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Hey all, I figured I have used a lot of websites...

Hey all,

I figured I have used a lot of websites to try and help me with my decision, so I should at least write my own story to help others as well!

I am 29 years old from Australia. My height is 5'8 and weigh approx. 60kgs.

I have always wanted to get implants and before my 30th birthday I have decided to take the plunge.

I have heard great things about some of the clinics in Thailand, so here it goes....

My procedure is booked in for 4 July with Dr Veerawat at the Phuket International Aesthetic Clinic. After a lot of research I have heard nothing but great results from this doctor....I hope the same happens for me!

I arrive into Phuket on the 3rd to which they will be picking me and my friend up from the airport and taking us to our hotel. On the 4th I will be picked up and taken to the clinic for my pre op review and surgery is on same day. Usually they do these a day apart but unfortunately he had such a busy schedule mine is being done all on the same day. I preferred this than to have to change surgeons!

Even though I was booking almost 2 months advance, he was still really booked out so I suggest you get on to it as soon as possible to avoid having to change surgeons. To be honest when I was quite blunt and mentioned I really wanted him and I would locate him at other clinics my preferred date came through.... so be persistent :)

Anyway....I will definitely keep you all posted on how it goes. Can't believe it's really happening!

done and dusted!

So the day has come and gone...
My consultation was at 1pm Friday. Met with Dr V who was lovely, professional and helpful. I showed him what I wanted out of it all and he pointed me in the right direction to achieve the best results. At the end of the day he is the expert.
We ended up going with tear drop implants, over the muscle 395cc which would give me a D-DD
The nurses were very helpful and friendly. After my consultation I paid and was taken for blood test and xray which was extremely quick! Not like Australia haha
Then I got to chill in my private room until operating time. Room was lovely, big TV, fridge, desk, couch and ensuite.
An hour before operation I was put on IV fluids to make sure I wasnt too dehydrated from fasting. Wheeled off to theatre...not long and I was out!
Once awake I was I recovery for about an hour then taken back to my room.
Recovery was a little rough to be honest... they were great with being on top of my pain relief. Every 2hrs on the dot my blood pressure and temperature was taken so I felt they were on top of it at all times.
First time getting up and going to the toilet was hard work....pain was quite high...weight dropping down and all that.
Took me awhile to get over that feeling but come lunch time I was used to it.
First day was painful and groggy but now in my second day I feel great!
Managed to sleep through with no valium and im not even taking many painkillers.
Looks.....well they're hard and swollen so im not going to say I love them just yet...but I can see they're pretty spot on :)
I have 5 days of antibiotics, anti inflams, muscle relaxants and pain killers so not short of drugs!
I go back on Friday for my check up and removal of plasters etc
So far so good :)
Added some piccies of the room at hospital

3 Month Update

Hi Ladies,

So here we are 3 months in.... Unfortunately I did have some complications with my left breast. My fluid build up was a bit more than normal and upon flying back to Australia the pressure of the plane etc they became swollen and very sore.

After ultrasounds, MRI etc it was shown there wasn't and issue with the implant itself but the fluid was the problem. I went on antibiotics for quite some time and pain relief. I was actually very scared and didn't feel I could get used to them in case they were taken away from me (sounds dramatic!)

The fluid has very slowly started to go away. Most cases the body absorbs this all on its own. Sometimes you may have to have a procedure for the fluid to be removed.

Antibiotics saved the day and the infection was cleared after a couple of weeks. 3 months in I still have some fluid, but its not infectious and is slowly getting better.

This unfortunately doesn't mean it was any fault of the doctor etc... I think just one of those unfortunate situations. If it was going to be anyone it would be me!!

The clinic have been very good at keeping in touch for updates etc and it has gone to the board so they are aware of what is happening with my case.

So far I am still happy with the help of the clinic.... once it's all finalised I will definitely let you know how it goes with how they assisted etc.

Don't be put off ladies! But at least understand I guess these little hiccups can happen and to be patient and not freak out! Mine have turned out fine! Left side is still a little painful at times, especially when run down ...but to be honest our boobies can be like that pre implants right?!

Everyone comments on how natural they are and they're right. Tear drop has been super natural looking... sometimes I wish they were a little more fake looking haha. But can't complain... Dr V did a great job... Once I get some pictures on my pc I'll load them for you all.
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