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Hi all, Like most on this wonderful forum I have...

Hi all,

Like most on this wonderful forum I have been contemplating a tummy tuck for quite a while. I have finally made the decision to head to Thailand, Phuket for my surgery. Australia is extremely expensive in comparison. In total, I had consults from four plastic surgeons (Newcastle and Sydney) and after our Medicare changes it was just unaffordable (unfortunately).

After research, research and more research I decided to go with an organiser (NIB Options). I was comforted by their after care promise once back in Australia after the surgery as well as the company only choosing peer reviewed Thailand Plastic Surgeons by Australian Plastic Surgeons for procedures.

With that I am booked for a consult with Dr Veerwat once we arrive in Phuket for the 28 September, 2016 and the surgery on the following day the 29 September, 2016 allowing 24 hours to think about it and change your mind if you want to.... another bonus!!!! My husband and beautiful little one are coming as well for support with my sister following a couple of days later.... I am soooooo blessed for the support!!!!!

We leave a week tomorrow to head over I am now starting to really really get organised, even though I started to purchase things last month. I am taking the following (if it helps others) -

- Bonds cottontail undies
- boob tube tops and maternity (open front) bar
- Peter Alexander soft slipper thongs and normal havianna things so I don't have to bend over and do
sandles up
- Long sleeve button up nightie (just in case its cold in the hospital) and one short sleeve button up nightie
- A couple of soft beach open front jackets
- Electric heat pad
- Ice pack
- Silicone tape for scarring. I am not sure what the hospital provides just yet
- Medication (I haven't completed this yet but I will update you guys with this later)
- A book thats not going to make me laugh or cry, I will get a few other reading items just not sure which ones yet

Thanks to this forum and recommendation I decided to take some vitamins and minerals ready for the surgery.... heres my list -

- L Carntine
- Multi Vitamin
- Magnesium
- Vitamin B
- Immune Support
- Protein Shakes (which I have started having smoothies with this of a morning)

Yes, I feel like a walking vitamin and mineral shop!!!!!

I just now need to get a pill packet where I can place what I need on a daily basis rather than taking all the bottles.

OK all, I will give another update as soon as I can and have some stuff to share.... by the way my emotions are all over the shop.... I suppose just the norm!!!

Back to organising, packing and reading more stories of RealSelf....

A few Post Op (UGLY) photos

Just a few ugly post op photos to add....

Consult day

After having to wait for a few months we finally arrived in Phuket were we were greeted by Paul our customer care representative for NIB Options at the airport.

After an hour we arrived at our hotel and settled in for the night... We woke to a rainy day but made the most of it and had a little look around before being bed ridden for a while after the surgery which will take place tomorrow.

Myself, hubby and little one were all picked up and taken to the new Phuket International Hospital for my consult with Dr Veerawat. The hospital was just amazing.... The process was quick and the consult was thorough. The hospital is going through their accreditation with US so they are unable to operate there for another few months until their accreditation is finalised.

We were then transported to the Bangkok Phuket hospital where the surgery will take place tomorrow. I had an X-ray of my chest, bloods taken and a ECG which they found a abnormality, I was impressed to say the least with their thoroughness.... Off to do a stress test after the cardiologist ask me questions about my history. Not easy to say the least but all went well so surgery is to go ahead tomorrow at 1pm. Wow!! Now it's starting to hit home with emotions!!

I have to say that I am comforted by their thoroughness and the beautiful warmth of my husband and Paul who was with me every step of the way today!

I will try and give another update if I am up to it after the surgery!!

Photos of pre surgery markings from Dr Veerawat after consult

Bangkok international hospital Phuket

Today is the day!

Paul from NIB options has picked me up from our hotel and has gone through the admission process with me.

I have arrived at this beautiful hospital very nervous.

OMG the room is amazing, it has two areas with two beds and two bathrooms as well as a kitchenette, two tvs and a room service menu for family and friends if they would like to eat whilst visiting!

I have never seen anything like it! Nurses are friendly and warm with great English.

Such a shame I am going to be either in pain or off my face on pain medication to enjoy this beautiful, massive hospital room.... It feels more like an oversized hotel room!!

The call this ward "the presidential suite" and by all accounts it is presidential... Stunning!!

I have three hours before my surgery begins.....

I will try to post again once I am up to it!! ????????

Multivitamins, nurofen and fish oil before surgery - don't take them!

I just wanted to let you all know that in my consult I was asked about what I had taken if anything over the past ten days.... As everyone at home had been sick with flu I decided to take a multi vitamin leading up to my surgery.

Dr Veerawat informed me yesterday that the vitamin e in a multi can cause blood thinning if it's over and abov a certain amount, thank god mine was minimal however, he did inform me that he has seen cases whereby people have been taking them prior to surgery and the amount was too high and surgery needed to be postponed! Plus fish oil and nurofen is another problem with blood thinning and he recently had to postpone two surgeries due to a patient taking fish oil and another patient that decided to take nurofen within the pre surgery timeframe.

Whilst this is so thorough, I would have to say that the expense of extra days and flights changing fees would of cost a bomb if I needed to postpone my surgery! So thank god I'm good to go!!

Surgery completed, feeling good so far....

The doctor will be making a visit this morning so I'm not totally sure how it all went.

So far I have slept with virtually no pain.. So I'm lapping up being pain free because it will probably start soon enough.... The pain of it all had worried me over the past few months, I have a very poor pain threshold.

Can't be happier with the staff and their warmth. They took my blood pressure and temp throughout the night.

I was blessed enough to wake up from surgery without nauseous with staff constantly how I was feeling... Just lovely! Only a little bit of itchiness.

Anyway I hope to write again tomorrow.

I have just attached a photo of my tummy bandage and garnet with no buttons just Velcro, so far quite comfy!

Day three

All went well according to Dr Veerawat, I was released from hospital, yesterday with meds in hand. Paul from NIB Options was there to pick me and the driver took great care and slowly drive me back to the resort (approx 45mins).

I am now back at our resort just relaxing as much as possible. My pain is still next to nothing accept for the lower back whilst walking around which gets a little sore and overwhelmed that I am using that muscle so much....

This morning I didn't take the pain killer as I think that's what gave me the headaches and made me so sleepy. I just opted for the rest that was given to me by the doctor- muscle relaxant, a swelling med and the antibiotics. He did give me a sleeping tablet if he thought I felt like I needed it but so far I have been sleeping quite well.

My hubby and young Bub have been having a wonderful and we couldn't ask for a better place to all relax and have an enjoyable time whilst I recover.

Looking forward to my post op appointment to see Dr Veerawat to see how things are progressing for his eyes. The drains and cathata were removed before I left hospital.

I have attached photos from today, a little swollen, but I am stoked with the low scar!!

Hopefully talk soon.

Day four and five

Not much of an update here, except to say I took myself off the pain killers (Tamil) because they were giving me night sweats and nightmares.... not pretty!

I had my first sneeze (one only, thankgod) and it was the most quick intense pain I have ever felt in my life....OMG!!.....not nice at all!!

Day 6

The pain is getting much better now with a few twinges where I think the stitches are place as I move in different directions...

I took a codeine and paracedomal last night in place of the pain killers along with the meds that the doctor has given me minus the sleep tablet and all seems to be good.

I am walking a little straighter now which is much more comfy but I still need to sit down every now and then with the lower back pain (quite minimal).

I must say I am very swollen today which I am sure reading over people's posts that will go on for some time to come, I am still relatively comfy though regardless.

Emotions really hit me this morning with a crying episode out of nowhere and I was glad that my hubby was there to cuddle me through it, no talk, just cuddle!! Which is what I needed, I couldn't even explain it myself let alone try to explain it to someone else! I am assumming its all the medication and crap that is finally starting to leave my body bit by bit!

We are still in Phuket recovering (such a beautiful place to recover) and I am still receiving daily calls from Paul (NIB Options) to see if everything is going along OK.... nice to know there is someone there just in case!! Very comforting actually...

Post op appointment is Friday, I thought it was today but got that wrong... it will be interesting to see what the doc has to say!

Till then......

Day 6 - photos

Four Weeks Post Op

Four weeks has gone by and I have been doing great!

I love my new tummy!!

It is still quite swollen (which is to be expected) but overall I am happy with the low cut and my flatter, flabby free skin tummy! I am still very numb and have a sore area where I am thinking a muscle stitch is so I have taken a anti inflam tablet and used heat packs to help with that soreness over the past few days... The soreness is very bearable though.

I did ring NIB options to talk about the soreness with a clinical nurse to make sure I was doing the right thing and the nurse confirmed that I was, however, if it got worse I needed to contact them back and go through what I would need to do.

I am still wearing my support wrap, mainly because I feel more comfy with it on.

The only thing I miss is sleeping on my tummy, I am over sleeping on my sides and back after four weeks, but hey still hanging in there just thinking about how worth it this journey has been.

Six Months Post op

I have posted some updated photos.

I am loving my new tummy, I am still a little number below however, the rest of the recovery has been perfect. My scarring is fantastic with the help of consistent use of scarring gel and scarring tape for around five months.

I must admit I didn't realise how much curvier I have become since the operation, however, overall my tummy is a lot tighter and flatter and I couldn't be happier!!

I put on 2 kilos after the Christmas break so keep that in mind when looking at my updated photos.

I hope this helps!
Dr Veerwat

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