35, 2 Pregnancies, 5'4", 115lbs, 32A - Phuket, Thailand

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Reading all your reviews, Ladies, encouraged me to...

Reading all your reviews, Ladies, encouraged me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences too.

I'm pretty much flat with no bra or push up, and could never go out with out wearing one. Plus, when u can hardly fill a bikini, it's a little less fun :( and I'd love to be able to wear a sexy one piece with out worrying how to push up or have some boob!
I really want a natural look, not too perky, not too high, and I want breadth, not too much profile. I feel that if I want cleavage, a bra can do that for me :) and I could wear a push up for more if I wanted ?

It's been really helpful finding and reading of fellow women go through the same thought patterns, considerations, questions and dilemmas! I feel completely normal and not paranoid, and boob obsessed anymore!!

I've just booked in for my surgery /holiday which is actually happening in Thailand. My consult was via email with the coordinator coming back and forth with answers from the surgeon.

My research otherwise has been all online.

I've measured my BWD to be 12, ribcage is 29-30.
I'm hoping for Mod profile, round silicon - unsure if going for smooth or textured yet. Ideally around 225-275cc MAX. I wonder if all these things will fall in place when I have my first face to face consult??

I'll just have to wait n see !!




Waiting .... What next??

So, all is booked, i seem to have made all the decisions I can so far..
Dual plane, round, mod, armpit incision .. Still nay on texture/smooth...
I've been preparing my skin with bio oil, kind of using the experience of pregnancy stretching .. Figured, it can't hurt to add extra suppleness to the skin pre-sugery, right?
I can just imaging the engorged feeling like I had with breast feeding, heavy rocks that were so painful sleeping with!
Can anyone share what kind of pain you experienced??

Was the armpit incision much of a hinderence to mobility? How long is the scar for Silicone inserts? Pain with Movement? Walking ? Lifting ur arms and Feeding yourself ?! For how many days?

I also read some women needed help getting up out of bed? due to soreness.. Why would that be?

And what would u wear after the surgery? I'm going to be on holiday, so I'll need to pack light for this- what's the easiest to put on and take of when ur in that state?
Appreciate any thoughts u guys might have !!

Counting down to upgrade !

Still researching when I have time about textured, smooth ?
Any comments on ur experiences ladies ?
.. Still want to keep the lines of my body shape because I'm so used to being slender looking .. Definitely going bigger than I look in this bra, but don't want to be too obvious? Also reading about boob greed .. Would hate to regret going too small ..

Getting greedy

As I count down, I'm still reading, and looking at pictures of these before and afters.. And I'm starting to rethink my ideal size!!

I'm looking at the Mentor and Sientra sizes my PS will be able to supply.. With a BWD of - I think- 12.. I could go low pro and get around 280? Or I could just go for it n get hi pro and get to 355??

I know there's plenty of time to choose and change my mind.. But once I walk in to my Last consult- then it's surgery time. What I can't really decide and u fudge it? What if I end up with more than I'm really comfy with !??

Eeeek! Ps.. These are very nice (they look very real/natural) .. I like there's minimal gap .. I hope I don't end up with a huge gap ..

The real countries is on

.. The surgery is booked for tmrw... So I'm trying to really enjoy my last day of full mobility in Thailand !
I've been looking and rethinking, considering what size I hope to go to after reading other reviews..

And I'm still looking for a nice resort to recover at with my partner so he can have stuff to do while I sleep !
I do have one worry though, my silly period is doing that irregular thing again, skipping a month, or half... so I'm really scared it'll decide to turn up on the day.

Though many surgeons reviews say, no big deal, PIAC policy states they must postpone if menstrating on the day.
Oh, please please please wait till later in the week if it's going to arrive..!!


Made it out the other end!!
Feeling very heavy, it's pretty sore actually .. Taking little breaths via expanding my lung causes some degree of discomfort... ??????
Dragged up in morphine atm.. So relatively low pain .. Eek for when I come off it!! Here's my post opt - 9hrs- sneak peak ????

Final result

So, I tried on a few Sizers, it was a little chaotic because dr and nurses came and took pre op pics and marked me up. And advised my bed was between 11.3-12?

Sizers were labled by cc, they pulled out a whole pile of 300, 325, 330s.. and didn't quite discuss diameter. Other than too wide a diameter and mod profile would likely collapse on itself, sr recommended a 300-325 high profile .

The big 300+ was really scary, felt all wrong I proportion to my size. So I kept asking for smaller ... But the could only find me a 230cc with mod profile w11 bwd, and 260 high profiles . Also, the bras were like granny pointed bras so protruded more than I liked.. It was really hard to judge. I then found a 290cc mod plus, with 11.5? Diameter, which I decided I like just as much as the 260 high prof. So I thought between 250-275 would be me.

In the end I pulled out my mentor chart, and asked specifically for max 275cc,11.7 cm, mod plus Mentors.

Dr came to see me this morning and said he tried the 250, and didn't like it, and the 275 fit perfect !! I'm so glad. Really gif want to be top heavy.

However, my drains are still in, and bleeding is higher than normal, so I need to stay one more night.

Sleeping; feels much better to be fitting straight up, than on an angle. For some reason .. Compression is at its max, so maybe sitting is relieving the weight on my chest? Dunno ..
Getting sharp stabbing pains.. When I move .. Mostly my right side, I'm also right handed .. Trying to feed my self water n scratch those bl**dy feather itches ! Lol.

Also see some bruising near incision site -from blunt opening of the canal abc stuff the implant in?? U
Adding my sizing pics for those who are interested.

New babies!

Hate that I can't lift my arms, can't tie my hair.. Can't hardly put my own clothes on .. Feel like a bit of an invalid.
Also feeling very bloated , fat around my tummy, and back.. From laying down too long, too much ?? Also constipated.. Might need some laxatives ..

But, I guess once it all settles, i'll be stoked!

Underarm bruising still pretty bad..


So I felt like o might have gotten a bit got n sweaty n decided the gauze needed to come off...
There were a little smelly ..

Shock horror--!! Are they meant to look like this ???
Forgot to find out if these are dissolvable stitches ...

Aches and funny cramps?

Has anyone experienced any pulling or cramping aches under their boob?
Or like your rib cage has been crushed and it's kind of hard to breathe when sleeping ? ESP when lying flat .. I'm wondering if my bra is too tight or constricting ...
Sleeping is horrible.. Restless ..
Also feel like I'm swollen and water logged all over, thighs, midriff.. Just blubbery all over - it's so weird..
Otherwise.. I told all my incision gauze off 2 days ago cos I felt like I was sweating into them, the stitches aren't dissolvable, and they're pricking me all the time .. Ouch, sting, tickle..Thank god my follow up appointment is tmrw, hopefully they'll be taken out. My drain holes have closed up nicely , and hardly visible.
My whole underarm is numb and tender - but I feel stings and pulls- certainly a very strange feeling ..

Right boob was a little smaller to begin with . .. Not sure if it's very noticeable here ? ... Bottom curve is a little squarer??
Trying not to get too worried before everything settles down properly ... Sigh

Massaging, sleeping, aches and funny pains

So sleeping is still a mish. Always tight and stuff when I first wake each morning, getting up feel like a huge weight has been lifted of my chest ! Have resorted to sneakily sleeping on my sides to relieve that cos it's more comfy (is that bad ??) I do have to consciously swap sides to try and even it out..

Massaging the last few days I found I can't yet properly mush them together, feels like I can feel the implant digging or folding when I do it.. But 15 mins twice I day, I'm really trying to keep up as much as poss.
My right side had a little less breast tissue to begin with, so is tighter, also has more to drop for the nipple to rise up (didn't end up getting dual plane release due to arm pit incision choice)
Both boobs feel kinda bruised on the outside side boob area and around the back, also still quite numb.
Nipple sensitivity has actually gotten worse over the last week!! Just out of surgery I could still feel my nipples and they felt so normal !- damn, I thought I escaped that one !!
Both armpit incisions look quite bad right now- eww! Fingers crossed they heal ok- have been given plenty of scar gel for those ...
As for arm movement, still quite restricted, can just barely tie my hair in a ponytail on top of my head, slight stretch. Taking off clothes is hard, ESP over my shoulders, can't pull properly in that direction.
My elbows can't lift past my shoulder level yet - cons of the armpit incision !!
Also straitenibg my arms - left arm gets thus tendon/nerve pulling sensation - tight and achy when I try to feel what's causing it- I can rub my left underarm with my right hand and yup .. Something's pulling !! Anyone had armpit incision that can share or point out what that might be ?
Tempted to ask my surgeon/surgical coordinator but he's in Thailand, and tbh, not sure I'll get too much of an answer..
Pics I took the day I left Thailand. And some new soft cup bras I found. Ps, loving my arms-up side profile look.. Front profile still looks kinda funny and stiff

Oh no! Assymetry???

one side is obviously smaller than the other...?!?!
I was naturally smaller on my right side.. But with 275cc, 11.7dia, on both sides, I thought it would even out and not be as noticeable .. Also, not as round on the bottom right ?? Should I be worried ???

Right side is def still dropping slower than the left.

Constant aches

my sternum is so much more achey today ... Why ???
That elephant on my chest feel is hanging around much longer than I'd like!

Boobs Seem to be a bit softer now, but the numb bruised feeling is still pretty much there ..
When squeezing, massaging, definitely feel like I can feel the soft boob, then the firm implant .. Is that normal ??

Pinging zinging pulling pains up the side boobs are also still present, I might be one who has to bear the longer road to recovery ..

Trying to remember to sit or stand straight .. Have found myself with hunched shoulders to compensate the tight pecs? Causing shoulder and back ache too! Yikes ! Anyone else got into that habit?

Not sure about bras and bra size

After my surgery in Thailand i was given one bra in a 70D size .. Band ended up being too tight and started to notice when some numbness dulled.
I also had to get a few bras to get me thru the 9 days of tropical weather I was facing before home time!
, I tried on some 34B and 34C bras, and thought the Bs fitted better .. Now it seems they hug the peaks and not quite the full breast for support all round .. Wearing them to work became quite uncomfortable + the sensitive skin thing that's going on .. Finally got fed up with thinking it would go away soon today !!

I just had to go bra shopping during my lunch hour - and picked up a few more soft cup bras in a 34C. I tried a 32D but found the band might still be too tight and decided to stick to looser bands.
I want the girls to drop so not so fussed about support while upright since they seem to roll up to the upper pole when I lie down. So here's to daily comfort and not so boring looking underneath ;)

However, in sleep mode: I'm feeling the side boob support is very important to prevent them flopping out to the side and giving me that horrible crushed sternum/bruising pain I feel in the morning, so full cup and side support with out having them pushed together really minimises that. I need to find more supportive non wired bras!!
This weekend might need to be a full expedition for the sake of good sleep !

As for the real bra.. Sigh.. I'm still too chicken to try on .. The under wire just puts me off though it's so tempting looking at the pretty designs and colours !!! Soon, soon, I'll be patient ..

Hope you're all recovering well out there, and those who are going for it, good luck ! Happy beautiful boobies all !!

The light at the end of the tunnel

wow. After a week of aches n pains (couldn't figure if I was getting a cold and it was effecting my boobs or if it was my boobs causing the rest of my body to play up.)

It's been a tough week, somehow my body reacted by increased inflammation and tenderness all around my boobs. I was off work for 2 days because I could hardly get out of bed.
All sleeping positions were not comfortable, sternum pain lying flat, back pain sitting up, side boob pain on both sides!! Went on anti inflammatories for 4 days .. And started to feel a bit better. So I pushed for a light yoga work out- which felt great btw after .. !!
And Felt even better the next day!!
Finally a morning when I woke and NO MORNING BOOB! No pain or discomfort rolling out of bed !! No sternum pain !

Hopefully this is my turning point :) even if this is a small break from discomforts, it's appreciated. I'll still take it easy and keep up the extra care and light lifting caution.
One -two yoga sessions and some walking each week :)

Can't wait for the weather to clear, so I can really enjoy getting back to normal life :)

Pre1 month pics for progress' sake =D

3 months

hey fellow RSers!

Enjoying being fuller and having cleavage without even trying .. ;)

Though often wish there wasn't so much upper pole.. I know others of you may feel otherwise ..!!
Wishing I had gone for the 300cc 12cm implant, which would have been 0.3mm wider in diameter, but same profile projection of 3.7mm as what I got .. It would have filled the last of the Gap and provided a little more side boob ? Maybe even evened out my assymetry.. Quite disappointed I didn't push for a different sized implant on my right .. But then the surgeon was against it ... Or I think he said he had to order them in pairs ., I can't remember now ..,

Have Not seen much more change since my 6 week marker ..other than a little more softness.. Pretty glad, and hopegul that my textured round 275cc mentors, under muscle, transAx will soften more in time...

Really can't get that right boob to drop much more.. Do I hate taking pics front on. The right crease and right upper pole edge- measures and looks to be exactly 1cm or one finger higher than the left.. Add the fact that righty was naturally at least 50cc smaller .. And u get some obvious assymetry/unbalance I see in MY eyes !!
Anyway.. Getting a little bit jiggle and bounce overall.. But not much ..
Pic update for the record and for those who are interested :)


here's my slightly higher right-side front-on pic ..
Been trying hard to wear my band and push it down to help it drop ..
Though I'm thinking maybe I have very tight / small breast pockets because I don't get much/have minimal movement of my implants when doing displacement massage.

Has anyone noticed that if u wear a slight push up bra, (@3months)/push together bra- ur boobs sort of stay together till they relax and then separate ???!!

Why oh why did I not push for different sized implants?

Been waiting and waiting to post with a good update .. Waiting for more change
I know I'm only at 4 moths but there's been so little movement since 2 months ..

And there's so little movement when I squeeze - what's wrong ??

I also keep wondering if a larger implant in my right side would even out size assymetry?
The larger side is my left breast.

Righty is obviously still higher and smaller than Lefty, it's like they won't drop anymore.. Or was the pocket not created even, even though when I asked about this, the surgeon commented at my 1 week checkup before I left Thailand, that he guarantees he created the pockets evenly.. I'm not so sure now .. :(

Lying down pics

Just thought I'd show breast movement lying down.

A little more side droop would be nice ...

Regretting submuscular

The distortion seen when lifting anything heavy is a nuisance.. I'm wishing my pec muscles weren't so strong ? Something I never noticed pre-BA..
Even pulling my arms into the sides of my boobs to try to create cleavage activates my pec muscle .. and infact causes the cleavage to flatten or separate .. counterintuitive wouldn't u say?
Rushapol Sdawat

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