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Date of Consultation- April 24th (Paid half the...

Date of Consultation- April 24th (Paid half the cost)
Procedure done- May 1st (Paid the Balance in order to do Procedure)

I am 5'3" and 135lbs with a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. I do exercise but I'm not consistent with my workouts. I have a job that keeps me on the road so I developed bad eating habits about 2 years ago and when i hit 142 to 145lbs early last year i knew it was time for a diet. I was about to change my eating habits (very consistent with that) and try to stay below 1400 calories a day. I developed an exercise routine last year, but haven't kept up the workouts and now i am stuck at my weight.

I say the procedure last year 2011 on E! news but i didn't get the name so i was unable to do research until recently when i started looking for non-invasive Lipo. I found Zerona but i didn't believe it worked then i finally found this procedure.

So on to the experience:

Consultation was fine the doctor (Very nice and professional) said i was a good candidate for the procedure and gave me the facts. He took some pictures that i agreed to and then i made the decision to schedule.

Day of the procedure i was taken to a room with the machine by a nurse who performed the procedure the entire time. I had my Lower abs done first and then i did my Flanks (love handles).

Lower Abs- First the gel skin protector was cold and put on my stomach then on to the machine. It hurt at first then i got used to the pain. The pain decreased but never fully went away. The suction felt like someone pinching and pulling on your stomach and not letting go. After the hour it was time for the massage to break the fat cells and to reshape the stomach. It hurt during the massage slightly then i sat-up and all i felt was PAIN. I decided to stand up and i started to feel nauseous and hot as my body was trying to heat itself back up. Very Intense! I Started Fanning Myself for 5 minutes until the feelings went away!.

Flanks (Love Handles that weren't so lovely) - The sides was easy to deal with. There was a little pinch but i felt nothing the entire hour on both sides. I was worried on my left flank because the nurse had trouble getting that side to stay attached to the machine. (If its uneven we know why :-P).

I expected to have bruising but i had none, I expected to have the some pain after the flanks as I did on the lower abs but my body was just numb and tingly. Clothes rubbing against my skin was irritating, but luckily i brought a spanks that stayed still and helped me feel better. SIDE-NOTE- i figured since i was used to wearing Corset with authentic boning and have experienced the pinching pain when wearing them that the side effects days after the procedure would be bearable.

The following day 2 i was able to do a light workout but the numbness made me nervous to push harder and my stomach was still somewhat swollen. Sleeping was uncomfortable and it took awhile to fall asleep. When trying to sleep it feels like something is heavy on my stomach but it can't move. (very annoying feeling)

Day 3 and 4
The swelling is decreasing and I have been wearing spanks or something to wrap my stomach to decrease the rubbing irritation. I have been having deep itchy feelings in my abs, numbness/tingly feelings on all treated areas, and occasionally have pains/cramping (bending causes PAIN). Thankfully still no bruising and the pain is bearable without meds or hot/cold pack.

Will try to update every 2 weeks with pics to see it its working. I do intend to maintain my weight, but hoping to lose 5 pounds by 3months mark. I will include my weight with my updates.

Day 5 to 11 day Experienced pain throughout that...

Day 5 to 11 day
Experienced pain throughout that week, first it felt sore then it turn to prickling pain that hurt no matter what i did. I finally had to start using ice packs in order to sleep but daily function was not comfortable. Exercise was also not an option.

Day 11 to Day 14 the pain just went away and i didn't need ice packs or numbing creams (lidocaine). I have noticed that the swelling is completely gone and my body feels smaller. I haven't lost any weight so i'm still 135lbs. I still have the numbness when i touch my stomach and my sides just feel sore so i massage them daily. I included my photos for the two week mark.

I feel the procedure works and i will gladly do it...

I feel the procedure works and i will gladly do it again. I lost nearly 8 pounds through diet, light exercise, and coolsculpting. (Currently 127lbs) I would like to do my flanks again with a medium attachment this time instead of the small. I do recommend the procedure only if its to aid you with your weight-loss goals/plans because when you first notice the difference after the 5 weeks most would want to eat anything. You need to be active and have healthy eating habits for the change to be noticeable.

When I schedule my next procedure i will let you know.
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