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I'm writing this review on 1. Experience gettting...

I'm writing this review on 1. Experience gettting surgery at The Plastic Surgery Institute in Phuket. 2. Why I didn't go with Cosmedi Tour and 3. Breast Augmentation with Dr Rushapol.

My stats are;
25 years old, no kids, height 169cm (5'6) weight 61.5kg (135.58 pounds) - 62.5kg after breast Augmentation.
Breast size before: 32B (which typically tended to be slightly big for me but could never quite fit into a size A cup).

Currently 2 weeks post op so don't know bra size just yet.

High profile, textured round implants, under the muscle 300cc in right and 325cc in left, breast fold incisions.

The reason I decided to have surgery through PPSI was through extensive research and reviews of the Institute in addition to researching the surgeons working at the hospital.

Initially I was considering going through an agency; Cosmedi tour. There are multiple reasons I chose not to go through Cosmedi tour. Firstly I was considering getting the BA in Sydney with the Gold coast academy surgeons. I sent in an initial enquiry asking who the practicing surgeons were so that I could do my research. I made it specifically clear that I would only decide going ahead with surgery with them once I knew the exact person who would be doing the procedure. They told me I needed to send in an online assessment and send all the pictures and a surgeon would be allocated. So I went through the process- which was not easy as there were multiple glitches when uploading pictures. I stated I only wanted a subtle natural looking cup. I received a review of my assessment and pictures recommending 350cc to 500cc. I was shocked at this reccomendation as I know a few people who had less cc's and I did not want to go nearly as big as them- this of course bumped up the price to the maximum pricing. When writing back to cosmedi tour I was told that it was a typo writing 500cc (it was meant to be 400cc) and the higher costed price that was quoted was based on a "specific brand" that was selected for me yet they provided no additional information regarding what the brand was and why it was selected. This was well above the price stated on the website for teardrop implants up to 400cc's. I saw that two surgeons were named who reviewed my pictures and questioned as to which surgeon would be operating. After some research on the gold coast academy I realised that a trainee surgeon would be the one performing the procedure with one of the head surgeons overseeing it. When I questioned this with cosmedi tour (as none of this was mentiones on the cosmedi tour website or assessment) I asked how many years the trainer had and what the name of the surgeon was, as that was the specific information I was after prior to even completing the assessment. They then told me they could not tell me who it was as it would be selected about a week before surgery (after paying a non-refundable $1000.00 deposit) I also did additional research on the head surgeons and read multiple negative reviews and was not really impressed by their work. As I was not having them arrange travel or accomodation, I was advised that it is illegal to request a non-refundable deposit ( before even meeting with the surgeon) if only going for the surgery. The cost of the consultation was included yet they would not let you pay for the consultation first, you have to pay for the deposit for the surgery. There were also additional undisclosed costs associated with undergoing surgery with them.

I went onto the PPSI website and saw the listed prices were cheaper than cosmedi tours listed prices in Thailand. So I thought to contact them directly. I received a response within 20 minutes after sending my enquiry. I then submited an online assessment and pictures and received a response within 1 or 2 days. All my questions were responded to within at least 12 hours. I then decided to schedule in with Dr Rushapol after looking at his credebtials and before and after images on the PPSI website (which you need to create a log in account).

I decided to schedule the date, booked my accommodation and flights and advised PPSI of the details. They then provided a range of detailed information about free transfers to and from the airport and hospital, a comprehensive guide for post surgery preparation, the varying payment options and a reccomemdations for surgery from Dr Rushapol.

I was initially going to travel alone but my over protective step mom and dad insisted in coming and would not let me go alone. I would recommend not going alone as when I was left alone in the hospital it gets really boring in addition to the assistance while drugged up on all the medication for a few days.

I arrived in Phuket on a Sunday and was met by a foreign coordinator at PPSI (she waited about an hour as it took that long to get through customs) and they took us straight to our hotel.

The hospital advised me to wait in the lobby at 7:15am, as I was being picked up at 7:30am by the driver. The driver was an hour late- the hospital called the hotel lobby at  about 8:00am to tell us that the driver was in an accident and they had to send another car.

When I arrived I was directed to the plastic surgery institute within the hospital. When I arrived I filled out some paper work and waited for about 10 minutes. I was then taken in a room to test my blood pressure and do blood tests. After, they did a mamogram and EPG (heart scan). I then waited about 20 minutes and had the consult with Dr Rushapol.

Dr Rushapol then told me that he had one surgery before me (an hour after our consult) which would take about 2-3 hours. He said that I would be set up on the drip and prepared for surgery during this time. After the consult I waited in the waiting area for about 10 mins and a staff member brought over some paperwork and I had to sign about 10 pages. I stupidly just signed everything without reading and wished that I had read it all and requested copies. Not sure why I didn't because I was actually surprused to find out that I got textured implants rather than smooth (as that is usually the norm with round implants under the muscle) about a week later! I would reccomend reading everything before signing!

The nurses lead me to my room and told me to get comfortable. The room was really nice (big and clean- see puctures), better than the hotel I was staying at! They gave me a hospital gown and told me to get completely undressed, undies and all. About an hour later that they tested my blood pressure again and set me up on the IV. I was set up and waiting for about 4-5 hours (it was probably a good idea being hooked up that long as I don't drink a lot if water usually and probably got my body nice and hydrated) I was really tired by this stage (and extremely hungry from not eating from 6:30pm the night before) and had a bit of a nap while waiting for the surgoen to be done. I only went into surgery at about 5:30pm after the consult being at 11:00am.

The nurses finally came in and said I was ready for surgery. When I was wheeled in to the operating section, I was asked to lie on the operating bed and the first thing I could smell was the iron (the smell of a butchery) in the air and on the towel they had covered me with. This part made the whole experience quite daunting.

They then wheeled me into an area just outside of the operating room where I met my anethetist. He was so friendly and extremely informative. After meeting him I felt completely at ease and felt I was in safe hands- as it's the anethetist job to basically keep you alive while under general anesthesia. They took me into the operating room and strapped my arms out to the side on the table. The Anethetist then told me that he would be administering the Anesthetic and that I should fall asleep soon- that was all I remember ! I didn't see Dr Rushapol before being put under and when I woke up they were in the process if wheeling me back to my room. I felt quite a lot if pain when I had to move onto the bed and pressed the morphine button immediately which eased it a bit. When I was in my room the nurses would come in every 30 minutes to an hour to check my blood pressure throughout the night. I dazed in and out of sleep all night and most the following day.

At one point early in the morning my IV started drawing blood from my arm and was spreading up the pipe- I called the nurse who came immediatly and fixed the part of the IV that was actually loose and leaking. It had leaked onto the bed which I didn't notice and she asked if I wanted to change the sheets, I said it was ok- because I didn't want to have to get up as it was quite painful and I hadn't even noticed the wetness in the first place. I had actually pressed the morphine button a few times while it was leaking and wondered why I was still in pain-  so wasted a bit of the morphine when it had leaked. The nurse said that the morphine packet would be removed in the morning and I would be on pill medications following that.

Staff came in at some point early after the operation for me to select my breakfast lunch and dinner and all the relevant medications were brought in when needed- after my meals.

The foreign coordinator cam in at about 11:00am and asked how I was going and whether I had any issues. She then gave me some tips about limiting my activity, not raising my hands above my head, eating healthier foods (try to limit meats- but protein was ok) and not to drink any coffee (which I mistakenly already had a cup before she came in with my breakfast).

Dr Rushapol came in at about 1 or 2pm in the afternoon and removed the bandages. He told me that all the relevent medications would be provided. I got dressed and walked out as no one told me I had to wait for someone to get me to direct me to the pharmecuetical section of the hospital. So I had to go back in my room and waited for about 20 minutes. They brought my lunch in and was interuppted and told me they were ready for me. So I didn't get to finish the food (I hate waisting food!). I was then given my medication, advised of my follow up consultation and driven back to my hotel.

The second driver was late again due to an accident on the road (this seems to be quite a common occurance in Phuket). I arrived at the hospital for my 11:00am consult, however was only seen at about 2:30pm. The wait was really frustrating however is the only thing I could fault at PPSI. Although when are doctors ever on time ( or atleast they are never on time in Sydney!). After the consult I was then provided with scar cream and driven back to my hotel.

Overall my experience with PPSI was amazing. The staff made everything so easy and were extremely thorough and attentative. Some staff had limited English but it was good enough to understand and engage in basic communication. I'm definitely going to bo back and get Rhinoplasty with PPSI.

Please see below review on my consults with Dr Rushapol.

3 weeks post op

Over the past week I have had quite a bit of pain. Mostly at night- I woke up in quite alot of pain some nights and couldn't get back to sleep. I felt as though during the second week I didn't have as much pain and thought I would be pain free by week 3 so was getting concerned that I had an increase in pain- although I only stopped the pain meds by mid week 2 so it makes sense that I have had a lot of pain still. I have also had a lot of muscle spasms and sharp pains on my left breast. My right breast has only had some minor pain and is softening up nicely and dropping. I was getting a bit concerned by reading the Q&A section on realself.com about round textured implants under the muscle staying in place and not dropping. You can see from my pictures and progression through recovery that they in fact do drop. After about 15 minutes of massage my right breast almost feels like natural breast tissue. I really recommend not reading or listening to other surgeons opinions and listen to what your surgeon reccomends and suggests- while informative it can really stress you out!

I emailed Dr Rushapol through PPSI and received a response almost immediatly from a foreign coordinator that looks after all post operative enquiries. He said he would send my questions to Dr Rushapol and requested I send some pictures so he can see how I'm progressing and provide post operative care suggestions accordingly.

Today I removed my dressings and saw what the scars look like for the first time. I was a bit surprised by how long they are (approximatly 7cm), but they are perfectly placed in the creases which i am happy about. I have a number of products to use to reduce the scaring including Bio oil. I also purchased ScarFix- I've heard it is very effective and my mom used it when she had her BA and they are not noticable at all. It's a silicon based gel that sticks to the site, is waterproof, washable and reusable. It costs about $50 (AU Dollars) for the 7.5cm by 12cm block. You can get it at chemist warehouse but the particular brand they sell is about $80. I cut two 1cm by 7.5cm strips to use on my incisions- so there is still a lot left as well. I also have Strivace a scar gel as well (meant to be applied twice per day) prescribed by Dr Rushapol that came with the BA price package.

6 Weeks post op

If only they were bigger..... wish my surgeon was more thorough about the likely outcome of the size they would be. There was not much discussion about what the realistic outcome would be based on my desired look. The size they were within the first 2 weeks is my ideal size- really unfortunate all the swelling has gone down. Oh well, at least I'm not flat chested anymore.

The left hasn't seemed to drop as much as the right but looking at my before pictures my left was slightly higher, so that abnormality was probably there before and likly not to change. Still haven't had any of my after care questions answered by PPSI or my surgeon which is unfortunate given my experience was moslty positive.

Good thing is I'm back in the gym and able to do plank work without any discomfort or pain. Even though my surgeon said that I can go back to all activities 6 weeks post op, I'm going to wait a few more months before I start yoga and upper body weights to be safe.
Dr Rushapol Swdat

Initial Consultation: Dr Rushapol was really nice and friendly and proffesional. He went through all my paper work and stated that because I was young and had good skin I would unlikely have any issues. He examined my breasts and took some before pictures. He asked me what size I wanted to go and I stated a C cup with a natural look. Initially I wanted to go with teardrop implants because I wanted to to be as natural as possible, but after reading reviews about round implants looking just as natural given a good surgeon and concerns about rotation I asked Dr Rushpol what would be best. He said that I should go with round instead if I was concerned with rotation and said it can still look natural. I went to show him pictures of my desired outcome, however he wasn't really interested in seeing any pictures which I thought was weird because saying a c cup can mean so many different things to different people and surgeons. He then got me to try 300cc's in a bra and I found it really hard to determine if they were a good size or not- not sure why so many people find it is an easy measurment cause I thought it just looked wierd and was hard to tell if it would be good or not once implanted. I said that I was pretty happy with that size and asked if it would be a bit smaller under the muscle cause I thought it looked a little too big in the bra (I kind of wish I tried 350cc's just to have some comparison). I raised the concern of my left breast being a bit smaller than my right. He felt the breast tissue to make the conparison and started taking measurements and drawing on my chest. After doing all the measurements he said that my nipples and breast creases were not perfectly level and said that he reccomended I get an extra 25 cc in the left breast because if I got the same size I may risk the possibility of my left nipple being too high up on the breast. I tried the two different sizes implants on in the bra and didn't notice much of a size difference and said I was happy to go with that. He mentioned about going high profile and I said that I thought about going moderate plus profile because I wanted a more natural look with clevage. He told me that based on my chest wall it would be impossible and that it would look like very rounded on the sides. So we went with high profile 300cc right and 325cc left. Dr Rushapol spent quite a lot of time drawing the measurements and was extremely meticulous and detail oriented. I felt that I should have asked more questions and communicated my desired result more as I felt a bit worried about what they would look like and whether I went with the right size (I have a lot of trouble with people providing services e.g. all hairdressers I go to turn my hair ora ge or orange and blue.) In the weeks leading upto surgery I kept changing my mind about how big I wanted to go. Leaving the consult I was actually concerned that I went too big and felt I should have spent more time looking at the sizers in the bra. I really reccomend going into your consultation with a kist of questions as I completely forgot everthing I wanted to ask Dr Rushapol. First follow up consultation: I never saw Dr Rushapol until after the surgery when he removed the dressings. He said the surgery went extremely smoothly and had no complications whatsoever. He said he was happy with the result and I was happy with the size of the implants (this worried me a bit as I swelling still needed to go down quite a bit- yet I was concerned it would be too big before surgery!). Second Follow up consultation: When I was directed into the room after waiting an extended period of time, the nurse removed the steri srtips and showed me the incision sites. There was no bruising at all, only a bit of scabbing. She then took some after pictures. Dr Rushapol came in and told me how to massage. I was really scared of the pain when he demonstrated, however it was not at painful as I thought it would be. He put pressure on both breasts and I felt quite a lot of pain in the left breast. He then advised me that I was to keep the steri strips on for another week ( 2 preferably) and not engage in any heavy activity for 8 weeks. I asked how much the swelling would go down because I was worried that they would get a lot smaller as I was happy with the size and the nurse told me that it would reduce only slightly. He told me that he would provide a scar cream and listed a few that were effective in Australia. This appointment was relatively short- I didn't ask him many questions as I was still heavily medicated and didn't come in prepared with questions as I wish I had. Everytime I have a question or concern I just check on here! But I know that PPSI and Dr Rushapol are available to contact anytime I need a question answered. I felt that Dr Rushapol had spent an adequate ammount of time with me during the initial consult, however felt the second two follow up's were rushed. I got the sense that he is an extremely busy person- not sire if that is a god thing (a well sort after surgeon) or a bad thing (taking on too many clients and limiting the quality/ time spent as a result). But if I had more questions he would have no doubt spent more time with me. Dr Rushapol also specialises in facial recinstruction and therfore a breast augmentation is a much more simpler procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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