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Hello beautiful community members [Before I begin...

Hello beautiful community members

[Before I begin my story I wanted to say a big hello and thank you to everyone. This is my first post, but I've spent a great deal of time reading reviews, articles and doctors advice via this community. It's such a wonderful resource. Thank you all for sharing your experiences so people like me can learn. I don't feel nearly as alone as I would had it not been for realself]

I'm a 21 year old Australian woman, living in Perth. I have a son who will be 3 in March. He was breastfed until he was 2. My weight has fluctuated over the years, and it has been at a steady 130" for the past year. I am 5 ft 7 tall. Because of my weight fluctuation, breastfeeding, and gravity, my boobies are not what they once were. They are pretty droopy, and look really empty up top. When I was breastfeeding they would fit a D cup comfortably, now they are a small B cup.

I finally bit the bullet and decided to do something about them. I have two friends who have had a BA performed. One in Perth, who unfortunately suffered dire complications. Her rehabilitation is still on going, and has been going on for almost two years. Another just had a BA in Phuket via Dr P (very well reviewed Dr). She is over the moon with hers and they look amazing. Under her recommendation I booked via RestoredBeauty. I'm planning on having my dental work done at the same time (cosmetic dentistry: veneers & whitening).

Unfortunately her surgeon was not available. However, after much reviewing I am really comfortable with the surgeon I am going with: Dr Jib at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket.

Dr Jib has reviewed my photos and recommended one of two things:
1. lollypop lift and BA;
2. internal lift & BA with a large implant to fill my empty boobs.

I am going with option 2. I would prefer larger implants (ideally I'm thinking about 400cc from the photos I've seen, however I know he will recommend an ideal size and I do trust his judgment). I like the idea of the incision being made under the crease instead of lollypop. The implants will be placed under the muscle, and will be cohesive silicone.

I do have a few concerns but he has been really quick to communicate with me about them. My major ones are complications, like infection, and concerns about the level of pain. I've been watching surgery videos (which in retrospect is probably not the best thing to do!) and they have freaked me out a bit. It looks so painful.

I haven't been able to find much information about the internal lift online. I thought all BAs had some element of repositioning the muscle etc. It has been hard to find information on whether risks are increased by doing the BA and lift at the same time, and what the pain and healing time is like. This uncertainty is making me a bit uneasy. However, I know I really want the procedure done, so I will probably go ahead with it.

Please wish me luck!

I'll be updating as time goes on. 11 days until I fly out to Phuket!!

11 days & 21 hours till my BA!

I'm feeling really excited and a little bit nervous. I've spent a lot of time looking a boob photos. Wow. There are so many inspirational, beautiful breasts on here! I can't wait to have lovely boobies. :)

I'd love something big but my gut is telling to to go for something "medium" sized, aiming for a D instead of DD. I'm studying in a profession which is quite conservative and I'm worried about not being able to disguise them for work, also I'm concerned about additional health complications eg bottoming out and back problems. I feel pretty torn up about this.

I guess the best thing will be to wait to hear what my surgeon recommends. I know in my heart he will recommend something that suits my frame and gives me the hour glass look I'm hoping for. I have a bit of a round bum and reasonable sized hips, and quite broad shoulders. I hope this evens me out a bit on top.

I am a bit worried about waiting for my surgeons recommendations. In Phuket I land on the 10th, then have my consult and surgery on the 11th!! I can't imagine I'll have much time to discuss with my PS and consider the different sizes. Eek. This has me a bit worried. I don't want boob envy but I don't want to end up to big. I'd hate to come out of it and want further surgery to size up. :-/

Decisions decisions.

I think I need to make a shopping list too. What do you all recommend? I think I'll buy two compression bras (unfortunately the shop that sells them in Perth is shut until January 6!!) and some post surgery bras. Should I look at taking a cold compress pack and a back rest? What else do you recommend?

Yay. I'm getting excited. I hope I make my mind up on size a bit more before hand. Did you? I'd love to hear more about going in with a size in mind and having another size recommended. :)


More inspiration. I have a lot to think about with respect to sizes. I'd love to know how many cc roughly would get me to this look, and to hear from women with this look. I'm concerned it will be too heavy and hard to disguise for work. But these are my dream boobies!

8 days 16 hours till boobies!

Bought a very comfortable Amoena bra today. The sizes are weird - this is a medium c-d but apparently it will fit d-dd. here's hoping.

I've heard from my surgeon, he said the compression bra is provided through the hospital to ensure I get the right fit and type. So I don't need to worry about that (yay)! Also, the local department store in Phuket sells post surgery bras if I need more.

I've been reading up on Dr Jib and I really hope he can fit in around 400-450cc. Or make me a D-DD. I really like those sizes. His work looks imaculate and his reviews have all been very good. I hope I'm able to get up and do things on the second and third day. I'm quite concerned about the pain level given that I have other appointments to attend while over there. Please wish me luck.

I know he will be closing the incision with dissolvable sutures and glue, and I will be in an elastic bandage for the first three days. A lot of other things are still a mystery (especially my size!)

Not long to go now. 7 days and 9 hours and I'll be flying to Phuket!

Pre-BA sagging & stretch marks?

I'm worried about my BA making my stretch marks more prominent, has anyone experienced going in with stretch marks?

Has anyone else had an internal lift? I'm wondering what kind of position can I expect my nipple to end up in. I don't want them to be perfectly perky, with centred nipples... I know that probably won't happen. But I don't want my nipples at the end of my boobies. :-/

7 days and 22 hours till boobies! I'm swinging between excitement and sheet terror. Pretty nervous actually but I know I really want it. I feel like I've researched all that I can, and now I'm just playing the waiting game.

Oops: typo

That should read "sheer terror". :-p

6 days!

I bought this for entertainment while on the flight and in recovery! :) now to fill it with movies.

I'm not as nervous today, after reading all of your lovely comments. I spent the weekend down south, visiting vineyards and taking my mind off things. I'm really excited. In four more sleeps I'll be flying out! :)

1 day 16 hours till I board the flight!

3 days 39 minutes until my surgery!!

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (Excited noises)

An update from me:
1. I worked this week and today is my last day. I plan on packing tomorrow, although I have all of my things prepared and sitting neatly folded.
2. I have made copies (paper) of my inspiration photos, my boarding passes, bank deets, passports, surgery plan, insurance etc. I've hole punched everything and filed it in a small a4 binder with sticky tabs for easy reference.
3. I haven't been lifting weights (upper body) this week because I read working your upper body too much prior to surgery can tense/tighten chest muscles.
4. I've been eating really healthy. My doctor didn't want me to take vitamins or probiotics or anything, so I've been having pot set yoghurt, fresh blueberries and raspberries every day. Seriously, I've been going through a tub of those berries a day. Also, lots of coconut water.
5. I (unfortunately) haven't been able to sleep very well, so I haven't kicked the coffee. Today is my last day of coffee drinking though. I've been averaging about 5 hours sleep a night, which isn't enough for me. I function well on a minimum of 8.. I've been laying in bed thinking and then my alarm goes off for work. Hoping I can catch up on my sleep tonight. My flight is at midnight Thursday, and I have difficulty sleeping on flights. I hope it doesn't impact my healing.
6. iPad is loaded with about 50 movies and various tv shows. It was a 128gb air. So far I love it. :)

My feelings & thoughts:
I actually feel pretty numb about it all. I usually come on here every day and read. However, I know if I keep doing that I'll psych myself out (I did the same thing when pregnant, watched millions of videos, read tonnes of books and in the end I felt I'd read everything possible and I couldn't prepare anymore mentally!). I'm a very anxious person and I'm terrified of hospitals. I'm hoping I don't freak out when I'm there. :-/ I've been trying to keep busy and to take my mind off the surgery. This morning I woke up and thought about it and didn't feel nervous at all, very excited and a bit numb... I wish it was *the date* already!

My thoughts are with everyone recovering, going into surgery or planning. We can do this! :-)

Photo I'll be showing my surgeon

1 day until my BA

Hello lovelies :)

I'm on route to the airport now- by tomorrow morning I will be in Thailand! I can't believe there is only a day until my surgery. It feels like a dream come true. I'm so excited.

at Perth International Airport


Surgery today!!

Gah, I just hit the undo button and deleted my whole post. Okay, starting again..

I arrived in Phuket at 10am after a uneventful flight. I even managed to get a couples of hours sleep on hubby's shoulder.
We were collected at the airport by our transfer service, which is part of the Restored Beauty package. Here was a lovely Thai man holding a sign with my name in it, what a surprise!

Arrived at the resort (Amari Phuket), wow, it is beautiful. On Patong beach overlooking the bay. :) signed in, exchanged some currency at the hotel and hit the town. We spent the day snorkeling, buying fruit skewers from street vendors (tropical fruit is so awesome and cheap!), and drinking coconuts.. Well, I did while hubby drank beer. Ha ha.

We were knackered last night, so came "home", had dinner at the resort restaurant, drank more coconut juice and a 600ml bottle of water then packed the bag for the hospital. Had to pack pjs, clothes for the next day and toiletries, and my passport. They run tests prior to the surgery and don't ask for a copy of your medical record. :) had a lovely hot shower and washed myself with pre-surgery wash, washed my hair etc.

I was asleep by 6-7pm, and slept 11 hours. I feel so refreshed and excited for today. Not too nervous at all.

About to jump in the shower for another pre surgical wash. And then get dressed and ready.

Our transfer service collects us at 7:15am, then straight to the hospital for my consultation at 8am! Eeeeeeee!! I am so happy and excited. The only concern I have is hoping my travel money card works. I've been assured the daily limit is $7500 aud and my surgery is costing under that so I should be fine. It's weird thinking that by tonight I will have a lovely pair of boobies and I'll probably be in a world of pain! Ha ha.

I'll be checking in along the way. Please wish me luck. :)

Very happy after my consultation

Dr Jib will try on 375, 400, 425 and 450 sizers in the operating room. I liked the look of the 400, and I said I would equally be happy with the 450. Moderate plus to high profile (he will decide in theatre). I'm wondering if I should have gone with the 450s because they will be squashed a bit under my muscle and the 400s won't look like they did in the bra when trying them on. Eek.

We've been upgraded to the Presidential Suit. I can't wait! :)

Presidential suit at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

My new tattoos.. Like them?

Surgery update!

It went well. I'm dopey on morphine and I'll post a better / more detailed update later ok. Thanks for thinking of me friends.

Good morning 1 day post

Surgery day:

We were admitted at 8am, and I had my consultation around 10, after my blood tests, mammogram, breast ultrasound and EKG. I met Dr Jib who is such a lovely calm man. He speaks perfect English and explained everything from start to finish. I tried on the sizers and the 400s were my favourite. Thinking pragmatically that one day I might have a revision with a lolly pop lift I decided to opt for the 400 over 450. I told Dr Jib to try what he needs to in the operating room to give me the fuller breast look without a lollipop lift. He said he would also try medium to high profile and determine what to use in surgery.

I spent the next couple of hours in the suite with husband. At 1:30pm one of my lovely nurses (who had already done my iv) came in and told me Dr Jib was ready. Eeeeeeek! This is when I got really nervous. I hopped on the gurney and my husband followed us all the way to the operating wing. When he got there he couldn't come inside so he gave me a big kiss and said something sweet like, I'll see you after your nap sleeping beauty. The nurse from the suites said, ah yes with your new sexy body. Haha. It helped to break the tension.

Inside the operating wing there were eight assistants all smiling and chatting between themselves. It was really relaxing even though I couldn't understand their Thai words, they all seemed happy to be at work which made me feel like I was in positive hands.

My anaesthetist arrived while I was in the corridor on the gurney, she spent five minutes talking to me about this and that and reading my file. Then we were wheeled into the operating room. The actual operating room is a blue room no bigger than my lounge. It is painted floor and ceiling in a navy kind of colour. Pretty funky! There were about eight staff in there setting up, it was very busy. Dr Jib hadn't arrived yet and u started feeling really scared. I was transferred onto the operating table and my legs and arms strapped down. My teeth were chattering because I was so nervous so they wrapped me in a warm blanket. Really lovely. I remember Dr Jib arriving and holding my hand gently, and telling me he would look after me. The anaesthetist injected something into my iv and the last thing I remember was looking at Dr Jib holding my hand. I didn't have a mask or anything.

I woke up in recovery room with a sore throat and kind of sore chest, although it was more if a heavy pressure and very bearable. The recovery nurses had an oxygen mask on my face but it tastes so medically and I kept trying to pull it off. It made me feel really yucky.

I took the mask off and by then my incisions were stinging so I asked for pain med and they put me on a morphine drip. I fell asleep soon after. Nurses were checking my vitals every five minutes or so and waking me to talk to me but basically I was asleep through most of it.

I was in recovery for an hour and then was wheeled back to my room. The transfer to my bed hurt a bit but as soon as I laid down again I was fine. My husband kissed me and asked if I wanted anything. Bless him. I fell asleep again for another hour or so, and woke up really hungry at about 6pm.

At the hospital they have a restaurant menu so you can order whatever you want in addition to your hospital food that they bring you for meals. I ate a fresh fruit platter, fruit smoothy and some chips. Unfortunately the morphing ma

Thank you for holding me in your thoughts. Xx


(Continued) the Morphine made me really sick and I couldn't keep anything down. They gave me some anti nausea medication during the night and took me off the morphine. I feel better now.

I can't stress how good the staff are here, they take your blood pressure and heart rate every 20 minutes and check your drains. I've never wanted for anything. And all the nurses speak perfect English!

I slept really well last nights and woke up needing to wee at 5:45am. I had to call a nurse to help me because of my drains. My hubby helped me in the actual loo. I feel like such an invalid. I can't even pull my pants down. Ha ha.
The pain has been bearable, except when I walk. It feels like the implant is putting heaps of pressure on my incisions and they really sting. :(
I can't feel my boobies and nipples. They feel warm and soft and kind of squishy already. I love the size and they are still wrapped up! I can't wait to see them properly. :) :)

All wrapped up

Even in the bandage I like the size and shape of them. :) I can't wait to have my bandages and drains off.

How long should I expect the incisions to hurt when walking? It feels like the implant really press on them when I stand up.

Drains :(

The worst pain I've experienced th

(Pressed enter too soon)

Is removing the drains. Ouch. I cried, :(

I got to see the girls today

I'm so happy with them so far. No bruising, and no real pain just a bit of pressure/aching. They look smaller in photos but in real life they look huge! I'm so happy with the 400s on me. I can't wait till they settle in a bit, I'm really hoping I end up a D or DD.

No problems with sleeping or with bm. Dr Jib was very happy with my healing so far and there's no sign of infection, thank god. I got changed into a water proof bandage so I can wash myself in the shower (best feeling ever). I'm drinking loads of water.

The past two days we have wandered around town and been out for dinner, breakfast and lunch. No worried with any of it. The only issue has been the taxis which can be a bit rough (tuk tuks) so we try to travel by car to save my boobies to pain.

Out by the pool in my old bikini

I'll get hubby to take some better photos but I thought it would be great to see how my old bikini fits! :-D

Woke up with no pain this morning

I haven't taken any pain Meds since dinner last night and I feel fine. Dr Jib prescribed me antiswelling, muscle relaxants and pain Meds. The antiswelling works the best for me. Most of my discomfort has been that pressure feeling, apart from that I get a dull twinge or and ache in my incisions every of often... However, it is so infrequent I forget I had them done! (Not what I was expecting at all)

I feel like get appearance of the girls has already changed a bit,they look like they've dropped down slightly (they're less square on top today). I'm so happy with them. Yes, I know my nipple isn't perfectly centred but I really wanted to avoid a lolly pop lift and dr jib managed to do that. The size feels perfect too.

I feel less bloated today which is great. The last few days I've felt so fat and matronly because my stomach was bloated... Seriously, I looked about three months pregnant!

Thank you all for the well wishes. It has been so nice knowing I have a community of friends who have been through this before. No one at home knows that I'm having it done (my parents, my friends,my husbands friends) with the exception of my best friend who had hers done last year with Dr Piyapas at the same hospital as me.

Getting squishy

They no longer feel really rock hard, they are starting to get a bit squishy. Yay. They also look less boxy at the top too, so I think they're starting to drop. Double yay.

Dr Jib is going to teach me how to massage on Saturday. I have minimal incision pain now, in fact I didn't even feel the incisions at all this morning. I hope that means they're getting nice and healed.

I've been drinking heaps of water, about 2L a day and loads of fresh fruit. I only have two more days of antibiotics left and I'm still paranoid about infection, especially in the pocket. It is one of my biggest fears. I'm going to see what Dr Jib says on Saturday about prescribing me more antibiotics. How long did you take antibiotics for?

I wish I'd brought more compression bras. I only have one from home and two that I've bought over here. The two from here don't fit very well.

Incisions 7 days post op!

I had my little sticky plasters taken off today and I got to see my incisions. They are closed with dissolvable sutures and glue. They seem to be healing well, but I'm no expert! The right boob I've been having the most pain with, and it has two weird bruises near the incision line.. I've tried googling but I have no idea what it's from. I didn't see them when I was having my consult so I didn't ask Dr Jib.

I have no cover over the incisions now, so I'm just hoping they continue healing well. I don't really know what to look for, but so far they look really neat. I'm happy with them. :)

Thank you for telling me about your antibiotics everyone. I feel less worried now. I'm really happy with how my healing is going so far. I have antibacterial soap that Dr Jib prescribed, and he didn't think any more antibiotics were necessary.

Boobies at 7 days post op

One month post (approx) LOVING THEM!!

I love them so much. They are getting so soft. I'm measuring a 10E cup! They feel perfect to me. I would definitely recommend Dr Jib to anyone - I can't express how over the moon I am with it all. :-D
Dr Jib

Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Dr Pongsatorn ("Dr Jib"). Booked via Restored Beauty Getaways. From the minute you arrive at Bangkok Hospital Phuket you are treated like a princess. All of the staff speak perfect English and the hospital is impeccably maintained. Dr Jib is a lovely soft spoken man, who took his time explaining the pros and cons of the procedures I was offered (lollipop BA and internal lift BA). He made sure I understood everything and discussed the healing process and how many times he would see me before my departure prior to my surgery. He gave me his personal email address should I need to contact him from Australia! I fell asleep with Dr Jib holding my hand in the operating theatre and he met me as soon as I woke up in recovery to tell me the procedure when well and what size he was able to fit. Dr Jib must have been very gentle in surgery because I woke up in minimal pain and I have experienced very little pain afterwards. I have been shopping in Phuket, laying by the pool side and walking around Patong beach (all 2-3 days post op!). The hospital staff at Bangkok Hospital Phuket are incredible. They are so attentive and gentle. Wait time was always minimal even thought the aesthetic centre was full of travellers. I never saw anyone wait more than ten minutes, and I certainly didnt. I was also upgraded to the presidential suite and the room was amazing! As were the nurses that check on you every 15-20 minutes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr Jib or Bangkok Hospital Phuket to anyone. From my experience, they are fantastic. I cannot praise them enough.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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