram ;) hehe!

I started to make a pre-op list, but since the excitement of booking my surgery date has faded, I haven't gotten around to researching. Any suggestions would be great!

A couple more dream pics.

SO close yet so far!

Today I am exactly a month away from my surgery. Like I mentioned before, it still doesn't feel real. I don't think it will set in until I get cleared on my blood work, go to my pre-op appt, and make my final payment. I have been thinking I need to start buying things off of my checklist, but I'm sure I will procrastinate till the week before, haha. I'm not sure why I am just so worried something will get in the way of the surgery. Have any of you gone through this?

So much to think about!

So I emailed the patient coordinator this morning to ask a couple questions- During my initial consult, I had told the doctor that I would like to be a D-cup when all is said and done. He wrote this down in is notes, but never made a mention of the cc's it would take to get me there. After leaving the office I got the impression that he was the type of surgeon who will decide what looks best during the actual operation. I was okay with that at first, but as the days go on its starting to worry me.

I had also asked if at any point before the surgery if I would be able to try on sizers. She responded that the doctor had written down 300 cc's, and as for sizers they don't do them. I was told that because you are trying them on over the breast you will not get a realistic idea of the outcome. I can respect that, but I would feel much more confident having a small idea of what 300cc's looks like on me. I guess I'll be playing with rice again haha :)

I always had pictured getting at least 400cc's. As you can see from my dream pics I am looking to be quite large and full. I just cant wait to go to my pre op next week and talk to my Doctor again! I am definitely going to bring in some wish pics to make sure we are on the same page for my desired outcome.

My PS recommend taking arnica montana two week prior to my surgery. It's a homeopathic medicine used for bruises, swelling, soreness, and muscle pain. I ordered a bottle of 250 tablets on Amazon for $8 as well as the gel version for $10 bucks on Ebay. I'm curious to see if it helps with the pain and bruising at all.

Any ladies with similar stats to me that have 300cc's???

I have some more before photos I need to upload tomorrow, and I will try to get some pictures with the rice sizers in as well :)


Since I found out yesterday that my PS had 300 cc's written down for me, I have had a ton of anxiety.
I know I will have an opportunity to talk everything over with him next week, but I am so nervous he will tell me I cant fit bigger or something. At my first consult over a year ago, the doctor had recommend 500cc's high profile. My second, said I could go up to 400 to get a full d cup. So now I am just so confused. My hope is to get 375-400. I would just be devastated if they ended up a lot smaller then I had hoped for.

I know I don't have many before pics and I plan on adding some more, but what do you ladies think?

I am set on moderate plus profile, saline implants, just need to figure out a size :)

Only 10 days away!

So I finally did the rice sizers. I filled them with 1 3/4 cups of rice equal to about 413cc's. I loved the look, but I did feel very slightly top heavy. Knowing that you do lose volume when the implant is placed under the muscle, I'm thinking 400 should be perfect!

I'm going to get my blood work tomorrow, and my pre-op is on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to going over size with my doctor.

I took a couple before photos and I am so sorry for the quality. I work a lot and rarely have time during the day, so the lighting is bad. Not only that, but my front camera has a crack in it. I'm finding it extremely difficult to take a decent photo with out it. I'm going to try to have my hubby take some photos with the sizers in during the day light :)

before photos

I cannot believe I have only 3 more days till I get my new boobies!

I went to pre-op on Thursday. It was pretty standard- they weighed me, took my vitals, went over all the pre surgery details, gave me my prescription, took before photos and sent me on my way. Oh and I made my final payment!! Yeah, the girls are officially paid for in full! :)

I only had about 10 mins with my doctor, so I didn't get to discuss everything as I had been hoping for. He knows I want a full natural D cup, but I still didn't get the chance to ask him how many cc's he thinks I need to get there. A little disappointing, but I am still 100% confident with him. I have talked to a few girls who have had their breasts done by him and are completely satisfied. Being that I'm getting saline implants he is able to make his final decision on cc's during surgery. I'm definitely going to be showing him some of my wish pics to ensure we are on the same page!

I don't know if I had mentioned this before but he does the dual-plane procedure. I am getting saline implants with MPP, using IV sedation. I am not nervous at all, but I have a feeling once Wednesday rolls around I'll be feeling the jitters.

I have my own online business, and I am really stressing having to close for a few days. Of course I would choose to have surgery during my busiest time of the year!! I am really hoping for a speedy recovery.

I started gathering my pre/post op supplies, so far I have heating pads, ice packs, bio-oil, and front enclosure sports bras. I plan on getting a prop pillow, bendy straws, and lounge clothes later today. Anything else I am missing???


I cant believe I'm finally having my surgery tomorrow! It is a little surreal still! I don't think I'll believe its all happening until I have a new set of twins on my chest, haha. I'm having a little anxiety, but I mostly just want to hurry up and get it over with. I took a few more before photos that I have been meaning to upload, but I've just been so busy! I'm a little bummed that its going to be rainy and gloomy here tomorrow. My surgery is at 7:30 am and I'm an hour away, which means I'll be waking up at 5 am. I'm not an early bird at all, so that may the hardest part lol.

I'm so so happy my husband was able to get tomorrow and Friday off, so he'll be with me until Monday. I'm praying by then I'll be somewhat independent. I spent all day cleaning, doing tons of laundry and running last minute errands. I know during recovery everyone says they miss cuddling with their men, but I think I'm gonna miss cuddling with my dog the most, haha!

I cant wait to see what cc's I end up with!! I'm overall just really excited and thankful I am finally able to get this done!

Well I'm gonna try to relax and get some sleep, although I'm sure I wont be getting much of it. Good luck to the ladies having surgery tomorrow or Friday!!

See you on the other side :)

I have officially have the boobs of my dreams!!

I had my surgery at about 8 o'clock yesterday morning. Surgery it's self went great, but when I woke up I was immediately in pain. I remember crying and the nurse and my husband putting me in the car. I don't remember the ride home at all. To be honest yesterday was absolutely miserable :( I couldn't keep the painkillers or any food down so I was extremely uncomfortable. Throwing up after a boob job has got to be one of the worst things ever!! My back has been in more pain then anything else. My husband has been such a huge help! I haven't been able to get up or go to the bathroom with out him pretty much carrying me. I was in extreme pain again this morning. My hubby called the office and they said to take two Percocet every few hours instead of one and now I'm feeling a lot better! Everything is really tight and heavy. I'm so ready to get these first days over with! I haven't got a chance to see my boobs completely naked yet, so I'm hoping I will have the strength to shower tomorrow and get a good look at the girls! We ended up going with mentor smooth round moderate plus profile filled to 420 cc's!! From what I have seen of them, I am absolutely in love! I think they will be just perfect once they settle!

Feeling slightly better

I am 2 days post op and feeling a smidge better today then yesterday. Mornings are the worst! My boobs are still extremely tight and up to my color bone. I tried to walk around the house for a couple minutes today and that was pretty painful. I've basically been in my bed since I got home from my surgery. I hate how itchy the Percocet makes me! I was really hoping to shower today, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. I was actually able to do some very light massages on the top of my breast which is a huge improvement from yesterday. I unclipped my bra and took a quick peek in the mirror earlier and I like them, but they are a little scary looking! I just can't wait for them to drop even just a little bit! I'm so excited to shower tomorrow and maybe even try on some of my old bathing suits!

Not feeling so hot

I know I'm being super impatient but I still can't really leave my bed. When lying down I feel fine, but standing and walking is pretty excruciating. My right breast is mostly numb, but my left is extremly sensitive and very painful. I can tell it's going to be my problem child. It's a lot more swollen then my right as well. I had to stop taking the Percocet it was making me unbearably itchy. I'm now taking extra strength Tylenol. Any ideas on how long it will take to be somewhat normal?

It's crazy the difference a day makes!

I feel like today is a turning point for me- I'm finally feeling better! Waking up yesterday was miserable. I somehow ended up sleeping flat on my back , so morning boob was a nightmare. I went and rested on the couch for a bit and once the pain seemed to dull some I decided to take a shower. It was not easy and I ended up in tears by the end of it. My right has been great since day one, but my left has had severe nerve pain since I woke up from surgery. If my left had felt like my right my recovery would've been 10 times easier. The good news is I woke up today finally feeling somewhat normal. The stabbing pain in my left is much less then previous days and I'm almost able to stand up straight again! I was worried I'd end up a permanent hunchback from slouching so much. I'm still pretty tight and swollen. I've noticed some slight dropping in my right. I'm just so thankful to see a light at the end of the tunnel. To be honest there were a few moments of regret but I'm starting to get excited again! I have been in nothing but my surgery bra and panties since my surgery. My first post op appt. is on Friday. My husbands gonna drive there and take me out to dinner after so I'm gonna wait till then to get dolled up and debut the girls :) thank you so much for leaving all the sweet comments, they really helped lift my spirits! Xoxo

Progress photo :)

Can't wait for drop & fluff!

I had my surgery two weeks ago tomorrow!

Wow, time is really flying by. I can't believe how much can change in just 14 days. Unfortunately I'm still having the extreme nerve pain in my left breast. I believe it's due to nerve regeneration. The pain seems to be the worst right near my crease incision and works it's way up a couple inches. I am having intense nipple sensitivity in that breast as well. Oh man it sure can be painful! The nerve regeneration feels like someone jabbing you with a scorching hot metal rod. It literally has stopped me in my tracks and even brought me to tears a couple times. I've read it can last anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months. I'm really hoping it passes sooner then later! Other then that I am so so happy with how they are coming along. I started work this past Monday and I'm am slowly but surely feeling back to my old self. I had my one week check up this past Thursday. It was quick, and went well. I was told I can start massages if I would like. I do them a couple times of day, usually in the morning and then again before bed. I find it easier and more comfortable when I massage with my bio oil. I took a few photos today. Not great quality because my front camera has a little crack in it, so sorry about that. Hope everyone is doing well! :)

6 month update! Think I'm going bigger..

Hey all! It has been soooo long since I've updated! Well it's been a little over 6 months since my surgery and I have to say it is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Life with boobs is awesome!! I am so beyond satisfied with my surgeon and his whole team, I was in amazing hands there.

There is a but though... Okay so I love everything about my boobs but I do I have one regret, and that is that I didn't go bigger. As soon as my boobs started to really drop and soften up, I started to miss the size they were when they were all swollen. I also think that as more time goes on, and the more I get used to the size, the more I feel like they are kind of small. I've really been thinking about it pretty much daily, but I'm just not sure if I should go through all that again, not to mention the cost. I worry that once I go bigger I'll do the same thing and after I get used to my new bigger boobs I'll think they are small and just never be satisfied? I'm a huge perfectionist in life and I'm also super anal so I'm worried that I will never be happy.

I think I'm gonna call my doctor just to see what he has to say and what the cost would be. I'm really think id like to go to around 580-600cc's and possibly high profile. Right now I have 420cc saline implants.

I hope all of you are doing great!
Pinehurst Plastic Surgeon

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