29 Years Old, 5'6, 2 Kids, weight loss...time for my Dream Boobs! - Pinehurst, NC

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Deflated 38Cs from 38DD after weight loss and...

Deflated 38Cs from 38DD after weight loss and babies. I want to fix the shape that I have been so self-conscious of since high school. Hoping to get to a nice round DDD size, now that I finally have my hubby on board with my breast augmentation (he doesn't feel as though I need it). I've got large hips, so it'll be great to have the boobs to match my hourglass that i have been working so hard on. I have a bit of assymetry, with boarderline droop on one side. I really don't want a lift. My first consultation was absolutely awful, the PS was incredibly rude, condescending, and actually made me feel more self-conscious than I did walking in (which I didn't think was possible). He was negative about my 20 lb weight loss in 2 months (switched from no working out, to a very strict fitness/clean eating regimen, and FINALLY getting my thyroid under control) saying "easy off, easy on". (There was NOTHING "easy" about my weight loss) He interrupted me, dismissed my questions because he said it was pointless talking to me till i was finished losing weight. I actually had to ask to see implants and sizers, when he again said he didn't see the point in showing me. Thank goodness i did because i was able to find out that he won't even place over 350cc's in anyone bc he "won't spend 2 and a half hours on a BA...it's too much work". What?! He made it abundantly clear that he refused to break a sweat for any BA. I was able to see that i want at least 650cc based on the sizers i tried on after he left the room...After some major inner battles stemming from the very negative consultation, I have another consult in 4 days with Dr. Zoellner. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes as well as what I've heard from others about him. If it goes smoothly, I will set my surgery for next month! I'm mostly afraid of caring for my 1 year old and 3 year old post and how soon I can go back to working out :/

Consultation complete!

Had my consultation with Dr Zoellner 2 days ago, and it went amazing! The staff is incredible and made me feel so comfortable. Gretchen and Dr Z seem to truly care about the patients and their desires. It went so well that I paid the down payment and set the official date! Preop is Sept 18th, and surgery day is Sept 28th :D I am getting a Bilateral breast augmentation with constriction release. We decided on Mentor MemoryShape implants, dual plain. He is special ordering an array in the upwards of 600cc, and I may get 2 different sizers to even out my slight asymmetry. I just need to add some before pics on here. I'm so excited, I can't hardly stand it!

The anticipation is killing me!

I got "the letter" from my PS. Less than a month till my pre-op! Woo hoo!

Here are some before pics :/

I figured I would go ahead and post these, even though I am extremely self conscious of my chest. Oh well, I know there are a lot of positive and uplifting women on here. I tried to get the side view put up, but it keeps uploading sideways. I can't believe I'm less than 3 weeks away from my preop!

Anyone get constriction release?

I was hoping to see if there are any of you ladies that got constriction release without a lift BA? Curious how your results were in reference to fullness and side boob?

Is 650cc's enough?

Only 1 week from tomorrow till my surgery! I am calling in the morning to see if there are any earlier openings, doubtful though. I can't help but worry I'm not going big enough, and yet worried that it would kill my back to go any bigger. I just can't help but be paranoid considering a see so many posting about "boob greed". HELP!

Had my preop 2 days ago :)

I am sooo ready for this to happen. My preop went great, down another 5lbs! Even though it was a good chunk of change, it felt so good paying for my BA :) 650cc mentor gummy bear with constriction release. Got my meds filled and ready to go. I'm so anxious!

I am 7 hours post op ?

It's official, I am a proud owner of 700cc gummy bear implants instead of 650cc :D (NO COMPLAINTS THERE!)

I left my house early to make sure I was there early, I swear we ended up getting stuck behind the crappiest drivers in NC and hit every flippin red light, but we got there 10 minutes before the doors would even open. I had already taken the Valium, and dosed of while we were waiting in the parking lot...as did my husband! Thank goodness he woke up, needless to say, I was 10 minutes late. Luckily, the staff are amazing and found it comical. I pretty much don't remember anything once I got "the cocktail" WOW is all I can say about that concoction! Once I came to, the pain set in. The drive home sucked, as did the first 3 hours after. But, once I was able to find a position top sit where it's not bad, it's been much better. I can say I HATE the feeling of being helpless, and the worst part so far for me is that I haven't been able to sleep at all since the PS office. Anyone else experience this? I'm been able to eat a little, but I'm still pretty hesitant in food mostly bc I'm afraid of throwing up. They are rock solid and super high, but here is my 1st post op!

Anaesthesia has commenced

Here's what it looked like

Up at 3 icing the twins & taking a much needed pain med.

I 100% agree when I read that it feels like someone is standing on your chest. I thought (total stupidity on my part) that since I was deflated a bit that my pain wouldn't be as bad...NOT TRUE. I have a pretry freakin good pain tolerance, and this seriously hurts. Bearable when I slouch to take the pressure off, I'll take the bit of back pain from slouching over the boob pain any day! My PS called in some Valium so I could get some much needed sleep, it was heavenly being able to dose off ? the boobs are super high up and swollen, but I'm so in love with them! No regrets! Oh, and the icing really does help...especially near the armpits.

Night #2, up again at 3am with pain and in desperate need of icing.

Ladies, please tell me if this is what is considered "morning boob"? I was able to sleep from 10:30pm to 3am and then BOOM. I woke up to feeling so stiff that it hurt to even shift my arms in the tiniest bit! My hubby gave me another dilaudid, and brought me the ice packs. It hurt like hell to even get them near my armpits. After an hour of icing, I was somewhat numb enough to get up and go to the bathroom and take my thyroid medication (had to take it as least an hour after or before any other med). I'm back in my comfort spot on the loveseat, ready to sleep again. Just sucks that I know the same pain happens when I get up in the morning! This is probably the hardest part for me. I am soooo badly that I have a shower to look forward to today, and take off these pain in the ass compression thigh highs!

Up at 4 am morning boob

Morning boob hit, took a pain med and have been icing for like an hour and a half. It's always my right side that tends to give me the most pain. I swear my right armpit just wants to be cement glued shut, bc that it really does feel glued and I can't move it when the morning boob hits.

Had too much going on yesterday to post. Too much emotions and irritations caused a bit of a blow out between my husband and I. I didn't realize that I have been on defensive mode with everything, or just plain out bitchy to my hubby. I'm not a creature of change. I hate feeling like I need someone to take care of me. I'm just always used to taking care of others and myself :( The fact that I haven't been able to take care of my babies, and therefore have to sit back and let him do it has been EXTREMELY hard. Tensions rised, and I know I was wrong. I know he's doing everything he can. I was hoping that we would avoid the marital issues that I see happen a good amount on here bc of all the stress that comes along with recovery. I'm just glad we squashed it, and got over it.

I realized I hadn't posted any full pics since I was got to see them day 3 post op! The side sitting low and high at the same time is my problem boob obviously. Overall, they look round and fuller in person...I'm couldn't be happier!
(Neither could my hubby lol)

Listening to my body.

Since i have been listening to my body more and taking my dilaudid and Tylenol more regularly, I've found myself to be much less irritable. Especially between my husband and I. LADIES PLEASE DON'T TRY AND BE TOO TOUGH. I made that mistake and it only made recovery harder!
Only had one small mishap that felt as though i ripped my armpit open...I would've been done for if my incision had been there! Ended up changing into another bra that zips in the front since my recovery bra was actually cutting into my sternum and caused some cutting and bruising. I'm thinking it's bc of my swelling and how I have to sleep. I felt instant relief after the bra change, plus... it had blood anyway. No thanks. Lol
The struggle is real shaving my armpits! I couldn't take it anymore! Needless to say, hackjob...but I'll take what i can get :)
Can anyone tell me when this INSANE bloating starts to subside? I look like I could be 5 months pregnant again. Again...no thanks!


I love them more and more every day ? Since I enjoyed it so much in black, decided I needed pink too lol

1 week post op appt

Had my 1 week post op 3 days ago, went really well! Still swollen, but already dropping :) Got my stitches removed and PS cleared me for light activity. He told me to start my circular massages (they suck). I have been sleeping in my bed for 4 days now, a little less propped up each night. I can now lay completely flat and it not hurt! To my surprise, my pec muscles starting flexing along with my arms yesterday. Today I was able to control the entire pec muscle movement. It's probably weird for me to be excited about that, but I can't help it lol every little bit counts :) I've been sticking to Ibuprofen or Tylenol this week as well...not much pain anymore. Can't wait to be able to go braless! I will post pics soon.

Could they get any better?

I seriously am living the dream. I LOVE trying on lingerie and bras! I can't help but love everything about them ? I EVEN LOVE LOOKING AT THEM. That in itself makes it worth every penny and every ounce of pain. Amazing!

Here are a couple pics from yesterday!

I don't feel as though a PS gets any better than Dr Z! He makes you feel comfortable with such ease. He jokes with you, not once did I ever feel rushed. I could've sat in his waiting room for 2 hours (their wait time is ridiculously minimal) and still thought his expertise was worth every minute. Dr Z explains anything and everything you want to know, as does his staff. He responded and helped me after business hours, they followed up with me the very next morning, you name it. I actually look forward to seeing his staff at my follow up! I don't take medical reviews lightly, and I can say I would be more than willing to travel from another state just to have him take care of me on my next cosmetic procedure! Thank you so much to everyone at Pinehurst Plastic Surgery!

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