I Got a Tattoo a Week Ago, and Im Instantly Regetting It? Should I Picosure or Do Excision?

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Hello, Im not the type to usually write these type...

Im not the type to usually write these type of things but before you say it was a life decision you really should of thought about it. I did, ive been wanting flowers on my forearm for about a year now and really thought about the design i wanted. Im from winnipeg, but was visiting my family in calgary and i thought to myself yenno its time to get it, so i called up this tattoo parlour that i literally spent hours looking at his instagram and his design work , so i call and get an appointment for the next day i was so happy he starts, and not to mention this was a cover up tattoo of my last name on my wrist, that i didnt hate or regret i was just wanting something new and i didnt wanna tattoos all over my body, so i got it done and was loving the outline , went it was alittle too big but i thought id be okay with it, he said wed have to shade the outsides to have it blend in with the cover up and i was okay with it cause it made sense, after it was done it was so inlove but there was one problem the shading went too far up on the top and the bottom was symetrical and i just instantly hated it the next day, my familys like dont worry its beautiful youre just in shock from how big it is, and the shading will lighten up, i tried to be okay with it but instantly i just cried to my boyfriend on the phone and to my dad and said how much i really just want this lasered off, ive been in such a bad depression, crying everyday and night constantly looking up laser removals. I even went to a consultation out here but they said it might be more than 6 treatments, and i really dont wanna have to wait that long for treatments. I can live with a scar just to have this gone but can this be removed in one excision because of the size? And will it be a straight line? Please help what are my chances for both options.

Another week of Hate

So its been 8 days since i got this black blob on my arm and i hate it just as much. Im flying back home in a week and have 2 consultations with 2 dermatologists at home to see what kind of information they can give me aswell, i think we only have 1 dermatologist office with a picosure at home and they recommend waiting 3-6 months which i cannot wait, so im gonna try and get them to start in 8 weeks since the place here will do that. Im absolutely freaking out everyday thay everyone back at home will never look at me the same and my boyfriend will not think i was as beautiful as i once was.. I just want this nightmare over the with. Everyone says its just a tattoo, well this tattoo is really getting to me mentally and making me depressed. I dont even wanna see my arm thankfully its almost winter and we can wear long sleeves. I cant but think will this be forever? Im looking into bandages to order online to over up my forearm so i can go on with my daily life till i have treatment, anyone have any suggestions?

Is Pinkish Skin Underneath Scabs Normal?

I got laser tattoo removal done on the shading around my tattoo on
feburary 1st. It has been 10 days since and some of the scabs have
fallen off and im left with a big spot of pinkish/pale skin underneath.
this normal? And what can i do to speed up the healing process. I have
been told that its really red and i should use polysporin on it.
Has anyone else experienced this and how long does it take till your skin goes back to normal?
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