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Hello Realselfers! I have been stalking this site...

Hello Realselfers!
I have been stalking this site for nearly a decade and have decided it's my turn to finally take care of myself.

Here's my back story...
I've been uncomfortable with my body for as long as I can remember. I remember attempting my first "diet" when I was in the 1st grade.I have the dreaded "hip dip" AKA violin hips. I also have a weird fat pocket on my upper abdomen, and a large fat deposit in my lower as well. I struggled with eating disorders for YEARS because of these stupid fat pockets. There was no escaping them; even at my lowest weight of 105 (I'm 5'6"), they were STILL there!

I thankfully was able to pull myself out of the eating disorder cycle and have been completely eating disorder free for about 4 years now.

When I was 20 (2011), I had scheduled myself to have Vasper lipo with a Phoenix plastic surgeon. I was 128 pounds, and so excited to finally start my journey to higher self-esteem. I paid my $1,000 deposit, and everything was set to go.

About a month before my surgery, I had a lot of "life" hit me all at once. I was struggling to focus on my Bachelor's degree, I was coming close to closing on my first home, lost a family member, etc. Because of all of this, I decided it would be best to re-schedule my surgery.

I called the office, and the office manager was incredibly unsympathetic. She made me feel terrible about my choice to reschedule, even ridiculing me. After this situation transpired, I decided to cancel the surgery entirely. If this is how the staff treated me when I requested to reschedule, how would they treat me if I had concerns or complications with my surgery? I did not feel comfortable going through the procedure with this surgeon. In the end, I lost my deposit, and did not seek consultations elsewhere...Until now.

I am now 25 (almost 26), and fluctuate in weight between 145 and 150 pounds. I am in a more stable place in my career and schooling (Master's now!), so now is the time to finally get the lipo I've been dreaming about since I was a teenager. I have had one consult so far (will post about experience in separate post), and have another one in a couple days. I hope to be detailed in my journey to help my the Realself community, as you have helped me over the years.

Consultations and Official Booking!

As promised, I'm going to write about my experiences with my consults.

My first consult was last week with a very reputable doctor in Scottsdale. His office was beautiful and his staff was very friendly. I filled out my paperwork and was taken back shortly. The doctor was very friendly and soft spoken. VERY handsome as well, haha. During the consult, he advised that if I wanted the results I was looking for, I would need liposuction of my upper and lower abs, flanks, outer thighs, and a fat transfer to my butt. The fat transfer caught me off guard because I've always liked my butt. He said I would look "boxy" like Spongebob if I didn't get the fat transfer.

I DO NOT want to look like Spongebob!

So... I agreed to let him quote the procedure with the fat transfer. The whole consult was very short - 10 minutes max. Once we were done, one of the office managers came in to discuss price. I was quoted $17,000 for the whole procedure.

Cue jaw drop.

In my previous consult I had years ago, I was quoted $6,500, so I was really shocked with the number. I immediately ruled this doctor out as there was no possible way for me to come up with 17k!

My second consult was 2 days ago with my original first choice: Dr. William Hall at Infini Cosmetics. I've been stalking him for about a year, but not in a creepy way, promise! The results I've seen on his social media pages and RS reviews were stunning! The only reason I didn't originally book a consult with him was because I was debating a breast augmentation as well, which Dr. Hall does not preform. He specializes on liposuction and BBL's only. I later decided against the BA, so Dr. Hall was back in the running.

The staff at Infini was extremely friendly and the lobby was neat and well kept. During the first portion of the consult, I watched a video of Dr. Hall explaining the techniques he uses for liposuction and basic information about the procedure itself. Once it completed, I was brought into a private room for my face-to-face consultation. I waited under a minute before Dr. Hall came in. He was very personable and I instantly felt as comfortable as possible before having to bare all to a stranger, haha.

During the consultation, Dr. Hall asked me what I was uncomfortable with. I stated my obvious areas: hips, flanks, upper/lower abs, and inner thighs. I asked about the fat transfer that the previous Dr. told me I needed. He advised that I didn't absolutely NEED to have it, however the fat transfer would fill in a flat spot I have on my booty. The fat transfer, paired with the lipo, would create a better transition from hips to thighs. He showed me what he was talking about and it completely made sense the way he explained it and showed me the flat spot. I felt he was very thorough with me and wouldn't have left the room until I had all the answers I needed.

After meeting with Dr. Hall, I was then led into a small office to talk about money with the office manager, Shannon. She was great! They were kind enough to quote with the fat transfer and without, taking off a lot of the pressure the previous Dr. made me feel about NEEDING to have the fat transfer.

If you're still reading this review, I'm sure you can tell by now who I decided to go with. I called this morning and paid my deposit to have my surgery with Dr. Hall! I also decided to go with the fat transfer. I felt Dr. Hall's explanation of why it should be considered made a lot more sense than just saying "you'll look like Spongebob."

I'm booked for October 13th and I'm a ball of emotions. Excited, scared, nervous. You, know, all the normal emotions someone should feel about plunking down THOUSANDS of dollars for someone to suck your insides out though a straw-like tube.

I'll be uploading pictures soon!

Labs Done!

I had my labs done last week. I've never had blood drawn before, so I didn't know how I would react.

I passed out in the chair. :-\

Did anyone else pass out when they had their blood drawn? Makes me nervous for my actual surgery. I know I'll be on drugs an all, but I don't want to pass out on the table!

Today is October 2nd, meaning my surgery is only 11 days away! I haven't even gone shopping for my supplies yet. Any suggestions on must haves?

Less than a week away...

Today I filled my scripts:

Hydrocodone (pain relief), Ondansetron (anti-nausea), and Cephalexin (antibiotic).

And purchased my supplies:
over night maxi pads, Hibicleanse, underpads, stool softener (just in case).

I will also be purchasing Arnica and a second compression garment from my surgeon.

Am I missing anything!? Any suggestions?

My nerves are starting to build up. To be honest, terrified would be the right word. I'm scared to be awake during the procedure. What if my recovery isn't as smooth as anticipated? What if my expectations are too high? I'm fully confident in Dr. Hall's abilities, but I tend to over-analyze everything, hence why it took my five years to finally take the leap and get the procedure.

I know deep down everything is going to be wonderful and I know I'm in good hands. I know this procedure won't make me a supermodel, but I know I'm going to be extremely satisfied with my results.

Before Photos

Two more sleeps and then I'm going in for surgery!!

For some reason the photos didn't upload...

Take two

Third times a charm?

Before Photos

Surgery 10/13/2016

I did it and made it out alive! I was intending to post this sooner, but I've been resting for the most part for the past few days. Also, it's a little hard for me to use the computer since I can't sit since I got the fat transfer. I'm currently kneeling on the ground, laptop on the bed, booty sticking out, haha.

So here's what happened on surgery day:

I got to Dr. Hall's office around 10AM. I went in, paid for the surgery, and filled out all of the paperwork stating that I'm OK with signing my life away. Pretty intimidating.

Once I completed the paper work, my nurse, Shari, called be back. Shari, by the way, was absolutely wonderful. She gave me a cocktail of Xanax, Hydrocodone, and an anti-nausea pill. After taking the pills, she took me into a room to do my before photos. Then, we went back into the operating room and she then turned on a movie for me (I chose Superstar XD) while we waited for the drugs to kick in and for Dr. Hall to begin. I watched the entire movie before Dr. Hall came in. Needless to say, the drugs were working and any bit of anxiety I had was gone. I think I even fell asleep for a little bit while watching the movie.

Shari came over to inform me that Dr. Hall was ready. First, he had me stand at the edge of the bed so I could be marked. He advised that we would be making multiple tiny (2 or 4mm.. don't remember which) incisions on my body. For this part, all I felt was a little needle prick.

Once the holes were made, he began to fill me up with the tumescent numbing fluid. This part SUCKS. It felt like a burning/ripping sensation and was very unpleasant. Shari gave me a stress ball to squeeze, which didn't help with the pain at all, but had some sort of physiological effect that made it not seem as bad. This whole process took about 15-20 minutes. It was not fun, but I made it through without any tears.

Once the fluid was injected and my stomach started to look like a balloon (I was pumped with 6 liters of the stuff), he began the liposuction. This part was the easiest and longest part. I really didn't feel anything, and if I did, I let Dr. Hall know and he added a little more numbing solution and continued on. I was very relaxed during this part and just talked with Shari and Dr. Hall the whole time. I was told to rotate from side to side, stomach and back throughout, and it wasn't painful at all. One time when I was rolling from my side to my back, one of my incisions started squirting out fluid like a gunshot wound. Normally this would make me queasy, but with the drugs and feeling relaxed, I laughed about it and thought it was kind of cool. Then whole lipo process took the most time, about 1-2 hours roughly. I believe nearly 3 liters of fat was removed. Woo-hoo!

The last part of the procedure was injecting the fat back into my booty. This part didn't feel good. I could feel the fat entering my booty and my skin felt tight. Dr. Hall would make a few injections and then mold the fat by pressing and squeezing it really hard. This hurt, but not as bad as the tumescent fluid. I asked Dr. Hall how many injections he uses on each cheek, and he said normally about 9. He used 14 per cheek on me! I had to use more because if you look at my before photos I have a really big depression in my butt that needed to be filled. My butt will definitely be bigger, but not Kim-K style or anything, haha.

Once the procedure was over, Shari had me stand next to the bed while she bandaged me up. I instantly felt dizzy and felt like I was going to faint. She immediately sat me on the edge of the bed and gave me a Carpi-Sun and some crackers. Once I felt better, she finished wrapping me up and walked me out to my boyfriend's truck. She placed a pad down on his seat so I wouldn't leak all over his truck. Thank goodness she did! The car ride home was only about 20 minutes, but the pad was soaked! Boyfriend was grossed out, I was still loopy and thought it was funny.

My boyfriend helped me inside, got the bed ready with a pad Dr. Hall's office provided, and tucked me in. Even though he wasn't super thrilled about me getting this surgery done, he has still be very supportive of my decision and extremely helpful. I'm very lucky to have him around for this.

Once tucked in, I took an anti-nausea pill (felt a little queasy), Arnica, and anti-biotic, and I was out like a light. I slept until about 1:30 and woke up in a lot of pain. I took 2 hydrocodone pills, boyfriend helped me get comfortable, and I was out for the rest of the night.

Attached are pictures of the fat removed and a picture of m booty after the procedure.

One week post op

It's been a week! Surgery was last Thursday and I returned to work on Monday. At first I thought I wasn't giving myself enough time to rest because by Saturday night I was still draining and in quite a bit of pain, but the draining stopped Sunday and I was able to stop wearing the bulky pads under my garment. Felt so much better without the pads! I felt they were pressing into me quite a bit and it was uncomfortable.

Work has been rough since I work a desk job and can't sit for a couple weeks. I brought a boppy pillow with me to sit on, but I was paranoid I was still putting too much pressure on my bum, so I spent most of the time standing or kneeling. I told coworkers I had back pain so they didn't ask too many questions about the awkward positions I found myself in.

The photos I'm posting are one day post op vs one week. My right hip is currently bigger than the left, but I'm not too worried because I think Dr. Hall beat me up a little more on that side. I do have a puffy, firm, red lump on my right hip too that has me a little worried, though I know lumpiness is fairly normal during the healing process. Doesn't hurt anymore than pressing anywhere else. I have my post op on Monday, so I'll ask Dr. Hall about it then.

As for pain, some movements still hurt, but for the most part it just feels like I worked a little too hard in the gym. I'll take ibuprofen once a day or so in the morning and that makes it feel a little better.

Bruising has gone down quite a bit everywhere except for my thighs. Thighs are getting a little worse, but they are a sensitive area so it's expected.

Can't wait to see what I'll look like a couple months from now!

Five week post op

Hey y'all!

It's been awhile since I've updated, but I assure you all is well. Where to start..

Well, tailing off of my last post, that red incision site was most definitely an infection. The night before my one week appointment, I pressed on it to feel how firm it was and it blew up everywhere. Insanely gross. Dr Hall acted quickly and prescribed me more antibiotics. I took those for a week and it cleared up just fine thank goodness.

At five weeks my stomach still feels really firm in some spots and I'm still lumpy, but I feel like it's going down more every day. I still wear my garments 24/7. Not sure it's necessary, but my stomach still feels sensitive so it feels better when I wear it. I've only gone without it one or twice because I was going out and it looked too bulky under my clothes.

As for the booty, it has really softened up a bit. My dude definitely approves of Dr. Hall's work ;-)

I'm about four pounds heavier than I was pre op. Going to start hitting the gym full swing again next week. I probably could have started going again sooner, but I just wanted to be cautious so I don't injure myself.

I'll try to give an update soon!

Five week booty didn't upload...

Here it is!

About time for an update...

Hi all,

Sorry I've neglected to stay updated. I'm nearly 4 months post op now! Crazy how time flies.

First of all, I just have to say I am so insanely thrilled with my results! I've adjusted to my new body nicely. When I see pictures of the old me, it blows my mind. My only regret is not doing this sooner!

I am healed for the most part. Scars are fading well. I still have some slight swelling around my belly button (I think) and firmness on my belly, but lumps are all gone.

The pictures posted are the ones taken at the doctor's office. The before pictures were Day of surgery on October 13, 2016, and the after shots were taken January 6th, 2017.
Dr. William J. Hall

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