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Hi I'm a 33 year old woman, with no children. So...

Hi I'm a 33 year old woman, with no children.
So I'm in Phuket and I'm having a breast augmentation tomorrow at the Phuket international Hospital. I was actually supposed to have the operation on Wednesday, but when I went in for my consult with Dr Veerawat, I told him I had taken nurofen 3 days earlier, which I had no idea it was a blood thinner. So on his expectations we have change it to Saturday. I'm feeling really confident in him, but I'm feeling absolutely petrified. So wish me luck we are doing teardrop above the muscle with mentor implants. I'm hoping to walk away with a C cup from an A cup.

1 day post op

Hey I had my boobies done yesterday, cant remember a lot, I was pretty sleepy all day. I'm still bandaged up, so I havent seen them yet, just waiting for drains to clear. I have 4 out 10 when I'm laying, it's just when I try to get up to go to the toilet it hurts, I think the most pain seems to be my ribs.

Day 4 post

So I'm 4 days past now, I'm still quite swollen, but it's only 4 days so that's to be expected. I can't wait for them to settle. It is so bizarre to have boobs. That's something I've got to get use to.
I'm not in to much pain, a few shooting pains in my left boob, but it will just be the nerves settling.
It's the sleeping, I must sleep for about 6 hours and then I wake and I want to roll on my side so bad. Had to wake my hubby to readjust me the morning, sitting up on a slight angle is more comfortable. Also a rash has slightly come up, but I always get a rash when my body is a little stressed.
Well I start heading home tomorrow. Update soon.

16 weeks after surgery

So it's been a while since I've been on here. So it's been 16 weeks since I had my breast implants and I'm really happy, I'm wearing a size a 12D, I would have never imagined having a size D breast, but they really feel a part of me now. I've got back into excercising and getting used to a bit of a bounce is a bit bizarre, but I've made sure I've got a good sports bra. My scars a still healing, but I don't have any pain.
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So far I'm really happy with Dr V

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