ONE WHOLE YEAR!!! 275cc HP - A to DD! - Thailand, TH

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I assumed breasts would be waiting for me on the...

I assumed breasts would be waiting for me on the other side of puberty, but I was wrong! Always felt embarrassed of my non-boobs, as I hardly have enough breast tissue to wear a push up bra to get cleavage.

I live in Australia, and will be travelling to Phuket, Thailand for the surgery. Having a few weeks holiday and then getting the boobs! Total cost for a month travelling, flights, accommodation and surgery is AUD$8,000(USD$5600).
Surgery is in a month on the 23rd October, and all paid for. I'm so excited! Can't wait to feel feminine when I'm undressed, and have some cleavage!

Because I have such a small band size, I am actually a 26C or 28B, so I am hoping to go up 2 cup sizes, I want to keep it natural, so I should be a 26DD or 28D.

Photos are me, and some wish boobs :)


So obviously I am hoping for some proportionate and lovely breaststroke.
I've never had breaststroke before and I've read so many reviews where they are disappointed about some aspect of their new boobs, but I know I won't really care if they're slightly asymmetrical or the scars don't fade well because, I WILL FINALLY HAVE BOOBS! I feel like I have been waiting forever for surgery, and I know the last month is going to go so slowly because I'm so excited!
I have done so much research and feel very prepared for the recovery. Just want to be there already!


In 2 weeks I will have boobs!
Thought I should share my stats with you ladies:
I am 162cm tall(5'4") and weigh 45kgs(99lbs), so I am quite slim.
I am wanting natural looking breasts, and won't go any larger than 300cc.

None of my family know about the surgery, only my partner, and I think I will only tell one of my sisters, as we are very close and she is the least judgmental out of all of them. I don't feel guilty or anything not telling them, as it isn't anybody's business except my own.

SO EXCITED!! Can't wait to meet my new boobs :)
Here's another wish pic.

5 days until Boob day!!

Loving my holiday in Thailand so far! Just want the next 5 days to go quickly!
Can't wait for the BOOBS! When I arrive in Phuket, a representative from PIAC will pick me up and take me to my hotel, and then pick me up on the day of surgery as well! Surgery is at 9am on the 23rd October.
I won't update again until after the surgery, so I'll see all you beautiful ladies on the other side!!

Boobs! Post Op Day One!!

Got picked up from my hotel by a driver, and taken to the International Hospital for my 9am appointment with the Aesthetic team.
Initial staff asked me to fill out some forms before going up to the Aesthetic Center.
Once I got upstairs they weighed me and took my blood pressure, and then I had to wait to see my surgeon for about an hour and a half.
Dr Rushapol was wonderful straight away, and were on the exact same page not wanting to larger than 300cc. He said in surgery he would try 300cc first and then work down to 250cc if that didn't fit. He was funny, and enjoyed chatting to us, there was no language barrier, and he seemed very intelligent.
I wanted round, HP implants with inframmary incision which is exactly what he recommended for me, so I was very happy!
Then he took photos and drew on me and took more photos, and we tried on sizers and the 300cc did look a wee bit too large, but I know you loose a bit of size going under the muscle, so I wasn't too fazed. My partner couldn't keep his eyes in his head haha I think he thought I wanted to go smaller!

Back to the waiting room, and a co-ordinator Winsy came and talked to us, made sure I was happy with sizing and shape, incision and profile. She was lovely.
We then got taken to my room, where we had to wait until an operating suite became available, as the Aesthetic Centre shares the hospitals operating rooms.

At 12pm they gave me an IV, thank goodness because I was dying of hunger and thirst.
I napped off and on, and then at 3.30pm one of nurses finally came to take me to surgery!
They gave me some pills and something in my IV, and had to give me a cold sponge bath because my temperature was too high.
Then I got wheeled into the operating suite where they put me under about 4.20pm.
Just before I went under Dr Rushapol came in and told me not to worry, he was here and it was all going to be fine. Then it was as if I had stood up too fast and I felt I was rushing backwards with spots everywhere, and I was out.
The next thing I remember is my anaesthetist asking me to take deep breaths, and I was out of it again. Came to in ICU/recovery and found it hard to keep my eyes open.
I was convulsing with the cold, which was tensing my chest muscles, which hurt like hell. I tried yelling "I'm cold, I'm cold!" but my voice was too quiet.
Eventually a nurse noticed and they put more blankets on me and I think gave me pain meds as well because I was really hurting as well. That was at about 6pm, so surgery must have gone fast.
After 2 hours they took me back to my room, and I was much more alert. My partner was waiting for me but had to go outside when they were moving me onto the bed, because I was in so much pain, and it was making him feel faint and sick, poor thing.
He came in once they were done, and held my hand and talked to me, because I couldn't really talk back.
It was hard to get comfortable, but he helped me put a pillow under my bum, and that helped.
Then the nurses gave me pain meds and I had some water, which had never tasted so good after not drinking or eating for 24 hours. Partner fed me cold boiled carrot sticks which also tasted amazing for the same reason. They had bandaged my boobs and it hurt to move, so I couldn't see them, so my partner took a photo for me and they looked HUGE!

About 11pm, partner left for the hotel(he could have stayed but I was fine, and we had paid for the hotel anyway), and I took sleeping pill and fell asleep.
Nurses woke me at 2am to check temp and blood pressure, and I asked them to help me to the toilet as I was busting to go. That was quite painful with all the moving about.
The nurses came and checked temperature again at 6.45am.
Breakfast came at 7am, which I ate all of after the nurse opened everything for arms were very sore to use.

Pain was tolerable, but flared up whenever I moved, there was a lot of pressure, but also pain inside my chest, I guess where he cut into my muscle. I made it the toilet by myself, which was a bit of an event, but felt good to do it myself.
Nurses gave me antibiotics and pain meds into my IV at about 8.40am.
Napped on and off until partner arrived at 9.30am, and I was much more aware, and he said it was good to see me looking better and talking.
So we just talked, and nurses came and went, and then Dr Rushapol came about 12pm and asked me some questions and declared I was ready to leave.
He cut of the bandage, which made me feel sick, especially when he removed the drains. Partner had to step out at this stage.
The left drain wouldn't come out, and the Dr had to squeeze my boob around to get it out, which was very painful and was the first time I almost cried since surgery.
Then he put me in a surgical bra, which hurt a wee bit, gave me some instructions and left.
A nurse arranged a taxi for 2pm, so I slept until then, and then headed back to the resort.
The drive was quite painful, as Phuket roads are not the smoothest, and our driver could have been slightly gentler.
Getting comfy was hard, after being used to the hospital bed, but we have twin beds, so I won't affect partners sleeping and he won't affect mine. I have loads of pillows and cushions!
Got partner to help me out of bra for a photo, so I could see them, and they're looking pretty good!
I love them, but they hurt so much it's hard to believe they'll drop and fluff and stop hurting so much!

Sorry for the novel, but I found the day-of-surgery reviews very helpful, to know what to expect, so I hope this is helpful to someone!

Post Op Day 3

Yesterday and today have been very similar in terms of pain; very minimal, only when I move my arms too much.
Not any noticeable change in breasts, so I've posted a pic of my very sexy surgical really isn't that bad!
Today I actually slept most of the day, my meds have been making me very drowsy, so I think I'll be cutting back on them tomorrow.
My co-ordinator Mel called me today from the hospital, to check how I was going, and to remind me to walk around a few times a day and to drink lots of water, which I've been doing anyway!
I made it to the resort restaurant for lunch today, which was nice, it's just so hot in Phuket, and I don't want to sweat into my sutures.
I also showered for the first time since surgery. I have waterproof bandages, so I could have showered sooner, but didn't really feel I needed to. I washed my hair(very gently) myself and so I felt very independent! After the shower I got a good look at them in the mirror, and I'm very pleased with them so far!
My partner has been amazing, helping me with anything I ask, and I couldn't have done it without him!
This evening I lay in the hammock and watched the lightening for an hour or two, which was very relaxing and so lovely!

Day 5 Post Op

Day Four was the same as Two and Three, not much pain, and able to sleep a lot.

I thought I could stop taking my meds yesterday, but that resulted in feeling terrible today.
I was very depressed, and couldn't get comfortable anywhere, or in any position, my breasts were tender and my back ached. My poor partner, I was complaining all day, and so least he found my mood swings partially amusing!
I fell asleep in the hammock for a wee bit, and then gave in and took a pain killer, and I had a wonderful nap and felt great again when I woke up! It does concern me that I will feel so low again after not taking the painkillers again!

I have my first Post Op Appointment tomorrow at 9.30am, so I'm hoping that goes well, and Dr Rushapol shows me how to massage(although I am NOT looking forward to it...I think it will hurt!!!!)

I just had a shower and feel lovely, I'm still so pleased with my breasts even though I know they have so much dropping to go, I love them already :)

I forgot to take photos today, but they haven't really changed.
I'll take some photos tomorrow, and update on my appointment. Looking forward to seeing the lovely doctor again :)


So, my one week boobiversary!
It's had it's ups and downs, but this first week has been a lot easier in some ways than I imagined!
They are still tender at times, and it hurts when I move my arms in certain ways, but they are feeling great!

I had my Post Op appointment with Dr Rushapol yesterday, and he removed my exterior stitches and changed my bandages. Still waterproof, and try to keep them on for up to 2 weeks.
He said the biggest risk of infection will come from getting water in the wounds before they heal properly, or if I sweat into the wounds too much. I'm in Thailand! Its hot, and I sweat!! Haha but so far there hasn't been a lot of sweat at the incision.
Also he showed me how to massage(OUCH), and straight away my incision seeped a little blood/fluid into the new bandage, so that freaked me out, but I'm sure it's normal-ish...

Last night was my first night of no painkillers AND no sleeping pills, so not the best sleep.

Today I but on one of my front zipper sports bras, and it's lower in the front than my surgical one, so you can see some top boob!! It was a little exciting! Today was the first day I've felt sexy!! Even though I know they're still weirdly shaped and that they have a lot of changing to do I love them!! I just want to jump the boyfriend!!! Haha TMI

Also in the TMI department I have had two bowel movements, which is good, it was weird knowing there was a few days worth of food sitting in there!!

Also, I don't know if anyone else has experienced crazy dreams after the anaesthesia/sleeping pills, but the last two nights I have had the most vivid and strange dreams! Which I have to say isn't unusual for me, but with the sleeping pills I had no dreams, and now they are extra weird!!!

Anyway enough rambling, I'm off to sit beside the pool, maybe even dangle my feet in a little, and show off my rack in my sports bra :P

Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well xx

2 weeks Post Op

The boobs are slowly dropping and becoming softer. I can squish them together when I do my massages and there is no longer any pain when I massage. When I first started the massages it really hurt, and they hardly moved.
Flying home on day 11 was quite an ordeal for the boobies, as I had to carry one of my bags around the airport and then I couldn't get comfy on the 8 hour flight, my back was killing me and the boobs were very tender and tight. When I got home, at soon as I was able I lay down and that helped almost straight away.
Since I've been home, I've driven my car, which I had no trouble with, just a slight pulling sensation near my armpit, and I've gone back to work, which has been tiring, even though I just stand in one spot for a few hours. My boobs don't hurt, but I get tired a lot quicker than before, and my back starts aching a lot faster too. I'm sure this will improve over time though.
I'm allowed to take my waterproof bandage off today, but my Dr suggested if it wasn't peeling off, to keep it on longer if I can, so I'll try to keep it on until the 3 week mark.

Emotionally it has been harder than I thought. Some days I've felt as if I've made a massive mistake in doing this, just because I'll be tired and hurting and nothing I do helps.
But most days I'm just happy to have boobs! I love the size, sometimes even thinking they're a bit big for me, but I know they still have a long way to go dropping and fluffing.

I can sleep on my side, just getting there or adjusting things is annoying and slightly sore, but once I'm there it's lovely!

I've been so self-conscious of hugging people since I've got back, as to be it feels like I am squishing rocks up against my friends chests! But my boyfriend reassures me it just feels like a bra, or "firm and perky" boobs haha

So all in all, I am very happy so far, just want time to go a bit faster so I can see them progress!!

4 weeks Post Op!!!

In some ways it is hard to believe that it has only been 4 weeks since I got my new boobs!
I have started to regain feeling in and around my nipples, although my under-boob is still mostly numb.

During week three my nipples leaked, which freaked me out, however I was told that it was completely normal, and it was just because my milk glands were under a lot of pressure. Which makes sense! Especially as the leaked more when I had been doing my massages. This stopped after a week, which was nice!

In the last week, my boobs still ache a little when I wake up, but I'm finding it easier to sleep on my sides.
They haven't dropped much between week three and week four, they are still sitting reasonably high and not a lot softer, so I will be increasing my massages this week.

During my third week, I took my dressings off, so I got to see my incisions for the first time. They were much better than I thought they would be! I've been applying my scar cream twice a day, and have started using coconut oil on them as well.

They are slightly wonky at this stage, but I'm sure over time they'll even out.
I love them however they turn out though, I'm enjoying having boobs!

Seven weeks Post Op!

Wow seven weeks already! It's hard to believe it's almost been 2 months.

My boobs are a lot softer now, although there hasn't been much change in profile(still very full in the upper pole).

The last 3 weeks have been pretty normal, with only a few twinges here and there, and the usual aches in the night.
Even though I'm cleared to wear under-wire bras, I don't think I'm ready to leave the comfort of my sports bras behind! I still wear a sports bra to bed every night, but have a couple of bralettes and wire-free bras that I have been wearing to work and out and about.

I am now a 8/10D or 8/10DD depending on the brand of bra, and I have bought a few lovely bras in the past week!

I haven't posted any nude boob pics this week, as in the photos the asymmetry is VERY pronounced, even though in the flesh they don't look that different to one another. My left boob is definitely larger, but not as much as the photos make it seem!

Even though I haven't posted much, I've definitely been reading all of your posts!
I'm really pleased with how my boobs are at the moment, and I know they will change some more.
But do really love them :) they make me so much more confident with my partner, and with my friends as well! Can't wait to get to the beach!!!

8 weeks!

In the last week, I have been able to start wearing under-wired bras without it hurting my incisions, so I got my sexy lingerie on and had a little fun!
The girls have definitely softened up this week, and I've enjoyed having them feel more natural.

The right boob is still slightly smaller, and I think that will be a permanent thing, which is fine, I'm not really bothered by it.

Still have a few twinges here and there as the nerves continue reconnecting and coming alive.
My scars have been pretty normal, if a little darker than usual, but they are sitting a lot flatter than they have been, which is nice!

I also managed to sleep without my sports bra twice this week! It felt strange, and I won't make a habit of it, but it was good to know that it didn't feel too weird or unsupported.

Anyway that's me for the week :)

10 WEEKS!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Also hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!

So at 9 weeks(2 MONTHS!!) my boobs had softened considerably and just looking a lot plumper.

I have recently discovered a new dilemma....which is choosing a bra to wear with my outfit! I now have so many, and they all have different shapes and colours etc

During week 9, two of my colleagues(who knew about my surgery) asked about it, and it was lovely to speak freely about the procedure and recovery without fear of judgement. It was so nice!

Week 10:
They've been extra squishy this week, I can wear a push-up bra and my boobs actually squish up!
They still hurt/ache in the morning sometimes, and I am still getting zingers, but this doesn't really bother me.

They still have a bit to drop...I'm not really helping the situation though, I've pretty much given up on massages.
And they are still asymmetrical, but it doesn't bother me until I see photos,and even then I don't really care, I just LOVE them!

Some photos of bra's and tops and boobs!
I have also included another before picture, because I think I've only posted 1 or 2 previously.

FIVE Months!

Well ladies the last few months have just flown by!

When I was researching on here before I had my surgery I always wanted to see pictures around the 4-6 month mark, because that's when they've dropped and fluffed the most, and they have usually lost the pointy look. So I always knew I'd post around that mark too.
I have found it helpful being away from Realself a bit, as I was able to stop obsessing over every aspect of my recovery, and I found that the time was going by much slower, so I threw myself back into real life and it has been so good.

So, here is my 5 month update, showing all you beautiful ladies that my boobs have finally lost a lot of the upper fullness(they still have a way to go I think, but they look more normal now), and are very squishy, and my scars are doing really well too! My scars are very flat and still quite pink, but I know they get darker before they get lighter, so I'm not worried about that. Also all my scars go white in the end, so I know that will happen in time. They are very squishy, and when I wear a push up bra they actually push up! Haha a LOT!!!
I am no longer limited by any movements, and yoga feels completely normal now, no tightness or pulling.
They no longer hurt in the morning, that probably stopped around the 3-4 month mark.

I still get an occasional stabby pain, but I know this can continue on for a few more months as the nerves continue to regenerate.

A few weeks ago, a close friend let me feel her boobs, and while hers were noticeably softer, mine actually feel really natural! I think because I had to go with high profile implants, my boobs will always be a lot perkier than real breasts, and probably always a bit firmer too.

But man I am SO in love with them! I feel like they've always been mine, even though I can still remember all the heartache over not having any boobs.
So I would encourage anyone who is thinking about getting implants to just go for it if it's what you really want. It TRULY doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, it's your body and your decision!

I am so much more confident now, my sex life has never been better, and I just have a lot more confidence in social situations too. I have never felt more myself!

I've uploaded a bunch of photos from the last 3 months so you can see how they've changed.
Keep being awesome ladies xx


Wow! Hard to believe it's been a whole year already, although in some ways, it feels as if I've had boobs forever.

I still have a lot of upper-pole fullness which I don't love, but I've accepted that they will probably always be like this, as they are High Profile, and I'm very petite.
I also expected my scars to be a lot lighter by now, although I haven't done anything with them, just let them do their own thing, so they're doing alright.

My left boob is also noticeably larger than the right, which I've just had to accept, and it only really bothers me when I take pictures anyway, as you can't tell under clothes.

I am enjoying having cleavage, not heaps of it and I'm not showing it off, but it feels nice to look like a woman!

I am so excited coming into Summer, as I have a new bikini and my boobs are looking great! Last summer they were still quite high compared to now, so looking forward to them looking more natural in a bikini.

Although they have upper-pole fullness, they are squishy and move around like they're meant to.

I'm loving living with boobs!!!

Anyway, here are a bunch of pics from the last few days!
Dr Rushapol Sdawat

Dr Rushapol was lovely, very friendly and an interesting man. Straight away we were on the same page in terms of EVERYTHING, and he was very calm and made me and my partner feel relaxed. He explained things thoroughly and gave me exactly what I wanted. The wait to see him on surgery day was over an hour, and then the wait for surgery itself was another 5 hours, but it didn't reflect on Dr Rushapol, it was just the way things were. All the nurses at the hospital were very friendly, and it was a very positive experience for me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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