So Excited for my Long Awaited Boobies!!! 2 More Days to Go :))) - Phuket, Thailand

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Hey all beautiful ladies here, I'm so happy that...

Hey all beautiful ladies here, I'm so happy that I've found this site some months ago and I've been reading on everyone's reviews ever since. This is my first post, I've been waiting for the time to come closer so you guys won't have to wait too long to see the before and after. I felt I've been waiting for this for soooo long. When I started developing I was so excited but after a year or so it just stopped. And ever since I've always longed for boobs because now I don't even fill out an A cup. I have never wore a bra without padding because where I grew up, most girls were very curvy. I am more of the slender type and standing next to curvy girls just made me look like a stick lol

I always used to tell myself that I will get them after when I'm done having kids but then why not enjoy some boobs of my own while I'm single :)))

I am 24 yrs old. 168cm and 54 kgs. I am planning on getting my BA in phuket Thailand. I didn't use any agency, I just did my research online. I came across two hospitals which was Bangkok hospital phuket and Phuket international hospital. They are both reputable hospitals in the area. I ended up choosing Bangkok Hospital phuket.

So I arrived in Phuket on Wednesday 22nd January and had my consultation on the following day, which was Thursday, with Dr. Poonsak. He explained to me the different kinds of implants and the incision options. He also showed me some past patients post op scars. Afterwards they gave me a spandex bra to try on some different sizes and I admit a bit of boob greed came over me lol

Oh I forgot to mention, while I was at the waiting room, I met a lovely Aussie girl who was 7 days post op. She told me I could touch them if I wanted and I did and they looked really good. She was a bit petite and slender, she told me she had gotten 300cc and were currently a D in the healing process but they didn't look too big at all. Just looked perfect for her size. Sorry and then back to the story, because my left boob is bigger than the right so I ended up choosing 295cc for the left and 330cc for the right. Moderate plus profile. I'm hoping to be a full C after the dropping and fluffing part. I'm not sure if that's how u say it :)

I guess the doc and I would go through the sizing again on the day of the surgery. They told me I would have to stay in for one night. I had tests done on Thursday already and all were fine. I could've chosen to have had it done that afternoon but I was dealing with the monthly fairy that moment.

I will post a pic of which I took yesterday and I'm sad to say this bikini has not one but two paddings. I would also post some wish pics that I stole from on the net. I will try to take some photos without padding with the same bikini to show u guys the pre and post op results.

Thanks for reading and if any questions feel free to ask me ;)

Post op day 1

Hi all today is the day after surgery. I arrived to the hospital 8am and met up with Dr. Poonsak to confirm everything again (size and incision) because my left breast is bigger so he needed to try it in the operating then he would know which size balance with the right but I told him that I wanted to have 325cc on the right. So he would try the 275cc or 300cc to see which match better.

Having finished discussing that, they took me to settle the payment for surgery and led me to my room. My surgery was scheduled for 11am and walking to the OR was when it finally hit me that I'm actually getting bigger boobs and I felt very nervous.

Inside the OR, the whole room was painted blue which was calming and the anesthesist lady came and started the injection on me and asking me a few questions like have I had surgery before etc etc. While getting IV inserted into my left hand, Dr. Poonsak held right my hand which was so so so comforting. I don't remember going under, last time I remember was myself talking.

When I woke up, I was in the recovering room under a warm blanket. The anesthesist told me that when I woke up, it is normal to feel a bit pain and tight. But funny thing is that I didn't feel any pain or too much tightness. Even until now. I just have a really sore throat but the nurse said it was due to the breathing tube they put on me.

After I woke up from the recovering room, they transferred me back to my room. I looked at the time and it was 4pm. I slept on and off for a few hours. I could walk to the loo with the nurse holding my drain bottles. I really didnt experience any pain but I felt super super hangover. They brought me baked salmon and potatoes for dinner, I had some and went back to sleep. The nurse would come in to take my blood pressure and temperature every one hour. By night, I was going to the loo by myself and walking around and sitting up. I felt just fine but still a bit dizzy. The nurse came in around 10pm and gave me a sleeping pill. But I didn't take it. I was feeling hangover already so I slept just fine.

So that was yesterday, and this morning post op day 1. My doc came in at 7:30am to check up on me, he took out my drains and again I didn't feel any pain or maybe I just have a high pain tolerance ;) he changed my bandage around my boobs and I asked me if I wanted to see them in the mirror. It has finally hit me that I have boobssssss :)))) I didn't have a chance to take a photo cuz he wrapped me back up. They are still hard but not too high which I'm happy with. Doc says they will start softening up after day 7 or so. He gave me a card with my implants size and serial number. So he ended up choosing 300cc with 325cc. I couldn't be happier with my doctor so far. I was expecting to wake up in pain and breast to my collar bone but I really haven't experienced anything unpleasant and my doctor was so lovely, soft spoken and professional. He has a quirky sense of humor which eases me when I was nervous.

I'm up and about like normal so I choose to be discharged at 11am today. They will give me medications before I leave and have to come back after 2 days for a check up. They won't be needing to remove stitches since they use dissolvable ones.

I will post front view and side view of my new boobs wrapped in bandages :)

I will keep u guys updated and show u as soon as I get to take these bandages off after few days.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support xoxo

Monday 27th was surgery so I'm guessing post op day 3?

I'm back to my hotel room already. Yesterday evening I still haven't felt any discomfort so I walked around and went down to patong beach. But towards the night, it started to swell a bit and started to feel a bit tight. I guess it's normal. I had some dinner, took my meds and took a shower. My bandages aren't wrapped that tight so I couldn't resist to just take a peek :)) I feel the implants are sitting on top of my boobs but I'm not really that worried because after day 7 post op I would start my massaging regime and with some time, they should drop into place.

I'll attached some photos of my boobs and another photo of a pic I found online of the dropping process. Keeping in mind everyone's body heals differently.

Today I'll need to go buy a sports bra for my consultation tomorrow where they will change me from these bandages.

Post op day 4. Dropping slowly but surely

The girls are starting to look great and feel even better! I'm so excited!!! today I got changed from my bandages to a sports bra and with my clothing. I can see my figure looks so much better and curvy thanks to my new boobies. They are starting to drop and feel less hard and sit less high on the top. Only thing I'm worried about is that they don't shrink too much. I'm really happy with the size. My doc said that they wouldn't shrink, that they should drop into the pockets made for them in the coming weeks :))
Dr. Poonsak

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