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Hey there! I am scheduled to get a breast...

hey there! I am scheduled to get a breast reduction on december 15th, 2011. only four more days! AH!

So to start off.. I've never really liked boobs to begin with. Back when I was 15 I had B's and would constantly wear sports bras to squish them down. dont ask me why... im just weird I guess haha. then 16 came around and I grew C's. I didnt totallly mind them because I could still push them down, plus not gonna lie at times the attention wasnt half bad. BUT THENNN. Then they grew to full C's, then grew to D's, and then grew to DD's in a span of a year and a half. Im 5'10, 130 pounds, and now currently wear a 32E. AH... my worst nightmare. All my friends think they're fine as they are and "blah blah this is what we all want dont just cut them off thats ridiculous youre crazy blah blahh." and all i can tell them is hey what is good for you.. doesnt necessarily mean that it is good for me. I feel gross walking around and they shake and bounce in all directions and guys stare and all i can think is "ew you dont know me! dont look at me like that!" haha but what can ya do..

I basically decided i would rather live my entire life with scars.. than with huge boobs that I never really wanted in the first place. Once all is said and done, Im hoping to be around a small C/ full B. With living in Arizona, I just want to be able to throw on a shirt or tank top, without feeling the need to throw on a jacket. Im sure you ladies get where im coming from. I feel top heavy, and boobs just really arent my style.

Yet at times I cant help to second guess.. maybe my friends are right.. maybe I shouldnt do this.. can I live with the scars? do I realllly want to have small boobs.. I mean big boobs are really all I've ever known. However I just think of alll the countless reasons why I want them to be much smaller. My back hurts ALL the time, they make me look bigger, I cant really get them any smaller by loosing weight because I already have a thin frame, I cant workout anymore, I feel uncomfortable, I hate wearing swimsuits, shopping isnt fun, my bras are incredible expensive, just ughhh. who wants that?!

I looked into getting a breast reduction when I was 18, however decided to wait a year just in case they grew bigger.. which, of course, they did. I saw two different doctors over the summer and decided the second one was gonna be my surgeon. All we had to do was wait for insurance... and then finally after two months of waiting, my insurance company decided to cover 80% of my surgery. YAY! Good enough for me!

So I've had my date set, and now I am just a nervous wreck waiting these last four days. The mere thought of surgery just scares me half to death. AHHH I mean.. someone is literally going to be cutting me open. What kinda crazy person would agree to that? hahaa.. I guess me!

Well anyways, that is pretty much my story in a nutshell!

Well... only 6 more hours until i have to be at...

well... only 6 more hours until i have to be at the hospital. I AM FREAKING OUT! seriously cannot stop shaking just by simply thinking about it.. im so so so nervous and anxious and excited and scared, and gosh, i dont even know what to think. I went out to dinner with my family tonight, went to target and got footie pajamas and all sorts of comfy button up clothes. It was a relaxing last day with the girls!

Soo I guess next time I post on here, ill have small boobs! so crazy. anyways, goodnight now :)

Okay so today is day 2 post op. Thursday I was a...

Okay so today is day 2 post op. Thursday I was a nervous wreck, I literally started shaking. They ended up giving me medicine to calm down. Yet thankfully I didnt start crying, that was a big worry of mine. So I got to the hospital, signed some paperwork, peed in a cup, and got set up in my bed. I waited there for about thirty mins just hanging out, calming down, etc. My doctor then came in and answered any questions of mine, I showed him pictures of what I want, and then he marked me up. I then met the rest of my doctors and they went over everything and what to expect once I wake up. Reality realllly started to set in. Next my doctor led a prayer, and then after it was time to say goodbye to my parents! I told my anesthesiologist I didnt want to see the surgery room, so I guess after i said goodbye to my parents he put the medicine in! Apparently though I hugged all these nurses as they were wheeling my away, I dont remember any of this. And so honestly next thing I remember, my mom is hugging me and I'm all bandaged up. I was extremely groggy and thirsty, my lips were blue and I just wanted water. I said weird things like "god bless" and would point to my bandage and say "bandage" and then I literally hugged every person in sight.. haha dont ask me why! Everything was pretty simple though. I then got dressed, and came home! My boyfriend came over later, and all I did was sleep and hold his hand. annd that's pretty much all I have been doing! just sleeping, and walking around the kitchen.

Today is the day I get to shower though! Im SO nervous for this first look. Okay wish me luck! Oh gosh. Bye now :)

Oh yeah! In case anyone was wondering, I forgot to...

Oh yeah! In case anyone was wondering, I forgot to add some stuff! The surgery was expected to take 2 and a half hours, however ended up going over 3 hours. He wanted to make sure they were "perfect" and that I was really happy with them, so he took extra time. He took out 410 grams from each side, which is basically a pound.

So its been almost a month since my surgery and my...

So its been almost a month since my surgery and my breasts are kind of itchy.. this is normal right? I mean everything is healing fine and all that I just want to make sure! Also, my nipples are extremmmely sensitive. Is this normal? I was expecting them to lose their sensation, and instead, the opposite is happening. I have been sleeping on my side and kind of on my stomach again, and I can actually hug people! so thats good. anyways, hope everyone is doing great

People have asked what I wear instead of a bra.. I...

People have asked what I wear instead of a bra.. I basically lived in these, or in tight tank tops (which I still wear)...

Hope this helps :)
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