TCI journey, March 2015!

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Hey everyone! I've been reading through a lot of...

Hey everyone!
I've been reading through a lot of the reviews and thought I'd post my own. I'm 21 years old and have been thinking of getting breast implants for about two years now. I've done heaps of research and have decided to book in with the PIAC in Phuket, Thailand. I'm hoping to go with Dr Veerawat. Has anyone else been here or to him? What did you think? I've had a recommendation from a friend who went here, and she loves how hers have turned out!
I'm having trouble deciding what placement to choose, I train at the gym 4-5 times a week (weights and cardio). I was thinking maybe subfascial? I don't want to go over the muscle, and I'm not sure about completely under or the dual plane method either. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Xx

Stats :)

Oh these are my stats too!

Height: 5ft 8 (174cm)
Weight: around 145pounds (65kgs)
Cup size now: 32-34 small b (10-12)
Wanting to be: 32-34 full d/dd (10-12)

Trying on sizes

Placement and payment decisions!

Hey girls :) just wondering how many of you have the sub fascial placement? I'm thinking I really want to go this way.. Either that or under the muscle. I lift quite heavy too 3 times a week and am hoping to compete in fitness competitions in the near future. Any help would be appreciated :)
Also, has any one gone through Mac Credit? What were they like?

Thinking Sydney TCI...

Hey everyone!
Just wondering if any girls on here have gone to (or a planning to) go to The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney, Australia for breast augmentation?
I'd recently been looking into going to the PIAC in Phuket, Thailand.
Any feedback on your experience there would be really helpful! :)

***Personal Trainers and Breast Implants***

Hey ladies!
So I've just been given a recommendation on how long I'll need to take off work, and it's 6 weeks! I'm a part time trainee personal trainer. Would love to hear from other PT's on here who have had breast surgery and your experience on returning to work, training etc. Thanks so much! Xx

Wish Boobs


Hi RealSelf!

So my surgery is booked! I can't believe it's finally happening. After doing a lot more research I've decided against going to Thailand for my procedure. I'm going with Dr Duong at The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney, Australia. Their work is amazing! I know a lot of girls who have gone there too and are extremely happy. Paid my consult deposit of $150 and surgery deposit of $500. Total surgery price is just over $6000. I'll be flying over on the 27th of March 2015 for the consultation and having surgery the very next day. Cannot wait! I would of loved to get in sooner but all of their surgeons are fully booked. Oh well! Hopefully the time will fly, and it gives me a bit more time to get everything organised :)

Being on March!!


Hey guys!
So my surgery date has been brought forward by an ENTIRE MONTH! I'm now booked in for aconsult on the 24th of Feb and surgery the following day. Still with Dr Duong at Parramatta. The nerves have really started to kick in now because of how much closer it is, but I'm doing ok. Just trying to make sure I have everything organised. Are there any supplements I should be taking now to help with healing? I've had so many mixed answers. Thanks boobie fam xxxx

Wish Boobs!

Dr. Duong

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