19yr Old Aus. No Kids. 10B Wanting D/DD. Travelling to Phuket/Thailand - Thailand, TH

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After reading many reviews I have decided to...

After reading many reviews I have decided to create an account to document my journey.
Some stats about me:
19 Years old
172cm Tall
10B (Aus sizing)
(Please note: The price is a quote in AUD)

I will be travelling to Phuket, Thailand for my surgery. I have decided this way not only because of the low cost but also family reference. My sister had her procedure done at PIAC with DR. Rushapol. I have booked myself with him as I am confident in his work.

He has suggested Silicone cohesive gel implants, tear drop, dual plane method under the breast fold.

I have done some research on the dual plane method but am still unsure. Has anyone had this method of surgery before? If so could you please share your results?
I am really excited to show off my new body. I would love to have upper pole fullness so I can wear tops with no bra and still have a nice looking clevege.

Also if anyone has travelled to Phuket for surgery is there any tips and tricks you could give me?
I am scheduled for 25th of November, that is when all of my pre op tests are done such as blood tests, xrays ect. Then that afternoon will be going under the knife!

I am curious to try on sizers because I know once you try them on they look out of place and might change my mind to pick the smaller size, but after reading how so many girls wish they went bigger I will definitley keep this in mind.

I'm a side sleeper so I'm going to find it hard to sleep on my back. I am so excited my surgery is just two weeks away and I leave for my holiday in 10 days!
I would love to hear coments, I have been boob crazy the past couple of months researching!

Thanks for reading and good luck to you all! :)

7 days!

Only one week until my surgery. I have started to second guess myself about doing this for myself. It just makes me feel kind of selfish, i guess this is what over thinking does to you!

I have been having boobie dreams lately from thinking about it so much.
I am looking forward to the four days I have in Phuket before my sugery.

I feel going through PIAC was a great idea. From the beginning they answered all of my questions and told me about their services. The prices includes hotel and airport transfers, breast implants, dr fee, hospital over night fee and all the drugs.

Doing this in Australia would cost double of what i am going to pay and i feel as though i am in good hands.
From now on looking forward to the outcome and stop over thinking things!

I probably wont post again until after my consultation to let you know exactly what i am having.

Good luck!

1 day to go!

So here I am sitting in my hotel room and cant beleive the day is nearly here. I am really nervous as i have never had surgery before. I am also nervous about choosing size and profile.

I thought id better put up some before pics.

Its D day!

Wow this time has flown quick. I have an 8am pick up to take me to the hosptial. I will let you know what i am getting and how it went after my procedure when i feel up to it so stay tuned.
Thank you for your comments they actually do help a lot.

It's done!!

Night in hospital wasn't too bad. I woke up feeling great still am. Must be the drugs in the iv.

Dr still as to come see me to take off bandages and tell me how many cc are in me :)

Dreading the bumpy ride home. My books are huge. So weird seeing a hump on my chest. Or should I say my lovely lady lumps, check Em out.

430cc tear drop, high profile textured implants

So its all done. To be honest i am not in very much pain at all. The dr was nice but very breif with me as he is a busy man.

I psyched myself out i fhough i qas going to be in so much more pain. Its only slighty painful when i move. The ladies at piac are very consistant and polite.

I think i ma not very sore because i had the dual plane method which is under and ovee the musce. I am very happy with the size. Ill keep you updated as ill be in the hotel for the next few days. Thanks for following my story

photos for previous update


7 days post op

Hey ladies.
wow time flys after your surgery. Yesterday marked 7 days after surgery. That being said i went to visit the dr for my appointment. He eplained to me what happens when i massage them, how i massage them and how often.

I have been so pleased with my recovery. I think i was really lucky because i wasnt in much pain at all. Experienced morning boob this morning lol.

I slept on my side too! He said i can start loghf physical activity such as light jogging. This must have been because of how well i am recovering.

Im so lucky to have ny boyfriend with me for the past week as he has been nothing but helpful willing to get anything for me.

We go home in two days and i would reccomend going to thailand for medical tourism. If you follow all of your drs instructions you will be fine :)

Still no swimming for another two weeks. But that means i can still swim at christmas. Hope everyones recoverys are going well. Thanks x

Two weeks post


3 weeks post!

Hey everyone. Tomorrow marks my 3 weeks post op. I can't belive how quickly the time passes. I suppose it was better for me because i was in no pain after surgery. I could rate my pain probably a 1/10 or a 2/3 if I used my arms. I have noticed that my right breast is dropping faster than my left. I find this strange cause i am right handed and thought that one would drop slower. Also i took off my waterproof bandages to see my scars! I am really happy with them so clean i am a very happy lady.

I am so happy i have done this for myself. I would reccomend to anyone coming on here looking for inspiration. Work hard. Save your money and do this for yourself. I will update again next week :)

6 weeks post!

Hello everyone.

Been a while since i have posted, i hope everyone had a merry christmas and happy new year.
The time has flown since i had my BA done. They feel like my own and am really happy with them.

I have started to get little red stretch marks near my nipple but i am using bio oil and it seems to be helping.

(The lines across my nipples are from the bra i was wearing before the photo)

Almost 4 months post

Hey everyone. Its been a while since i have posted. Everything is happening well. The only thing i dont like about my boobs are the sretch marks. Also my right boob has dropped into place but my left still has a little bit to go. A little frustrating lol.
Dr. Rushapol

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