5 Ft, Petite Frame, 300cc, Hp, Dual Plane - Thailand

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?Dr Sanguan is most experienced surgeon at....

Dr Sanguan is most experienced surgeon at Piac.

Thai but can speak English well.

Confident in his ability and the implants were done well although I am unhappy with result (my choice of implant size)

Make sure you know what you want before as consultation to surgery is quite rushed. Don't get much time with actual dr, all questions are mostly answered by staff of Piac and attendance before and after surgery your with the nurses

Hoping they go down

Still so sore, hoping they go down a lot! Not happy with size, feel like they are too big still! I'm praying to God they drop down a lot

Day 5 post op

They still feel so large! I am slowly getting used to them, can't wait for them to drop!
Noticing some yellow bruising near underarms and in between my breasts. I still really freak out looking at them side on nude but I bought a non underwire bra for the twins yesterday and I feel so much more confident in a bra, they don't look so pointy!
I'm starting to feel like they will be normal one day! I know it's so early in progress, need to be patient! Thank you for all your comments! Will keep posting progress photos ????

More pics

5 days post op

Still not loving them without a bra

First week!! From surgery to recovery

My BA experience

Monday - Friday

From consultation to recovery.

Warning, this is a bit of an essay, it may help some of those ladies who are same body proportions as me to know exactly what I went through. So if your happy to read please continue :)

I wanted to share with other ladies my experience with getting my long awaited BA.
I once was a full c cup, weight fluctuations, mastitis in one breast causing asymmetry and age all factored into my breasts becoming incredibly deflated. I didn't feel comfortable with my own breasts anymore and always felt embarrassed about them! Since I was about 18 I have been wanting to get my breasts done but knew I was too young and wanted to wait until my breasts were fully developed and I could afford it. I booked approximately 6 months prior to surgery so I had time to research and book everything properly!

My stats at the time of surgery
Age: 22 y 9 m
Height: 152cm
Weight: 41.5 kgs
Band size: 10 (32)
Cup size: Full B / Empty C

Choosing my surgeon

Choosing to have my surgery with Phuket International Aesthetic Centre was never really a question, not only is it more affordable in Thailand, but I have multiple friends and even a client of mine have used PIAC, all with fantastic results and no complications. As I am a beauty therapist I see many good and bad breast augmentations over the years and everyone who I speak to that has had them done in Thailand has had great results. Dare I even say the ones I have seen from Australian surgeons have actually not been good at all and a lot of them with complications or reops!
The founder of the plastic surgery clinic, Doctor Sanguan Kunaporn, has a well-known and well-deserved reputation in plastic surgery. Doctor Sanguans expertise has been heavily documented over the past decade with extensive media coverage, including documentaries on the National Geographic Channel (internationally), MDR (Germany), ABC (Australia), Star TV (Hong Kong) and 20/20 (New Zealand). He also specialises in male-female reconstruction and in my book, that's a big tick! If he can make a male into a female and look as great as some of those lady boys do, then I trust his ability to do a simple BA! To read his profile follow this link http://m.plastic-surgery-phuket.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.plastic-surgery-phuket.com%2FSanguan#2673

I booked directly with PIAC and organised my own flights and accommodation as I knew exactly what I was doing and didn't need the help or extra fees of a destination cosmetic surgery rep. They are great for those who need help planning the trip, who are going alone or aren't sure what surgeon, where to stay etc.

Choosing the size and projection

After a lot of research, looking at pictures and trying to figure out what I wanted from my BA, I wanted to have a size that would be proportional to my small just under 5ft frame, basically, natural but as big as my frame could fit (but still natural and porportionate) as so many of my friends have had ba's all wanted to go bigger post op!

So I came to the conclusion before my face to face consultation that I would not want high profiles as the projection would be too unnatural. During my consultation I told dr sanguan of my expectations, natural but as big as natural will allow so I don't feel disappointed with the size and want reop further down the track. He understood where I was coming from and acknowledged that wanting to go bigger post op is a common complaint and in the case we are deciding on two sizes, best option will be the bigger.

The first sizer he handed to me was 260cc high profile, this surprised me as to how different it seemed in real life, I always had the vision that 250 - 300 was small. I guess I do have existing breasts on me so 260hp was definitely a reasonable size but as the profile was so high and the width was so small I felt it would make my breasts too far apart and look obviously placed on my body.

The next sizer I tried was 290 moderates. Ahh they looked so flat, wide and unshapely. I was starting to think maybe high profile is the better option for me.

I tried on the 300cc hps next, I was very hesitant about the projection being high profiles and larger volume but they seemed close to how I normally look in my push up bras. Dr Sanguan explained that this size would be more augmented for my frame.
I didn't want too augmented, but a little. I thought maybe the 300 in moderate + would be more natural. I expressed to him at this point that this volume is close to what I would like but under no circumstance would I like my breasts to be pointy! I asked him to try the 300 moderate plus but as my chest wall is so small he explained that I cannot fit 300 moderate plus and that if I want mod + I would need less volume.

Okay so giving in to the lesser volume I asked to try on the 275 moderate plus hoping that maybe this would be perfect width and projection for me. Unfortunately he did not have the size to try on. Trying to imagine what 275 mod+ would look like by trying on 260hps, 290mods and 300hps was so hard.
I just couldn't imagine it. How could I go into surgery without seeing what I would look like?

Ahh I was so confused at this point and became incredibly anxious. 300 mod + not fitting and not being able to try on the 275 mod +, 290 mod being too flat and 260hp having such a small base, I just could not decide! I asked to see photos of the 275 cc implants to see if that would help me comprehend how it would look on me.

As I couldn't fathom going into surgery with a size I couldn't try on I was pretty much given a choice between low volume low projection implants (natural) or high volume high projection implants (augmented) yet I wanted in between!

In the end, as the surgeon said, if your choosing between two sizes, go the larger so hesitantly I decided to go the 300cc high profiles! In hindsight I feel like the 275 mod+ would also have looked good and maybe would have been the better option but I would not have known the expected look of them until after surgery! I didn't want to go in blind :(

I do feel like my implants are too big for my frame but I have to remember I am only in my first week of recovery. My implants are incredibly high and swollen, and it is always a bit of a shock to the system seeing them in real life! I need to remind myself to be patient.

I am definitely warming up to them and hoping in 3-6 months time I love them and made the right decision!

Make sure your ps has every size to try on!
I wouldn't want you to feel as indecisive as I felt! It's scary lol.

Choosing placement and incision site

The placement I had decided on wad under the muscle. I had concluded that this is the best and most natural looking placement from all my research and through talking to friends that have gone through ba's. Another reason I wanted this placement is because most women I have spoken to that went over, in hindsight wished they went under.

My preferred incision site has always been axillary (underarm) as I didnt want a big scar on the front of my body! One of my coworkers also had hers through axillary and loved it. Coincidentally through conversation I found out one of my clients at work had Dr Sanguan for her ba! I was actually waxing her underarms and until she told me that's where her incision site was it was absolutely invisible. It was amazing! When I seen how amazing her scar was I was sold on that incision site.

Throughout my consultation Dr Sanguan explained to me that he would like to give me dual plane placement (this means the upper pole of the implant is placed under the muscle and the lower pole is placed over the muscle or subglandular) due to having a reasonable amount of existing breast tissue (condition - breast pstosis).
He explained to me that it would provide me the best and most natural result while preventing what he calls "double bubble" (this is where you can see both the implant and the existing tissue separately). Perfect, u though. Best of both worlds and he is taking my body into consideration as to how to achieve the best result! At this stage I was happy as this did sound like the best option for me!

It wasn't until we spoke about the incision site that things turned around.
Dr sanguan only offers dual plane by IMF incision! I was taken back at this point... Should I risk double bubble or should I sacrifice my preffered incision site?
I ended up giving in and trusting Dr Sanguan's professional advice and decided on IMF incision with the dual plane placement.

I never expected there to be so many curveballs thrown at me but I have to say dr Sanguan knows what he's talking about and I was so nervous but trusting of him!!

You might be wondering why I haven't spoken about texture or shape or filling.
I only had the choice of round gummy bear textured silicone implants. I wanted this anyway so no problems for me and not having the option gave me less to think and stress about lol.

Piac do not offer saline implants.

Going into surgery (Monday)

So with the treatment plan in place: 300cc, mentor, textured, round, high profile, IMF incision, dual plane placement I was ready for pre op testing!

I was taken by the nurses to be weighed and have my blood pressure taken. Then I had all the consent forms and medical history to fill out. After payment I was taken downstairs to get a blood test and a chest X-ray in the hospital.

After this I was taken back upstairs to my own private suite inclusive of ensuite, flat screen TV, balcony, couch for my partner to sleep on, fridge with lots of water, tea and coffee, lockable safe for passports etc.

I was fitted into my hospital gown by 2 nurses. Laid down on the bed and fitted with a drip in my hand. At this stage I was crying with nerves, my partner was so supportive of me and reassured me I will be fine. Within a short period of time I was rolled away to the surgical ward, there were so many nurses around me, I felt very looked after, a few could speak English so I didn't feel uncomfortable being able to communicate with them at all, one even complimented on my eyelashes lol!

The anaesthetist introduced himself and explained the process, at this time it was 12:50pm and I started to drowse off.
I woke up in ICU at about 4 feeling sore and heavy. I was taken back to my private suite by about 5pm. My partner has started to worry as the surgery takes 2-3 hours but he didn't know I was in another ward until I came back.

First few hours were very blurry to me as I was still coming out of the anaesthesia.


Upon fully waking at about 7pm on the Monday after surgery I had lost a lot of my voice and my throat was quite sore from the intubation throughout surgery. I couldn't really focus my eyes properly and felt quite drowsy still. My partner had ordered room service quite a few times, very yummy thai food. The hospital staff had brought in my dinner and my medications but I was definitely in no state to eat, I couldn't even touch my dinner that night. I vomited 4 times, I'm not sure if it was the anaesthesia, medications or pain. First time was normal, yes I know, so gross. Second time I vomited a large amount of blood, I absolutely freaked out, called the nurses and they said it was from the intubation. Phew! I wasn't dying lol.

Was given sleeping pills that night to help me sleep but as I couldn't keep them down I slept on and off, woke up every few hours when the nurses came to check my blood pressure and temperature also.

Recovery on Tuesday, the day after surgery was blurry, I woke up to nurses bringing me breakfast and medications, could only eat half a piece of toast that day for breakfast and a bite of watermelon for lunch.
Pain was quite bad as well as feeling very heavy and tight. I couldn't swallow water or medications without feeling nauseous and an excruciating pain down my trachea. I felt like not even water could go down past my chest.

I noticed that one of my breasts was a lot more swollen and painful than the other, once I told the nurse she had to pressurise one of my drains as it had stopped working!

The doctor came to check on me that day and said due to the pain, and the swelling of one breast they have to monitor me for another night! I was kind of glad as I don't think I would have been able to go back to my hotel with piece of mind! I definitely needed more morphine that first day!

The next day (Wednesday) I was feeling a lot better, breasts still heavy tender and tight but I could eat a whole piece of toast and sit up with more ease and didn't feel so dizzy all the time! Mind you, I was still in a lot of pain.
Dr Sanguan came to check on me about 10 am, he checked my wound dressings and took out my drains. Oh god that hurt!
My larger breast swelling had gone back down to normal so he was happy for me to go home in a few more hours after the would where the drains were stopped bleeding. Nurses brought me another meal for lunch before I left, I could actually eat a whole quarter of a club sandwich lol!
The nurses came to change my dressings one more time and put me in my surgical bra ready to go home. Finally! My 5 star hotel was exactly what I needed.

Slept a lot for the rest of the day when I got back to my hotel, when I felt up to it I finally got to have a shower and wash off some of those blue marks off my chest so my partner and I could go for dinner. Was quite difficult to get up and down the stairs at the hotel but i think it helped me realise that I'm okay and I could get through it. I have to admit I have a bit of a freak out when I could finally look at my breasts in the mirror, I was so regretful of the surgery and thought they were so huge and not right for my body at all! I knew it was early but my partner and you guys helped reassured me that they will be better when the swelling goes down! (Thank you!!) More medications and rest for the rest of the day!

Recovery on Thursday, ice packs became my next favourite things after water! It has honestly been the small things that have helped me get through. Like straws to drink my water and pillows to keep my body raised. I was able to go into town today, the shuttle was very bumpy and I was holding on to the twins so tight! I was definitely getting some funny looks from some of the other hotel guests on the bus lol! It hurt a lot going over speed bumps on the bus or going up/down stairs but I was able to walk and sit up/down on my own today! I won't lie and say it was easy to deal with Soi Bangla that day so we didn't stay out long. Was in bed as soon as I was back to my hotel and had a good nap after some shopping. Cold packs have helped the swelling so much. If your surgeon allows you to use them! It will help you so much!

Friday I woke up feeling a lump in my left breast and also have this persistent excruciating pain when I eat or drink anything (I was told it is from the intubation during my surgery) but as I was told this would last only a few days I was also worried about this!
I emailed PIAC to make sure that these were normal as I was worried, they reassured me the throat thing is probably nothing to worry about but the lump is concerning and organised to bring me back to the hospital. My surgeon was unavailable that day so they referred me to one of the regular doctors at the hospital for check up, the doctor could barely speak English and was not a plastic surgeon so I didn't feel comfortable with getting them to check on me! The nurses and piac reps checked my blood pressure and temperature, they had a small feel and explained that it did feel like the implant itself, I thought this might be the case at first but it didn't feel the same on my other breast and it was painful so I was sure it wasn't normal. There weren't any plastic surgeons available to check what was exactly going on so I told them I would wait to see Dr Sanguan on my follow up appointment on Monday. I'm hoping all goes well on Monday as I fly back to Australia on Tuesday!!

Had my follow up with dr sanguan yesterday

Had my follow up yesterday morning, I couldn't wait as I had been quite worried about some hardness in my left breast and the pain I have been experiencing eating after surgery.
All in all he was happy with the results! The nurse took out the stitches in my incision and placed on a small waterproof bandaging. I can start massaging in one more week! Can't wait to do this, really looking forward to them softening up! I also got my before and after photos the nurses took, have a look! You can see they are HUGE, and a bit of yellow bruising. I am being positive that they will go down to a great result as there is still so much swelling around my breasts and in my areola!
Dr Sanguan explained that the small hardness is the implant itself, thank god! I was already starting to worry about cc!
I was given some anti inflammatory medication and throat losenges for the pain from my intubation. He said its probably still inflamed from the end of the tube.
After all that, and some medical grade scar cream that I can put on in a weeks time I'm in the clear, ready to live with my new girls!
I'm going back to australia tonight. 9 hour overnight flight. I really hope I can get some rest.
I have definitely been on an emotional roller coaster this week. It hit me this morning when I realised I'll be going back to reality tomorrow. Eek. I'll keep posting progress photos for you ladies!

1 year post op

I am loving my girls. As it has been 1 year post op as of today I thought I'd share my thoughts on how I'm feeling with them now.

I absolutely love my boobies! They have settled amazingly and I am so much more confident with them now. At the beginning of my journey I was soooo worried that I went too big. I opted for a slightly larger size so I wouldn't get "boob greed" a few years on and want another surgery to make them bigger as this is so common! So of course post surgery I was freaking out thinking I made the wrong decision. I am so glad in hindsight I did opt for this as a year on I occasionally catch myself thinking they are small! I feel like they are the perfect size, I wouldn't want to be either any smaller not larger! I am so happy with how the scar has healed and the end result of my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Sanguan for anyone considering going to Thailand or PIAC.
Dr Sanguan Kunaporn

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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