I Loved my Breast Implants Until They Tried to Kill Me - Phoenix, AZ

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I got my "safe saline filled fda...

I got my "safe saline filled fda approved" implants October 2005. I have been sick for 1.5 yrs. No doctor could tell me why, until I accidentally discovered my implants were the cause of my sickness. I am getting explanted as soon as possible. The doctors on here may say it is rare to find mold in implants, but if you google any breast implant forum you will find that it is not uncommon at all! I am pure tsetimony on how and why they make you sick....think about it...water sits in a dark moist place for many years...you gonna tell me it is nto going to harbor mold, bacteria, and fungus?

I spent $10,000 last year trying to find a doctor to help me with my arthritic conditions, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and endorcine issues. These things are poison, and all doctors should tell you that this could happen. But they do not...in fact i asked my plastic surgeon if mold or bacteria could grow. He said no way! It is an enclosed system and sterile environment. Wished I had stayed with my gut.

if you need to research further...by the book The Naked Truth about Breast implants by Dr. Susan Kolb.

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