Liposuction Upper/lower Tummy and Hips - Phuket, Thailand

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Had my procedure done today. Only had 1400 mil...

Had my procedure done today. Only had 1400 mil removed. It does not seem much. having read a lot about the procedure from others I'm really unsure about the level of care I'm receiving. I feel they have strapped me incorrectly. I thought they would put my compression garment on. They have not. Don't think the dr drew outlines on me prior to surgery. Unless it was done when i was put to sleep. Will see after bandages are removed. I only wanted upper abdo and hips done. Dr insisted I get lower abdo also. So feeling a little pressured and neglected.

Day 3 post op

Spent the first night at the hospital. Returned to resort day 2. Loving the pain meds. the doctor sent me home with pain meds, sleep meds, anti nausea meds, vitamins, folic acid, iron tabs, anti inflammatorys. I can see that the tummy area has improved, though not sure about the hips yet. Dr Rushapol was much more thorough the day after the procedure than he was the day before. I was not outlined which still worries

me as I'm concerned he may have neglected the hip area. In consult he pointed out the areas but did not mark them. The hips don't seem much different. Hoping its just the swelling.
walked around a bit on day 2. Bruising has started. leakage has stopped. I'll add pre op photos today. To much swelling to put up post op yet

Glad Dr done lower abdo also

I'm glad that the PS done lower abdo as well as upper. I didn't like that my upper abdo was more protruding than lower. from what I can tell it does look as though its more in proportion now. Just want hips to go down. Glad I was on iv fluids for first 20 hours post op. it did flush my system well. Might get my hair braided today since I'm at resort. It is nice to recover in tropical surrounds. Right on the beach at bang Tao phuket.

Day 3 post op evening

Just had first shower since my op. feels nice to have clean hair. Went shopping for about an hour today. Swelling is not as bad as yesterday but still very swollen. Pain meds are working well. Hips do seem smaller so that is a relief. Quite bruised on flanks. Will take post pics in the morning.

Day 3 post op pics

Still swollen

Day 6

Still swelling. Am better than pm

Day 6

Pain has almost gone as long as I don't strain myself. Swelling increases dramatically during the evening. Doing a few day of tours today. Hope I don't over do it :)

Day 9 post op

Still swelling and bruising. Minimal pain.

Wanting to wear bikini this summer

Really hoping my hip swelling goes down more. Still not sure if enough was taken out. But am starting to like the new shape side on.

2 weeks post

Returned home today. Feeling a little worried about being soo far away from PS. Flight was uncomfortable. Start back at work tomorrow, hope its not too painful as my work is physical. Jet lagged ATM

3 weeks post

Still mild pain when at work. A little discomfort whilst sleeping. Still have swelling, though bruising is almost all gone. Still unsure about results. Swelling fluctuates every day.
Dr.Rushapol Sdawat, M.D

Will wait for results before I review.

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