58 Year Old, Mum of 3, Having Full Face and Neck Lift - Phuket, Thailand.

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My daughter and I arrived in Thailand from Perth,...

My daughter and I arrived in Thailand from Perth, Australia last night. She's having new boobs and I'm having a refreshed face. We've had a lovely day shopping, eating and relaxing. On Monday morning we'll be collected at our hotel (Secret Cliff Resort, Karon) and taken to PIAC for a consultation and then on Tuesday we'll be collected again to have surgery. Staying in hospital for two nights and then brought back to hotel to recover. Will keep you all posted!

The day before the day before!

Thank you all for reading my post and showing your support. Tonight I'm just going to tell what happened today and then try and answer specific questions in the next few days.

Collected from our hotel at 7.45 this morning and driven to PIAC where we were met by Joyce and Joe (I found Joyce by chance while researching surgery in Thailand. I assumed she worked at PIAC for the surgeons there. She doesn't, she's her own boss and must get commission from PIAC and other clinics - but the cost to me/you is the same. She has been brilliant throughout my constant questions, she is Thai but her written English is absolutely spot on, and both her and Joe are lovely, friendly people. They are in their early 30s and very kind and respectful. Her contact is ******@******.com and I highly recommend her if you do what we've done and book your own flights and hotel).

So... I saw Dr Veerawat. He's a quietly spoken , respectful, gentle man in his 50s. He looked at my face carefully, having only seen photos before, and suggested I should consider upper and lower eyelid surgery too. I thought my eyes were fine but he demonstrated, with a paperclip(!) what the results would look like and OMG! I'm now having eyelid surgery too.

He explained everything that will happen tomorrow, including a drip, drains on either side of my face and a catheter. The op will take six to seven hours which I was surprised at and because of this, and the fact that I'm 58, he said I will probably be placed in ICU for the first night, not for anything ominous, just so I can be constantly monitored because I will have been knocked out for such a long time. He explained about the risks: skin dying (necrosis), nerve damage and bleeding but said the chances are extremely slim. However, in view of my age, he will do a less harsh, more gentle 'refreshing' facelift, as opposed to a full-on attempt to wind the clock back 20 years procedure. I'm absolutely reassured by this, because I don't want to look 'different', just refreshed and less haggard.

As a result of the eye surgery, the cost has gone up by $2000, so the total price is just under $10,00AUD. I was a bit shocked at the price, but the eye surgery takes over two hours on its own and is extremely complex. He said it was entirely my decision and I could have it done at a later stage, in a year or two. I decided to go for it now.

After that I was sent for a blood test, chest X-ray and ECG (as was my daughter, apart from the ECG) and that was that.

We'll be collected tomorrow at 6.30am. Sadie's op is scheduled for 8.00 and mine at 9.30/10. I'll be in for two days and Sadie is staying with me for an extra night, then, all being well, we'll be brought back to our hotel on Thursday.

I'm feeling a little bit nervous, but nothing serious and not particularly looking forward to the next few days. Oh well, it will all be worth it, I hope. xoxoxox

A pre op photo taken yesterday. Note the eyes and jowls.

Joyce's contact details

It appears that Joyce's contact details have been blocked. Her website is: www.surgerycare4u.com

D Day!


Returned to hotel yesterday afternoon. Thank God I've got Sadie, my daughter, with me. I could not have managed on my own. I slept very well, due to painkillers and sleeping tablets. Sadie woke me at about 7.15 (she's taking this nursing business very seriously!) and gave me my antibiotics then cleaned my wounds with saline, applied eye drops and a cream to lower lids. My head aches at the back of both ears, where all the stitches are. My eyes are swollen and my vision keeps going hazy until I have a good blink. I wear reading glasses and have brought reading sunglasses (from $2 shop) and they're great. Sadie brought me breakfast back from the restaurant, then gave me the rest of my tabs - painkillers, anti inflammatory and another to reduce swelling. I'm wearing a face and neck strap which feels very tight - I feel as if my head is in a vice and my throat is stiff and tight. There's no doubt, it is a very painful procedure. Immediately after surgery and that night I was in dreadful pain but it's easing now. Sadie says I look better today but I can't see any difference. She's gone into Patong to buy fruit and juice etc, so her breast implant recovery period is much, much quicker. I was apparently operated on for six hours so I'm bound to feel battered and swollen. Apologies if I'm repeating myself : I'm still drugged up and can't see very well. I'm not sure what photos I've posted so far so here's a few. xox (I've no idea why some of these photos have uploaded upside down, if they have)

Day 3

The view from my sick bed!

Day 3 again

The photos didn't upload, will try again.

Day 4

Feeling better each day. Managed to go to restaurant for breakfast this morning - the staff were very interested, shocked and kind - they must think I'm absolutely mad! Sadie tells me my wounds are healing nicely (she cleans and applies antibiotic cream to them twice a day). I've minute stitches all around both ears and I can't see them. Will get her to take a photo and see if they're visible. Will also post a photo of Sadie's boobs.

Day 5

Had a rough night - couldn't get comfy with the head strap digging into my ears and neck. Feel very sore and swollen atm but it's early so maybe as the day progresses, so will I.

Still day 5

Well, after last night I, began to feel much better as the day progressed, so much so, that we got a tuk tuk and went into Karon for lunch (it has absolutely poured down all day long!). We got back around 4.00 and Sadie's boobs were sore and I was tired a my neck felt stiff and swollen, so we had a sleep. Had dinner in the hotel restaurant and ready for bed now. My eyes feel and look wider now, which is fab, as my vision was quiet restricted when they were so swollen. Looking forward to having stitches out tomorrow and will post more pictures. Thank you all for your kindness xox

Day 6

Feeling good today. Had half of my stitches out, all around my eyes, apart from the 'dart' in my eyebrow, and all from the front of my ears. The rest, behind the ears, into the head and the darts will come out on Wednesday. Dr V very happy with my progress. Been shopping all afternoon even though it's still bouncing down. x

Day 7

Slept well last night... overdid it with all the shopping! Had a lazy day today but going out for dinner soon . Feeling much, much better. Rest of stitches out tomorrow, hopefully. Thanks for all your lovely comments. x

Day 9

Had some stitches out but still got the darts in my eyes and all the stitches in my hair. Feel rough, swollen and sore. Sadie's got some mega laxative juice from the doc, the weather's grotty so we're just resting.

Day 9 should have read Day 8

This is day 9! Feel tons better today. Going for some Restalin in my cat's arse mouth this afternoon, but to be honest, the f/l has massively reduced the lines around my lower face. Had a shower, washed my hair, put some lippy on and got Sadie to take my photo (thinking I'd look fanbloodytastic)... I still look like a hamster with my fat cheeks but I'm getting there. Sadie's looking lovely - the laxatives worked! I was mistaken by a Chinese lady for the toilet attendant at breakfast yesterday... she came in and started talking and gesticulating at me. I smiled and shrugged, indicating I didn't understand and I think she swore at me in Cantonese or whatever. When I told Sadie, she said I look very Chinese with the darts in my eyes and my round cheeks. I hope the hotel doesn't give me a written warning! Hopefully, rest of stitches out tomorrow and the weather's picking up. Whoop whoop! xox


Day 9

Photo of Sadie which wouldn't load with mine.

Day 13

All done and dusted! Still puffy, sore behind my ears, my eyes are swollen and my neck is very tight. Other than that, I'm delighted with the results and feeling so much better each day. Dr Veerawat told me I had around 500 stitches, so considering it's less than a fortnight ago, it's amazing. Thanks for all your kindness and support. xoxox

Two weeks today and feel fab!

Cannot believe how quickly I've healed. Still a little swollen and numbness and my neck is stiff but look at the before and afters of my neck! No regrets whatsoever and don't regret having it earlier, I believe 58 was exactly my time - I looked and felt old and I don't anymore. Peace and love to you all (and I'm not a rampant hippy ) xox

Finally home!

The flight was very, very tiring - 10.45 take off, got in at 6.00am, home just after 7.00, chatting and eating (Virgin are very tight with their food and drinks and I'm not a big eater!) then to bed until about 11. Didn't think I'd be jet lagged after a 6hr flight but I am. I didn't do much yesterday apart from unpacked and washed. My husband is a hero and the house was sparkling and the fridge is full. Felt tired and swollen and went to bed at 9.00. Slept well and dosed until 10.00 which is unusual for me. Feel rough today, swollen and sore. The Restalin and Botox in my top lip seems to have doubled in size overnight and I feel like a bloody chimp! I've had to put make up on to come help my d-in-law in the beauty salon and I think I look like I've just had a Beverley Hills facelift (apologies to Beverley Hills ladies who have 'refreshing' facelifts!). I hope it's just the flight and tiredness. x

Day 23

Feeling great! So grateful I found this facial massage on the internet.

Thailand Plastic Surgeon

A lovely, kind, respectful, gentleman. His English is very good and he takes his time to explain things and even held my hand when I felt so sore the next day. Would recommend without hesitation - he has an excellent reputation in Phuket and apparently is the leading surgeon in butt lifts ... My brother, who's in the UK, saw my before and after photos. He says Dr Veerawat's not a surgeon, 'he's a bloody magician!' He is.

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