24, BA from A to DDish + Labiaplasty in Phuket

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I am off to Phuket, Thailand, in late November...

I am off to Phuket, Thailand, in late November 2014 for what I'm hoping will be the trip of a lifetime, in a positive way. I'm getting a breast augmentation to take me from an A to a DD. I'm also getting a labiaplasty to get rid of some embarrassing unevenness. Then there's the not as obvious (or exciting) but no less important dental work- 4 wisdom teeth to go!
I'm terrified but so excited at the same time. I've never had surgery, and I've never travelled.
Looking forward to sharing my journey and hearing from other people who've has similar experiences!
Photos to come x

Bit of background...

So I've always been conscious that I didn't have what a lot of other girls had. Starting from swimming lessons in Year 5 or 6 when other girls bodies started changing and the crop tops started getting worn, I had that envy. I always hoped things would changed, however I got taller, my hips got broader, but no boobs!
I'd joked about getting a BA from about 16, but went through phases of body hate where I considered it much more seriously.
That being said, I refused to get my ears pierced for years because I thought I was subjecting myself to pain and disfigurement simply to attempt to fit a social norm and make myself attractive to men... Then I turned 12 and decided the only pretty earrings were for pierced ears and I kinda wanted them... lol.
So the thought of spending thousands of dollars to put some fake object into my body for purely cosmetic reasons just didn't sit right with me. It still doesn't really, but its come to a point that it is outweighed but the negativity I feel about myself generally.
The turning point came a couple of years ago when I met my ex's family and friends... Specifically, one of his "best friends", who physically launched herself at him when she saw him. So I had this skinny-in-a-borderline-too-skinny-but-so-long-kinda-way-you-cant-stop-staring, blonde, tanned, 19 year old cheerleader with the biggest, perfect, REAL boobs, IN HER UNDERWEAR (like WTF??), hanging off my boyfriend... She made it clear that it was a competition that I hadn't even realised I was in.
It was driving home alone afterwards that I bawled my eyes out so much I had to pull over, and called a plastic surgeon from the side of the road and booked the soonest appointment.
And that is how all this came to be.

First plastic surgeon visit

I visited a local plastic surgeon, who was lovely. Very calming, not too smooth and not judgmental. I had originally thought I wanted anatomical implants under the muscle, because I didn't want to look pornstar fake and and I wanted to feel more secure with them under than over. The PS suggested however that I go round and over the muscle. His reasoning was that I have next to no tissue in the upper pole, and round implants would come closer to correcting that. In terms of over the muscle, he said there was no real point disturbing all the muscle if I didn't have to.
"I would usually suggest under for women who are very skinny, to mask the outline of the implant. You have got enough...tissue... to hide that line just fine, so I would suggest over the muscle. You could be back to work in a week".
I know what his point was, but standing there half naked I still tried to suck my gut in.
I said that I was concerned about them rupturing. He laughed and pulled out one of the implants. He threw it on the ground, stood up, and stomped on it several times. Not a concern, he said. I appreciated the demonstration, and appreciated that he didn't just coo at me and tell me the chances were minimal, because I wouldn't have been particularly convinced.
In terms of size... Oh I wish I could remember. He said a size, and then sat and looked and looked at me for a sec. I said "I'm pretty big..." And he said "Mmmm you're right", and added another 50 or so cc's on to what he was thinking. I might have to give them a call and get them to check my file...
He quoted me $10,000 and told me he could fit me in in the next fortnight.
I spoke about it with the boyfriend who was very much against it... We didn't last long. I still put it off for longer with money and things like that though. Until now...

Biting the bullet!

So after years of thinking about it, everything fell into alignment in my life. Money, job, family, lack of partner, other commitments etc. I met a few girls since my PS appointment who have had BAs, including one who had a great job done in Bangkok, and said the experience was fantastic. In my years of joking about going to Thailand for a BA the whole cosmetic surgery industry scene over there has come so far, and now its a major tourist attraction) not that I need to tell a lot of you that!
So I decided to do it...
Decided on Phuket, at PIAC. I completed the registration form and sent it through with my photos. They sent me a speedy reply with the surgeons recommendation "Dr. Thanakom recommends Round implant size 350-500 ml under muscle via below breast incision, via breast fold
incision. This is 115,000 baht". Which is what I had in mind! Still wasn't keen on going over the muscle just to save some recovery time, and I wanted a breast fold incision.
I also enquired about a labiaplasty.... Another thing that has always bothered me. One side of my labia minora is really long. Someone on here described it as looking like a piece of chewed up bubblegum (hers, not mine), but its the best and funniest description I've heard. The reply re that was that it can be discussed during the consultation, with cost between 40000-80000 baht. I seriously considered taking to it with scissors when I was younger (the skin is soooo thin, it wouldn't really hurt right?) but realised that it wasn't quite on par with my mother piercing her own ears with a needle and an apple haha.
Basically, I just want to be at a point where I'm comfortable naked. Right now, people don't see me without makeup. I don't like taking off my bra, cos its a disappointment. Or underwear, just awkward. I have only had a couple of boyfriends and no one night stands, because I don't want people knowing what I look like under makeup and clothes, I'm too vain for that.
So hopefully, this trip can change all that. I would really like to think that it can't be worse, don't want to end up on "Cosmetic surgery gone bad" or the like...
Soon I'll post a heap of questions I have about surgery and the trip... And some photos, too!

Before: Itty bitty boobies!

Wish boobs!

Most of these wish pics I have taken from other peoples on this site- it seems like a lot of us like the same look.
It's hard picking boobs... There's the "do I go big and risk looking fake so I can get my moneys worth" versus "Do I go smaller and look natural but go through pain and surgery and thousands of dollars for people to not even notice these babies" haha.
I'm big, I'm 5'9 and very broad across the chest. Then I have a little waist and very broad hips. I love my curves, I just wish I had the boobs to even out my hourglass! So... I know I need to go big. I need round to get the upper pole fullness. I'm still unsure about high / moderate profile. I like the idea of a bit of side-boob, and to be honest I think I'll need them that wide to avoid the bolt on look.
I think anything I like looks fake naked. And at the end of the day, I'd rather they looked nice and fake and fill my clothes, than natural and saggy / small / slightly disappointing.
On that note, I can find so many I like with bikinis or bras on. It's so easy to dress them up... I'm so envious lol. It's harder to find more in clothes, but there are still plenty. Here are some of my favourites!
PS... I do recognise that in most of these pictures I'm also having body envy, not just boob envy, and the exact same boobs wouldn't necessarily have the same look on me.

Why bra size doesn't matter...

As you can see from my photos, I have very little breast tissue, but because I'm broad I still fit bigger cups better than smaller cups. The floral bra is a 10E I bought to put sizers into, to see roughly what I'd need to fill the gap, no padding. The black is a 12D, small wedge of padding at the bottom. The black with pink straps is a 10B, with a bigger chunk of padding at the bottom.
I can never walk into a shop and buy the same size- if I want something to give me cleavage I have to buy a bra that is too small, like the 10b.
But hopefully not for long :)

Trying again with photos...

It's done!

So I'm now a bit over 2 weeks post op. I received 450cc round, textured, moderate plus profile implants, and a one sided labiaplasty with Dr Thanakom at PIAC, Phuket.
I would say that what I'm going to say may be a bit unsettling for anyone looking at surgery there, but I'm going to be honest. Obviously my perspective will be different from others, so take it as you will. I've put both my reviews together because i certainly cant separate the experiences and imagine that there will be others who may have the procedures together.

Arrived in Phuket, got picked up at the airport by Nadia from PIAC. She had a sign with my name on it and was easily picked out of the crowd. She led me outside and the driver helped with my luggage and took us to the hotel. PIAC offers complimentary transfers to and from the airport and to all appointments.
Got to the hotel at the end of a very long day- I've never flown before and was pretty scared. I stayed at the Aspasia, which is one of the hotels which offers deals in conjunction with the hospital. We were led to the room, only to find that it wasnt made up and was still dirty from a previous couple. Encouraged to go to dinner while the room was fixed. Got back after and the room was ready... Twin beds about a metre apart which was a tad cosy but hey.
The next day went down to Kata beach... Absolutely disgustingly filthy- the beach, the surrounds, the water. Yep I'm used to beautiful Australian beaches, but I was still surprised.
Settled in for a last meal later that night... Wasn't supposed to eat or drink 8 hours before surgery, so ate for the last time about 10pm.

Day of surgery- before

We got picked up from the hotel at 9:30am, driver only. Took close to an hour to get to the hospital. The traffic is completely hectic but its fun to watch.
Got dropped at the front door of the Phuket International Hospital. Wandered in, gave me name at the front desk and after a little while they understood me. I had some forms to fill out about getting admitted to the hospital "Sign to say that all your rights have been explained to you.." Well no, they haven't... but sign anyway.
Someone came down and led us up to PIAC, which I didn't realise is pretty much just a series of offices inside the big hospital.
After waiting a little while on a couch in the waiting area, a nurse with fairly poor English took me into a corner. Their way of introducing themselves is by pointing at your name on a form and waiting for acknowledgement that is you. This nurse went over my disclosed medical history, diabetes, heart disease etc. She took my weight, asked my height, and took my blood pressure, before putting me back on the couch. It does not look like the photos on the site.
After waiting a little while one of the nurses said the doctor would see me. I was lead down a corridor and into the doctors office. Dr Thanakom was friendly, shaking my hand and introducing himself before sitting down. He asked me why I wanted the surgery, before leading into a powerpoint which covered all the basic details of breast augmentation- placement, incision, shape, texture etc. He explained the risks and complications, long and short term, including stating that the risk of capsular contracture is now believed to be as high as 10%. While I was aware of all these things, it was good that he went over it all and and made sure I understood.
He led me into an adjoining office, which had an adjustable examination table. I was asked to take my top off and sit on the table. The nurse who took my blood pressure came in. Dr got out callipers, a texta and a ruler, and the measuring and drawing began. We spoke again about size. I said I still wanted round, textured, under the muscle, and between 450-550ccs. Much as I didnt want to go on the higher end, if it was going to take that much then I would have done it. Dr said my body was suited to all those choices, and gave me 400 and 450cc implants, and a bra. The nurse helped me put the bra on, and put the sizers in, with a white fitted tshirt over the top. He said the 450s would look like the 400s when they were in, and that 500s would look like the 450s when in. The 450s looked huge, but I knew from research I didnt want any smaller. So I took a breath and locked in 450ccs.
The DR left and the nurse took a range of photos of me, topless and with the bra on and implants in.
The dr came back in to discuss the second half of the operation, the labiaplasty. I had to take my pants off, and lie back in frog position lol... He had previously said he performs the wedge method, rather than trim. I told him that respectfully, I didnt think it would be possible due to the amount and placement of the extra tissue. It was fairly easy to say what I wanted- one side is fine, so i just wanted it to match as best as possible. My biggest concern was that the extra skin went all the way up to the hood, and I was worried he'd take too much and sensitivity would be impacted. All he really did was um and ah and say he's do what he could, but not in a way that concerned me.
Then he left properly, I got dressed and went back out to the waiting room. Oh, after more photos of my hoohaa.... Not awkward at all lol.
A nurse directed me to a young guy who took me to go get bloods and xrays done. Went to pathology, a lady pointed at a seat, asked my name, I stated it and she pointed to a piece of paper eith my name on it. I confirmed it was me, got swabbed, a single syringe was taken, and got waved on. The guy then led me to xray. An old man gestured at a locker, where i took m top off and put an xray top on. The man gestured to the machine but i didnt know what he wanted, so he put his hands on me, stood me how he wanted, gestured "stay", said "deep breath" and took the xray. I was waved on my way once more and escorted back to PIAC. So efficient, bloods and xrays literally done in a matter of minutes. Quite impressive.
Another PIAC staff member came over to speak to me. She was from the Philippines, not Thailand, and spoke great english. She confirmed all the nitty gritty details of my surgery again, which was reassiring. She asked if there was any other questions I had, or if I wanted to change size, etc etc. I had to sign that I agreed.

Day of surgery- before part 2

I was taken to my room at the hospital. I was told my friend could stay overnight with me on the couch (but if she wanted a bed she could get one for an extra 300 baht). The room was simple but roomy.
After a while a nurse came in and gestured to me to lie down. I lay down and she put the cannula in, I wasn't really expecting that but hey. It was just fluids at that stage. She trotted out.
A bit later another set of nurses came in. There had been a set of basically pajamas on the bed- Id put the top on but not the bottoms. They pulled my top and made sure Id put it on properly, then gestured for me to take my skirt off, and then my underwear off.
****If you go with anyone, be warned- they have no concept of privacy. They will strip you in front of however without blinking, and will not think before doing any procedure on you in front of someone else.
So they put my sari style wrap pants on for me. My hair is down to my butt, and as per the instructions i had washed and braided my hair so it was out of the way and wouldnt tangle. They pulled my hair out, left the elastic on the bed and said "Allergies?". I said "No" and they left.
I just lay back down and tried not to panic at that point. Soon the guy that had led me around before came with a different bed. He and a nurse got me to move onto that bed, and they wheeled me from the room. My friend followed me through the corridor, down the elevator and into the surgical ward, where she had to wait. We continued down the corridor and stopped. I heard knocking and my lovely friend was waving through the door, i was really questioning myself at that stage. I was lying up looking at all the light fittings- the whole way along the corridor and in the room the lights werent installed. There were just holes cut in the ceiling, and the fittings were hanging / sitting in the ceiling cavity. I was like, "Are you serious??"
I was lying there for a few minutes while he got gowned and masked, and wheeled me through to another room and into theatre. I saw on the board outside the room my name, and the procedures I was down for. That was a relief.
Inside theatre the guy trotted off and I was surrounded by about 6 people in masks doing whatever it was they were doing and chatting in Thai. One came over and said she was assisting. She was lovely, and tried to put me at ease, said they'd done about 10 already that day (really??), and that soon id get to meet my tall dark handsome anaethetist lol. He came over and said wed get started shortly and not to worry. It was amazing how much a simple smile from them meant at this point in time. At the same time though I was getting strapped to the table- not a nice feeling.
The dr came in and showed me the boxes with my implants, and showed me the sizes etc were right and the boxes were unopened.
Then... the mask went over my face. They told me to take deep breaths, and I did. After nearly a minute (it felt) I still hadnt felt sleepy, so they said again, deep breaths, and fiddled with something. Then I was like "OMG what if I die. What if they turn it up too much? What if they dont turn it up enough and I can still feel it? What if this is the last thing anf then I die? I can still pull out..." Then "Shut up and take a deep breath, youll be fine, think of how hot you'll look in a month! " I felt myself smile and thats the last thing I remember haha.

Day of surgery- after

Here's the part where, if you're squeamish, read on warned.
I open my eyes and I'm looking at a nurse who's checking the monitor besides my bed. I asked her what time it was- 4:40pm. I was taken to surgery about 1:15, was probably knocked out about 1:15pm. She said "stay here for while, maybe hour, then room" then wandered off. I could see the clock on the far wall but couldn't quite make it out. I could see I was in a long room, broken up into glass cubicles, so i could see alongside me. There were nurses around but for the next hour no one looked at me. The first song in my head was "build me up buttercup", so i started singing it to myself. It helped me come to more= not that I felt groggy for more than a minute, like you might after a nap- and helped me know that i was still working lol. Im sure to start off with it just sounded like "Blergh hajf blha hhpf", but still...
After an hour passed a nurse came with the young guy and i was wheeled back to the room.
I said Hi to my friend, who was surprised to see me so perky.
A nurse took my blood pressure, which was fine.
That was about 6 pm. I was bandaged up around the chest, and had th sari wrap on my bottom half. I had a peek- all seemed neat and tidy down there, through i had a streak of clotted blood along my leg. I was a bit surprised that there wasnt anything underneath me or anything, and i just had the wrap on, but figured it was fine. I had drains in, one coming from under the bandages from each side of my bandages.
I needed to go to the toilet. i needed a hand to get upright, cos I didnt want to pull anything. Stood up slowly, no dizziness. I carried a drain in each hand and my friend carried my drip stand to the toilet. Was able to get uo and down by myself, and it didnt sting when I peed. The toilet roll holder though, with complete logic in a hospital ward, was right behind me on the wall. Not easy to reach!
Got up and after I washed up got a hand getting back to bed.
I got dinner brought up and ate a little. I wasnt in any pain, and wasnt overly hungry.
Got up and peed again, I couldnt shake the cotton mouth feeling so was drinking heaps.
That time there was blood when I dabbed myself dry. Fresh, nosebleed blood. I got back into bed with icepacks and toilet paper and got it under control. but it took a little while. No nurse came to see me until 2am.
I know it isn't Australia.... But 2am- 8 hours between checks??? She changed something drip wise, and took my temp. I spose they just assumed that my friend would take care of me... but she cant take my temp or BP, and I didnt want her, even as a nurse herself, checking my wounds.
I would have panicked so much if I was on my own.

Day of surgery photos

More day of surgery photos


Day 2

The next day, after fairly spotty sleep, i woke up 5:30ish. A nurse came about 6 and gave me meds- Id had 2 lots the day before. I'll get the names, but they were 3 anti-inflammatories cross pain killers. One was Arcoxia, which isnt FDA approved ( not that that says a heap either way). I had the same lot of pills again, and was getting fluids and antibiotics via the drip.
By this stage I had the bleeding under control, but hadn't been up again to go to the toilet.
I had a little bit of breakfast. Theres a menu in the room for the cafe on the ground floor, so my friend ordered us food from there after we saw the hospital food. Who says banana pancakes with choc syrup isnt a good after surgery breakfast lol?
Still no dizziness or nausea or pain, just lots of pressure on the chest. It was just a bit tiring, because breathing is kinda important and it was like you really had to think about it.
The nurses came by again, to change my drip, change the sheets and bathe me.
So 2 of them walk in, and I have to ask my friend to avert her eyes.
They gesture me out of bed, and then start chattering and shrieking "You period!" As they point to where I've bled everywhere the night before. I didn't realise quite how bad it was- but being a plastic bed it spread too. I said "No period, operation", before "Period!" and fingerpointing happening again. I said "No, operation, labiaplasty" and mime scissors while pointing downstairs. They clearly had no idea what I'd even had done, which made me think there probably wasnt a nice neat little chart with all my notes and obs on it...
So then they look at each other and one starts stripping the bed WITHOUT GLOVES! Imagine if I had something, and she spread it?
The other one takes my wrap off, leaving me standing there wearing just the bandage around my chest. Then starts wiping me with a face washer. My friend became very interested in the wall... But really all she washed was my shoulders. Then they remade the bed without cleaning it properly... gave me a clean pant thing and I got back into bed.
About 1 the doctor came to see me. The nurses sat me up and pulled the bandages off my chest, and unwrapped my pants so he could see. I told him about the bleeding and he said it was fine and all looked good, it didnt appear anything had ripped or torn. He was happy with my boobs, only minimal bruising under the right one. He gave me a super sexy bra to wear instead of the bandages, the same pretty much that I'd used to try the implant size originally. The nurses put it on me.
He said I was right to be discharged as long as the bleeding didn't start again before i left.
A little while later I got dressed, the discharge nurse came and took me to the pharmacy. At the pharmacy it crossed my mind what everyone had said- that its hard to go to the toilet after. So I tried to ask for that but she didnt understand me. So I got my take home meds, and got a lift back to the hotel. The meds were the 3 pain killers, antibiotics for twice a day, tylenol for break through pain, and diazepam for night time.
Back at the hotel I tried to get comfy- not entirely easy, one thing that was comfy for my top half wasnt for my bottom half and the opposite. But no real pain. Woohoo. Toddled down to the hotel restaurant for dinner, which was fine, and popped back up to bed. Just went slowly on the stairs so I didnt get my heart rate up.
I stopped taking the Arcoxia that day, because I didnt want to be on too much, and I didnt like the lack of FDA approval.

Days 3-6

Day 3 was pretty easy, just ate in the hotel, didn't want to be in a car or public yet.
Day 4 got a lot worse... tightness seemed worse, pain was worse and I think the swelling reached its worst maybe? All in the boobs though. Getting in and out of bed was the worst, i needed help to sit up. My stomach muscles were really starting to kill by then. Everything just seemed sore.
Day 5 I got out- we got a driver to take us around and see some of the sights. No dramas. I'm pretty into photography though, so I spent the whole day carrying my camera around, and my pec muscles were a bit sore by the end of the day. It was good to be moving a bit though.
Day 6 pretty much the same. I dont think I took the valium until day 4.
I had had some wipe downs with baby wipes, but on the 3rd day i think i showered. I had waterproof dressings over the wounds so it was fine. Drying off was the hardest part, moving the towel to dry my back etc.
Still no pain from the labia. I was very careful about the way I was sitting, shifting my weight etc. In the room I would usually sit on my squishy U-shaped neck pillow, which took direct pressure off it.

Photos day 3-6

So i finally looked at them properly... Not unhappy with the shape! The size, I was ok with. I knew I could have fit a lot bigger, but didn't want to. Although as expected, I did wonder... haha.

More day 3-6

Labiaplasty... Looking fairly neat I think, swelling but not really much bruising.
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