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Well dolls I am scheduled for next week. Honestly...

Well dolls I am scheduled for next week. Honestly I am nervous as hell. Rereading some of these reviews make me want to run and hide. Then I read some others and then get excited again. This emotional rollercoaster is serious. Well I am just hoping for the best and praying I chose the right doctor. I don't like pain but I just want to get it over with. I always had a problem with a larger stomach. I am scheduled to get a full lipo on the abdomen and bra roll. Wish me luck!

Less the 24 hours away

Hello dolls. I went out dancing last because I figured a would be sore for the next couple of weeks. I felt like I should have stayed home. But one of my favorite stores had a sale and I brought all these cute tops that I could never wear with my current stomach. I began to imagine after surgery and brought 4 tops . I wish I could click my heels like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz. And be back home from surgery. Lol . Well dolls. I am only a size 8 but my stomach looks like I'm about 4 months pregnant. I can't wait to have flat stomach. Until next time!

It's all done

I just posted a long review but so please read my post when you have time. I don't have the after pics I will post them later. This is my before. I had liposuction of the entire belly and bra roll in the back.

I forgot the picture

Day 2

Well dolls last night was ok but today I'm so sore. My doctor called last night and today. He told me the it will take time. I am the pain meds around the clock because I don't like pain. So today on a pain level of 1-10. I am a 7. I am going to lay down . They say it's worth it in the end. I know it's a process but I don't like pain.

Day 3

Thank God for meds. Hello dolls
Well I am sore but my sister advised me to just take one pain pill and two ibuprofen 200milligrams. Today I can take off the garment. I am going to put it in the washer while I take a shower. On week 3 I was advised to wear another one. I have not had much of a appetite but I am going to eat today. I got my bra roll done and the entire stomach. I found its hard to lay down but putting a pillow btwn my legs somehow relieves the pressure.

Day 2

I am looking at pictures with these drains. I did not have any of those. I actually don't have any excess fluids on me. One of the side effects of the pain meds is rapid heart beat so I am gonna start just taking tynelol.

6 day review post op

Hello dolls. I read a comment from someone that said it would not be fair if I did not post my journey since I am reading others lol. Okay day 6.. I am not 100% back but I am able to move around, take my shower without assistance , wash dishes and I went to a concert last night. Sit down concert of course. However my body tells me when I have done too much. I only take tynelol and ibuprofen. At night it gets uncomfortable to sleep. Most people say do one area at a time so you can sleep on your stomach or back but since I got both done. It's uncomfortable. Pain on a scale of 1-10, I'm a 3 sometimes a 6 at night. I am scheduled for a follow up visit in a couple of days. People are saying you can go back to work in a week but honestly I took 10 days but active jobs ..nope you need more time off or have to be on stronger meds . You are still sore and you feel it moving around. Ok here is my pic for day 6.

Post op day 6 side view

Side view i forgot to post

8 days in

Hello dolls.. I went to the doctor today for my first follow up appt. Today they removed the stitches. I got a total of six incisions which is two stitches of each incision. I feel okay but my back and stomach is very sore And tender. I used icy hot and it felt much better

Day nine

Hello dolls. I need to tell you my thoughts. I feel better but I am still swollen . I really appreciate everyone who post their thoughts because it helps us all. For those of you who had to get drains..my hat goes out to all of you because I don't take pain well and but it's just uncomfortable. I am taking tynelol and at night i take tynelol pm to help me sleep. Since I got the front and back done its sometimes uncomfortable to sleep on either side. Here are the pictures all bandages are off. Can anyone give there view points on getting massages vs not getting massages after liposuction? I will say I am not in a lot of pain today was the first time I only took 2 tynelol later that night tynelol pm. I did not have any drains or leakage. I do have bruising under both arms, see pictures for arnica cream. I am hoping my journey will help those as well.

Day 10 NO MEDS it's almost 9pm

Hey dolls I just wanted to share the news. My son has been putting icy hot on my upper back although only the bra roll was done I am sore at the upper back. The icy hot was too many layers and It started getting so hot but it was worth it. This is the first day I have not taken anything all day. But I am going to take two tynelol pm just in case I wake up in middle of the night!!!

21 days in

Hello dolls.. I am 21 days in. No pain meds in almost two weeks . I am starting to get the itch people have been talking about. It's been mostly my back but I would have thought it would have been my abdomen since more fat was taken out . My doctor said the massages were not necessary so I have not did any. I noticed my garment is fitting more comfortably so I want to post some pictures

22 days pictures

My swelling is going down

Day one then week one now week three

24 days without garment-lipo abdomen, bra roll and flanks

Hey dolls here is the most natural Look. I will post again after my six week follow up in about three weeks. To all the dolls who are not sure..just do it..i was nervous but when I imagined what I would look like my mind was made up.

Six weeks in..

Hello dolls
Yesterday I had my six week visit. I am still a little sore on the abdomen but my back is more sore than anything else. I am not as flat as I would like to be but my PS is saying it takes time. At least six more months and that I need to exercise. Here is the exact clothing from my first picture last month and now. Let me know your thoughts.
Dr Schreiber

My doctor gave me his personal cell and already has called me less than five hours after my procedure. I was knocked out though. I never heard the phone ringing.lol he also texted him 930pm last week and he responded back. Yes he is best. Pain level day one. From 1-10..Is a 3!! Incredible

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