31 Year Old with Twins and Need TT So Bad! - Phoenix, AZ

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Soooo, I have been reading some of the other...

Soooo, I have been reading some of the other ladies reviews and have decided to write one myself! I have twin boys and I have been wanting a TT for the last 5 years. Well really since they were born, but for sure once I knew I wasn't having any more kids! It is finally happening for me. I have saved up for what seems like forever & now it's happening! My surgery is scheduled for a week from now and I have so many emotions. One minute I'm excited, the next I'm nervous, then I feel guilty for spending so much money on myself...but my family & friends have been super duper supportive. I just love them! So anyway, I just wanted to post on here & connect with some ladies who I know can feel me & know exactly what I am going through. Thanks for listening/reading...I'll be sure to post back soon! :-)

4 More Days to go!!!

I'm getting so excited! I got all my post opp supplies yesterday! This is my last weekend with this nasty yucky tummy I've lived with for the last 8 yrs!!! I'm praying everything goes well...anyway, I posted some ugly before pics for you guys to see. The pics were hard for me to post cause I don't show this monster to anyone! Lol...but you guys are such a supportive group. I'm glad to have found a forum of ppl who know EXACTLY what I am going through. Thanks for all the wonderful stories! They really have helped to put me at ease...

Tomorrow is the BIG Day!!!

So tonight is my last night with this yucky tummy! After over 8 yrs this is finally happening. It's so surreal, I almost can't wrap my head around the fact that it is actually going to take place in less than 24 hrs!!! I'm excited & nervous all at the same time! I just pray for a healthy & successful outcome. I'll be posting some updated post-op pics soon! Thanks for all of the wonderful stories on this forum! They have really helped me!

Talk to you guys afterward! :-)

Just a few more hours to go...

It's just a few hours before my surgery! I have to be there at 6:00am tomorrow morning! Why I am still up I don't know! I'm nervous, anxious, & excited all at the same time! I don't know what to do with myself lol. Well I will be posting as soon as possible post op...on the flat side! ;-)

I made it through :)

So my surgery is over & I'm recovering. Sorry I haven't been able to post. I've had several visitors and been sleeping a lot today. I'm not in much pain, they've been keeping me drugged up lol. I'll post some pics as soon as I can. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm ok :)


So first of all I want to apologize for taking so long to update my status. I have been so out of it with the pain meds and everything else. I am home now & recovering well. My binder has been a bit uncomfortable and I've experiences some soreness and uncomfortableness but not too much unbearable pain. My hubby has been wonderful with helping me with my meds, the kids, and everything in between. I still have not been able to have a bowel movement (sorry tmi) but I have had lots of gas. That has been really uncomfortable. I've been trying to walk up & down the hallway in my house to keep the blood moving. My hubby has me doing everything by the book...lol. He's been such a blessing to have around. I'm very happy with the flatness of my tummy but didn't realize I would still have such prominent stretch marks. I thought most of them would get cut away :( but oh well, guess you can't win em all...overall I am very happy & I know it'll only get better from here as I heal. So thank you ladies for reading my review and I have posted a before & after picture for you guys as well. I'll post again soon!

A few more pics...

I took my first shower today, that felt great. I've posted a few more pics for you all. Can't wait to get this final drain out on Monday & I've never wanted to poop so bad in my whole entire life! Lol...anyway I'm making it through recovery one day at a time. So far so good...I'll try to post again soon.

Second Post-Op appt

Got my drains out today! Yay!!! I'm so happy about that. Dr says everything is on the right track as far as healing goes & now I have a new full body type compression body shaper thingy. It's pretty tight but it's been good so far. They say it'll cut down swelling & help to mold your body shape as everything heals. I feel good today...I'll post more pics when I can :(

That was suppose to be a smiley face...lol

At the end of my last post :)

Tuesday Update!

Ok, so I'm now 8 days post op. I feel like I'm getting around better each day, but I keep having a burning sensation in my lipo sites, mainly on the right side and it's most prominent when I first stand up after sitting in a 45 degree angle position for awhile. It burns pretty strongly when I first get up and then it quickly subsides and its just sore after that. I am assuming this is normal since I'm only a week out...but other than that I've been feeling pretty good. Still tight, but I feel like the swelling is going down each day. Just can't wait to be fully back to myself. I've added a pic from this morning before my shower...

Thanks for reading...I'll update again soon :)

Feeling Good...

So today I've been feeling pretty good. I'm still tight & numb....but my lipo sites are what hurt the most. They are still pretty sore and have a burning sensation when I first get up. But I tried on some bikini bottoms I have today...just having a little fun. Check out the pic :)

2 Weeks Post-Op Tomorrow

Hi Everyone...so I'll be 2 weeks post op tomorrow. I am feeling pretty good. Still a little tight and can't quite stand up all the way straight yet. I go for my two week post op appt tomorrow and they are going to take out my stitches, so maybe that will help. The burning in my lipo sites has subsided quite a bit, so that's good. Just still a tad sore. I know I am making good progress, just can't wait to feel completely back to normal. I've included an updated 2 week post op pic. Couldn't get my camera to focus all the way for some reason, so it's a tad blurry...but so far I think my results are good :)

3 Weeks Post-Op Update

Hey Ladies...so I am 3 weeks post op today and I think I am still recovering fairly well. A lot of the soreness has subsided and I am standing straighter everyday. My biggest issues right now is the intermittent swelling. There are some parts of the day when I feel like I am so swollen I am going to pop! Lol... then it'll go down and it seems to fluctuate based on my level activity. Like if I'm doing a lot of walking it will start to swell and then when I rest for a bit it goes down some. I've started applying Arnica Cream twice daily last week to hopefully assist with healing & I am wearing my compression garment almost around the clock! The only time I take it off is to shower. Anyone else have any other good tips to help with swelling?? Thanks ladies. I've included a 3 week post op pic :)

9 Weeks Update!

Hi Everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted an update. I am now a few days past 9 weeks post op & I am healing well! I started working out at the Gym about two weeks ago and that's been going good. PS says no sit ups or stomach work outs for 6 months, but I've been doing cardio & light weight lifting & toning exercises. I am very happy with my TT results. I hope everyone is healing well also & look forward to hearing more of your stories :-)
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